Chino Hills is located just northwest of Los Angeles County, deep in the heart of San Bernardino County. While nominally a small city, Chino Hills still offers plenty of great outdoor activities for visitors and residents alike thanks to a robust outdoor park system. With warm average temperatures and access to plenty of rural activities, there is always a reason to get outside in order to enjoy the city.

Chino Hills is renown for having a safer-than-average crime rating in comparison to the rest of the nation. In fact, Chino Hills is rated in the top 21% of safe cities throughout the United States of America. With that being said, sometimes violent occurrences can manifest and the outcome can be tragic.

Biohazard Remediation: Staying Safe in Chino Hills

When a violent crime or traumatic event occurs, biohazardous materials can be left in its wake. Whether we are talking about the after-effects of suicide, murder or a violent vehicle accident, these biohazardous materials must be attended to. While it can be understandably difficult to think about cleaning up in the wake of tragedy, it is still important.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, biohazards can create a real danger to humans and other living beings in proximity to the waste. While death and decay is a natural aspect of being alive, it can still cause quite a dangerous impact on humans thanks to four primary pathogens:

Sharps – Needles and knives, used for drugs, suicide, and violent crime. It is important to understand that these objects should not be touched by untrained professionals. Only certified biohazard handling crews should perform sharps cleanup.

Bacteria – There are different levels of biohazardous bacteria. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ranks them from Level 1 (Chicken Pox) to Level 4 (fatal diseases).

Viruses – Due to the dangers of bloodborne viruses, such as HIV, certified biohazard cleanup teams must be called in to sanitize the area. Certified biohazard teams will be armed with all of the proper PPE in order to accomplish their task in a safe and efficient manner.

Bodily Fluids – In the wake of an unattended death, such as suicide or natural causes, it is normal for the body to begin to excrete several types of fluids to propel the process of decay. Bodily fluids can include blood and even feces. It is important to have a cleanup crew around to handle these fluids so as to prevent the spread of potentially dangerous diseases.

Toxins – Toxins can spread through the air or by way of a living carrier. When someone passes on, insects and other pests might start to appear in order to start to feed on these fluids. These animals and insects become carriers of potentially dangerous pathological toxins.

Biohazard in Vehicles – Post-Trauma Cleanup

The most dangerous thing we do on a daily basis is getting into our car and drive around. Due to the location of Chino Hills, residents commute on a daily basis in order to get to the larger cities in the area. Due to this fact, the prevalence of auto accidents in the region can climb based on the time of day and weather conditions.

When you or a loved one experience violent trauma or even death in a vehicle, your car will need to be attended to in order to be safe to handle once again. While thinking about your vehicle can be the last thing on your mind in the wake of tragedy, it is still a necessary subject.

Violent trauma in a vehicle can leave many of the biohazardous problems that we highlighted above. From bloodborne pathogens to the secretion of bodily fluids, a vehicle can be rendered unsafe for use until it has been properly decontaminated and sanitized.

Hiring the Right Biohazard Cleanup Team

Whether you have lost a loved one to suicide, natural causes or a violent vehicle accident, you must continue living in order to process your grief. While you are processing your grief, you’ll want to know that your other affairs are being kept in order. in order to make sure that your property is made safe once again, a biohazard cleanup team can be brought on board in order to take care of potential issues.

The right biohazard cleanup team will offer you an array of services in your time of need with your safety being at the top of their list. Here is what a reputable biohazard cleanup team can offer:

Kindness & Compassion – While your emotions are raw from loss and grief, you need to have compassionate people in your orbit. Biohazard cleaning teams understand your pain and will do their best in order to acknowledge and support it while still rendering their service completed.

Discretion – Using unmarked cars and a right-to-privacy approach to communication, biohazard cleanup teams will attend to their job without shining a light on your situation. Trained biohazard teams won’t communicate with anyone not verified by the homeowner or person in charge.

Safety & Security – Finally, a certified biohazard cleanup team will go through every inch of your property, or that of your loved ones, in order to sanitize and clean it back to a semblance of normalcy. While cleaning up and sanitizing the area won’t give you solace in your time of grief, it will at least make your property safe again.

Grief Support Groups in Chino Hills, California for Survivors of a Loved One’s Suicide

Hope After Suicide
Pomona Valley Medical Center
2140 Grand Avenue, Suite 105
Chino Hills, California 91709
For more information, please contact Julie Irvin at (909) 393-2563 or [email protected]

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