Homeless encampments have become a part of daily life in Claremont, California, a small city on the eastern border of Los Angeles County. Its proximity to the Pomona Valley makes it an ideal place to live for people who appreciate history and scenery. As of 2019, it is home to 36,266. Sadly, not everyone who lives in Claremont has a home. 

The homeless population has slowly made their way outdoors to the areas around Claremont, becoming visible as they establish encampments. Homeless encampments have been a concern for California for years now, as the state has the largest homeless population in the United States. There are a few reasons for this.

Causes of Homelessness in Claremont

Like other California cities, Claremont has many unique conditions. For example, California is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States as well, so it would make sense that not everyone would be able to find stable housing. Housing costs are astronomical as well, making only a select group of people even able to own a house. When you get a large renter population, having a “home” can be very temporary depending on employment circumstances.

California’s healthcare is particularly expensive, too, so when someone has a health crisis that goes beyond the scope of their already expensive insurance, they often find themselves unable to keep up with bills. This can lead to homelessness as well. Mental illness, disability, domestic violence, and substance abuse are other common reasons given for someone’s homeless state.

Why Homeless Encampments Must Be Cleaned

Homeless encampments are not outdoor versions of homes. There’s nothing like home about an encampment. As a homeless encampment cleaning company in Claremont, California, we assure you that these outdoor areas are more biohazard than home. They often include pet and human feces and urine, dirty, moth-ridden clothes, muddy food and drink, needles, liquor bottles, and even animal corpses that the homeless were unable to bury.

Does this sound like any place you’d want one of your family members or friends to be found in? Does it sound like a place that you’d want anyone you know to live in? Not only do homeless people in encampments expose themselves to toxic danger on a daily basis, but they also contribute to the environmental dangers in these areas. California has passed multiple laws in recent years to help homeless people in these encampments relocate so that they can find safer places, and cities like Claremont can clean up and begin to make their residential areas safe again.

Homeless Encampment Cleanup Strategies

One quick look at an encampment will show you just how tragic that homelessness is. When we go in to do a cleanup in Claremont, we must send our crews in with massive amounts of PPE gear just to protect them from disease and sickness. Some of the diseases they could get in these encampments could even kill them. HIV is always an area of concern when we see needles around an encampment, and when we see that level of biohazard, we take extra measures to keep everyone involved in the project safe.

Before we start a cleanup, we formulate a plan that will work. Factors we take into account include size of the camp, number of residents, amount of biohazard material we have to clear out, and many other important facets of cleaning. Industrial, medical grade solvents, disinfectants, and deodorizers are used on all of our projects. You can depend on Eco Bear always to use sophisticated, up to date equipment that is in line with modern scientific data on biohazard cleanup.

Good equipment and cleaners always allow us to perform the most exhaustive encampment cleanup possible. Our teams communicate well with the people in the community who also have an interest in the cleanup and need to be involved in some way (such as law enforcement, social workers, and other concerned parties). We plan cleanups around your schedule and never ask that you think about US when it’s you that has a duty to the city of Claremont. Thanks to our efficiency, we’re able to start and complete projects in a timely way, all while keeping your overall costs down.

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Human communication is one of the most critical aspects of homeless encampment cleanup. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Eco Bear understands that homeless encampment cleanup requires a thorough knowledge of property law, personal rights, and city regulations. We work with everyone involved to ensure that everyone comes out happy with our cleanup strategies. We work very closely with clients to make sure that they’re pleased with every stage of the cleanup and the proposed time to complete it. To learn more about our services, please contact Eco Bear.