Concord, California has the distinction of being the largest city in its county (Contra Costa). Its 122,067 person population is full of people who are happy to be a part of this community. Landmarks include the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve and Diablo Foothills Regional Park. Like all cities, Concord has its share of problems and lifestyles that sometimes lead to the need for biohazard services like those offered by Eco Bear.

What Is Biohazard Cleanup?

Biohazards are those materials that lead to human disease and infections. Microbes such as E. coli are minor. Viruses like HIV are obviously not minor and in fact can lead to death. When a cleanup scene contains dangerous pathogens and other items that might lead to human disease, a mere cleanup service alone won’t work. You need a company like Eco Bear on your side to fight off living conditions and scenarios where biohazards are present.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of biohazard cleanup services that account for every scenario. Because life is diverse, viruses and bacteria come in all shapes, sizes, and strengths, and they attach themselves in human living conditions in a way that makes them difficult to combat. Eco Bear has a multifaceted approach to cleanup and offers a wide array of services.

Crime Scene Cleanup: By far one of our most needed services in Concord, crime scene cleanup entails removing debris and trash, human fluids, and other contaminants that make up a crime scene. We sensitively work with both commercial and residential customers to restore a crime scene to its original state.

Suicide Cleanup: Suicides are always tragic events, and we have worked with many families who need suicide cleanup. Suicides are often just as violent as crime scenes and have human tissue, blood, and other fluids that must be removed from the scene, de-contaminated, and then sanitized. We work with families in a compassionate, caring manner so that they don’t have to add even more stress to an already tragic loss. 

COVID-19 Disinfection: The novel coronavirus has made 2020 a very scary place to be for many households and businesses. Commercial properties especially have a sense of responsibility on how to fight infection and keep it from spreading in a setting where many people will be gathered. We provide timely and thorough de-contamination of areas where the coronavirus – or COVID-19 – has a presence.

Hoarder Property Cleanup: Hoarder properties are very common in Concord. We’ve seen far too many of these properties this year, but we are so thankful that we can do something to help people who are living in uninhabitable conditions like this. We analyze, plan, and carry out thorough hoarder property cleanups based on the level of hoarding involved. We work with people of all types, including the families of those who need a house cleaned because their loved one passed away and left a hoarder property behind. We deal with all of these tragedies sensitively on a human level, but our primary focus is on leaving your loved one’s property clean and sanitary.

Homeless Encampment Cleanup: Our homeless encampment cleanups deal with tragedies on a mass level. Many encampments have over 100 homeless people living in a single area. These areas are often littered with biohazards like blood, needs, rodents, insects, and feces. They are havens for disease and misery, and it is our pleasure to serve the city of Concord by cleaning these areas up and restoring their beauty. During our cleanups, we sensitively help the homeless people in these areas find newer, safer places to relocate to. Homelessness is a very deep rooted and pervasive national tragedy, but we do our part by making sure that the homeless do not continue living in a large area that’s riddled with biohazards and things that could make them sick or even kill them.

Why We Do Our Job

Biohazard cleanup is a very niche line of work. Many people simply don’t want to do it, so in smaller cities in California, it can be difficult to find affordable biohazard cleanup. When only a single company – or two – work on biohazard cleanup, you get inflated prices. Eco Bear wanted to do something different. We wanted to offer biohazard cleanup in Concord that is as much as 50% off what our competitors were charging.

To accomplish this, we really have to know what we’re doing on every level. We make sure that we are frugal in our own spending and very respectful of the fact that many of our customers are on a tight budget. We watch our own money and stay careful with it so that we never waste your money or time. We’ve had great success in this area in recent years, as we’re able to reduce our prices because we’re running an efficient ship here. Because of this, we can extend savings to everyone in Concord and help them save money on their biohazard cleanups.

Reach Out to Eco Bear Today

The folks at Eco Bear are ready to help you accomplish a tough job. Whether you need crime scene cleanup, hoarder property cleanup, COVID-19 disinfection on a mass scale, or any other biohazard job, we’re here and ready to tend to your needs. Please call us when you’re ready to get started. Eco Bear offers a free consultation up front and the opportunity to discuss the job you need done. Our professionals will analyze your situation and needs and then give you a fair, up front, and trustworthy estimate on what the job might cost. If you have any questions about our biohazard cleanup service, contact us today.

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