Carson, California is a prosperous suburban area in Los Angeles County, California. It’s located about 14 miles away from Los Angeles International Airport and is home to about 91,394 people (most of them happy to be where they are). The area is proud host to California State University, Dominguez Hills and a soccer stadium that hosts games by the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Los Angeles Chargers have also played games at Dignity Health Sports Park.

Life in everyday Carson is usually just like it is in any other part of the country. Some win, some lose, some are happy, and some are sad. The community is a little more close knit than other larger areas of California, but in recent years, there have been growing concerns about homeless encampments. As a result, Eco Bear has extended its services to Carson as a homeless encampment cleaning company in Carson, California. We’ve found that our services were much needed here, as so many other companies were charging too much money for biohazard cleanup.

What Are Homeless Encampments?

Homeless people often wander alone or find shelter over time. Some remain homeless but might find a home with relatives, while others make use of the numerous homeless shelters in Carson. However, over time, homeless encampments began to appear in the area, and they’ve caused a good deal of environmental and social turmoil for residents of the city. 

A homeless encampment is any area where more than one homeless person begins to stay on a more permanent basis. Because a group of homeless people remaining in one area for a length of time leads to the accumulation of trash, clutter, and biohazards, they began calling these areas “homeless encampments.” The name is a good description of what these areas are. Homeless people “camp” in these areas and use the outdoor space to store their belongings and discard trash and other potentially unsanitary and dangerous materials.

Causes of Homelessness

The majority of Americans are able to work and take care of themselves. Homeless people have lost the ability to give themselves safe shelter and afford the housing in areas around them. Healthy, well-adjusted people do end up homeless on occasion, but it tends to be more short-term, and then they resume regular life. However, the roots of chronic homelessness tend to be more tragic and unchangeable than the roots of other more temporary bouts of homelessness. 

The type of person who remains homeless is different than the type of person who becomes homeless. Many people might become homeless at some point in their lives, but very few won’t be able to get themselves out of the situation. Chronically homeless people tend to be dealing with severe mental illness, physical disability, or some other type of disability (such as post traumatic stress or severe developmental disorders). For these people, life in an encampment may become a reality.

What Does a Homeless Encampment Look Like?

Homeless encampments are filled with biohazardous material and potentially deadly diseases. So many homeless people have mental disorders and substance abuse disorders, that there is daily disarray and trash in these areas. There might be hypodermic needles scattered everywhere, liquor bottles, rotting food, human feces and urine, soiled clothing, and even dead animals around the encampment. These places are not fit for human occupation, and yet day after day, people live in them.

As a homeless encampment cleaning company in Carson, Eco Bear works with local community leaders, law enforcement, and the homeless themselves to clear the area of these dangerous encampments and pave the way for restoration and healing for all. Community citizens and the environment itself suffer mightily when encampments like this are allowed to exist in cities.

What We Do

Our team here is capable of clearing away perilous biohazards like those found in homeless encampments. We assess the area, work out a plan with local leaders or private property owners who need them cleared, and then we compassionately relocate the people who are living in these dangerous conditions. Mental health professionals and social workers are infinitely valuable in these situations, as they can deal with the human element of the problem. 

We’re here to deal with the actual cleaning, though, and we take that job very seriously. We thoroughly clean trash, biohazard materials and items, and all manner of debris from the homeless encampment and begin to transform it back to a beautiful area of the city that everyone can be proud of and safe to pass by. 

We often work with business owners who need our services, and when this need arises, we also work with them to make sure that the cleanup is very discreet and protective of their business reputation and privacy. Government officials also work with us on occasion and need us to clear an area of the city out. We bring only state of the art cleanup equipment, storage bins, medical grade cleaning tools, and biohazard containers and bags that are fit for the job.

Get Help From Eco Bear Today

Homeless encampments are a sad part of modern life, but they don’t have to continue posing a threat to any city. Carson encampments can be cleaned for affordable prices now thanks to Eco Bear being on the job. We encourage all people who need encampment cleanup to call Eco Bear today for a free consultation. Our compassionate, understanding staff will give you a free consultation and inform you of a full range of services that we perform during these cleanups. We’re with you ever step of the way on what is always a very difficult job. Just contact us today if you need our help.