Approximately 100 homeless individuals have been officially counted in Cathedral City.  The actual number is likely much higher, as it can be difficult to get those without shelter to speak to anyone in an official capacity regarding their circumstances.  Because of the dangers associated with living on the streets, oftentimes the homeless band together to form small encampments or even tent cities.  

Oftentimes, those who are homeless suffer from alcoholism, addiction, mental illness, or all of the above.  As a direct result of their lack of permanent shelter, they are forced to carry all of their belongings with them.  Whether in trash bags, shopping carts, or worn luggage, they haul their possessions as they move from place to place.  Seeing as how t is not feasible to have everything you own with you at all times, homeless individuals typically stash their stuff in their encampments.

Riverside County recognizes the urgent need to address the rampant homeless population.  With thousands on the streets throughout the county, it is glaringly apparent something must be done.  Shelters fill easily and often have waitlists.  The County’s newest solution is the ‘Housing First’ initiative, meaning the immediate goal is to get a homeless person into an apartment or a long-term extended-stay arrangement.  Rapid rehousing gets the homeless off the streets as quickly as possible, which is a positive step in the right direction.

However, when there is a mass exodus of homeless individuals, often on short notice, much of their encampments remain.  Tents, tarps, sleeping bags, and makeshift cardboard box shelters are scattered throughout.  Trash is strewn everywhere.  Empty alcohol bottles, drug paraphernalia, and even used syringes can litter the ground.  It reeks of urine and human feces.  In short, it’s not only an eyesore but extremely unsanitary and potentially dangerous.

Not just any crew can march in and begin the cleanup.  A team of trusted professionals with extensive experience in the field of homeless encampment cleanup is required.  Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company gets the job done.  Owner Emily Kil founded Eco Bear with her husband to address the unique needs of cleaning up situations with extenuating circumstances.  Their experience has earned them the distinction of being one of the leading biohazard remediation companies in Southern California.  

Although Emily is an entrepreneur with business acumen, she views the work of Eco Bear as more than just cleaning.  She understands that these sites are sensitive situations and treats them with dignity and respect.  While much of these homeless encampments may look like a bunch of junk, Eco Bear understands that much of what they are dealing with are the belongings of people– and people who have very little.  Despite being viewed in a negative light by much of society, homeless individuals are indeed humans and should be treated as such.  Eco Bear doesn’t just raze the site with no regard for those who once stayed there but approaches the job with compassion.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to let professionals handle a potentially hazardous cleanup of this magnitude.  Eco Bear has the necessary equipment and protective gear to safely remove debris and eliminate any hazardous waste.  Cleanup must happen quickly and efficiently.  Whether it’s a curious child playing or a well-intentioned volunteer hoping to provide food relief, any number of things could go wrong if a person were to wander into a toxic environment.  

Eco Bear makes it look like the encampment never even existed.  That is how thorough their work is.  All traces of toxic waste or dangerous materials are removed, leaving only a pristine area that is safe for any use.  So safe, in fact, flowers or a community garden could be planted immediately after their work is done.  

Furthermore, an expedited cleanup demonstrates that Cathedral City takes pride in its community.  Clean, outdoor spaces free of trash and other debris demonstrate a city that wants to look its best and be aesthetically pleasing– and also a city that doesn’t want homeless individuals sprawled on benches or huddled under dirty tarps.  It signifies a city that cares about its spaces and its people.  

Eco Bear is certified by the California Department of Health Trauma Scene Waste Management, Practitioner #609.  They have years of experience in those unpleasant, potentially hazardous scenes that the average cleaning company cannot or will not safely handle.  Don’t put your employees, volunteers, or community at risk by tackling a problem that should only be solved by professionals.