When the unexpected strikes, you need to know what to do to keep you, and your loved ones, safe. And this is especially true when it pertains to situations involving biohazards.

A biohazard can be described as any biological element that threatens to pose a risk to human health and life.

As such, blood, urine, vomit, saliva and more are all considered biohazards, as they have the potential to carry illness and disease. Even semen and vaginal secretions are considered as such, as many diseases are often transmitted through sexual contact.

Situations That Require a Biohazard Cleaning Company

You may not immediately recognize your need for a biohazard cleaning company in Chico, California, that is, until tragedy strikes.

Unfortunately, tragic events occur every day to people who didn’t expect it.

When events like suicide, homicide, unattended death, or even a crime scene, occurs, you could find yourself in an emotionally jarring and physically unsafe situation, fast.

For that reason, it is imperative that you know what to do and who to call. At Eco Bear, our offices remain open 24-hours of the day and seven days of the week to service your needs the moment you need us. Using advanced equipment and research -backed techniques, our goal is to rid your affected environment of harmful biohazards to render a safe and habitable home, business or establishment, once again.

Know the Risks

Though you may know that blood, saliva, bodily fluids and feces shouldn’t be handled without protective gear, it is also important to know why in case you’re ever tempted to forgo the protective process.

Blood, bodily fluids and feces contain in them pathogens, germs and viruses that have the propensity to infect your body. This can be done a variety of ways, but often happens whenever any of these components directly, or indirectly, enter a person’s eyes, nose, ears, mouth or an open wound.

By handling a biohazard without professional training and insight, your risk for infection goes up. Accidents happen, and you may inadvertently get a biohazard in your eye or mouth by means of splash-back while cleaning.

You may also accidentally track germs and pathogens about your home or business while cleaning.

Another reason you should always involve professional help when dealing with matters involving biohazards is due to the fact that a professional biohazard cleaning company in Chico, California will always have access to professional-grade cleaners, disinfectants and devices that you aren’t privy to. Items like moisture-meters and more are all needed to access the damage done by an event to the affected structure, and a lot of the damage incurred may not meet the human eye.

Thus, it is almost always recommended that you involve professional help when encountering situations involving biohazards, to keep yourself, others and the affected structure safe.

Wastewater and Feces

Special situations involving wastewater and feces, apart from being gross, can be particularly hard on the structure affected. You almost never want to address the clean up of something like this alone, as cross-contamination, infection and the acquisition of a virus is highly likely.

Additionally, a professional has the disinfectants and skill needed to rid the affected structure of wastewater or feces contaminated items and surfaces so that you can utilize your space in a safe manner.

Therefore, if your sewage system backs up or you have another issue regarding the invasion of wastewater or feces in your home or business, don’t hesitate to give a biohazard cleaning company in Chico, California a call.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

To end, we would like to encourage you to always use discretion when attempting to handle a situation involving loved ones and biohazards. Though you may feel like you know a person well enough to handle their biological needs, the truth is that some people, even members of your family, may not even know that they have a disease or illness when they acquire it.

Thus, by throwing caution to the wind, you risk infecting yourself with a disease or illness. In order to curb this, always wear gloves, goggles and other protective gear whenever you need to intervene on behalf of a loved one, until medical help arrives. Afterwards, be sure to hire a biohazard cleaning company in Chico, California to cleanse the environment of any leftover biohazardous waste that was left behind.

How Eco Bear Can Help

At Eco Bear, we strive to provide you with the best in friendly and effective biohazard services any time of the day. If you are in need of remedial care, contact our offices or visit us online, today.

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