An unfortunate reality of living in Compton is that it is also home to one of the highest crime rates in the nation. Much of this includes violent crime, such as rape, robbery, or even murder. When securing the scene of a crime, the immediate goal is to obtain the necessary evidence to apprehend the perpetrator. It is of the utmost importance to preserve the area and limit contamination as much as possible, so law enforcement, technicians, and investigators can get everything they need to properly catalog the forensics. 

Yet what happens after officials have collected their evidence and released the scene? Someone must be responsible for cleaning up what is left behind. That’s where Eco Bear comes in– one of the leading biohazard remediation companies in Southern California. 

Generally speaking, crime scenes can be categorized as happening either outdoors or inside, within public or private spaces. Wherever the scene of the crime occurs, Eco Bear can quickly and efficiently handle the cleanup. 

Anytime there is blood or other bodily fluids in a space, it is absolutely imperative for professionals to thoroughly clean and sanitize the environment. Furthermore, it is a job that can get messy and requires a team with experience who knows how to reach every nook and cranny and deliver impeccable results.

Particular care is required when the crime scene is in a private residence and the victim is a family member. Obviously this is a traumatic event for loved ones, and their living space– their home– has been cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape. Spare them further trauma by allowing Eco Bear to restore their home as quickly as possible.

Eco Bear understands that delicate situations such as these come with a unique set of challenges. Emily Kil, co-owner of Eco Bear, started her company to combine her entrepreneurial skills with her heartfelt desire to help others experiencing challenging circumstances. The last thing a bereaved family member should have to worry about during the grieving process is cleaning up the remnants of violence in their living quarters. Emily approaches these scenes not just as rooms in a house– but individual family spaces in a family home that should be treated with compassion. 

Yet another reason experience is essential with such a cleanup is the fact that for a novice cleaner, the work could become distressing. Eco Bear recognizes the gravity of the situation but does not risk further trauma to the family by letting their emotions run unchecked or treating the situation as anything less than a professional job.

Patrice [name has been changed to protect her privacy], a Southern California resident, had this to say after using Eco Bear’s services: “There was an altercation on my front porch. I heard multiple gunshots and heard glass shatter. My nephew staggered inside and slumped over onto the couch. He had been hit twice and there was so much blood. I tried my best to apply pressure and called 911. Once the police came to get my statement, I think I went into shock. Luckily once we arrived at the hospital, they said that my nephew was going to have to have extensive physical therapy, but he would be okay. We returned home….and I started to sob when I saw my house. Not only did it remind me of that act of senseless violence, but my front window was shattered. There were bullet holes in my door. Blood on the carpet, couch, walls, just a mess. The thought of having to clean and attempt to repair my home was overwhelming. I don’t know who made the call, but Eco Bear came in and handled everything. Not even 24 hours later my house looked like my home again, and not something from a horror movie. I am eternally grateful for this company for their prompt and efficient service and the outstanding work they did giving me back my home.” 

OUtside spaces present their own set of challenges as well. The goal is to return the area to its former condition as quickly as possible. If it is an area with heavy foot traffic or near a busy intersection, it is optimal to shield the location from view as much as possible while cleanup is underway. Children playing outside shouldn’t have to witness something graphic, so time is of the essence. 

Even if the site is obscured from view and not easily seen by the public, the work of experienced professionals is still a necessity. If the area is not cleaned properly, it could disrupt plant and wildlife in the area, or perhaps contaminate a body of water. Minimize the exposure to the elements with an expedient cleanup as quickly as possible. 

Contact us for more information. Here at Eco Bear, we’re willing to do that tough work and those dirty jobs. Let us serve you during this difficult time.