If you are a property owner who has had the unfortunate luck of being home to a homeless encampment of any sort, then you may know the mess that can be left behind when they move along to a new location. Now there are plenty of reasons for someone to end up homeless, but commonly substance abuse and mental health issues are the reasons, and this leads to a messy situation for all involved. It is a tough predicament for the person experiencing homelessness, but it is also tough for those faced with cleaning up after them as they move from one place to another. Often, when a homeless person moves their encampment, they leave behind all the items that they had accumulated while living there along with large piles of trash. Since they do not get regular weekly garbage service like a person living in an apartment or house would receive, their trash just sits and piles up wherever they are. This is just one of the many hazards that these encampments include and that faces those who attempt to clean it up.

Sometimes there are other very hazardous materials and substances that get left behind. These can include human feces, used syringes, dirty personal hygiene products, and many other items that you would not want to handle without the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience. Our crews have that equipment, knowledge, and experience. We can come in and fully clean up an abandoned, homeless encampment from top to bottom. Our experienced professionals will remove and handle every hazardous item and substance properly. They have the right equipment and are trained in using it. Also, they have the necessary training in how to identify and handle a variety of different hazardous substances and materials.

This means we know how to handle these situations and we can make your property clean enough that you would not know an encampment was once at that site. We handle everything from the initial removal of large items, such as tents, tarps, mattresses, and other large items, to the sanitization of the concrete or other ground. When it comes to handling these situations, do not risk your health and safety by handling the materials present in a homeless encampment. Instead, you can call us in to clean out every bit of material that was left behind by a transient person who accumulated possessions for a while in an area and then moved on to another location for whatever reason and left everything behind. You never know what you will find when cleaning out one of these homeless encampments and it is best left up to the professionals, like our crews.

There are also the pest and rodent problems associated with homeless encampments. Diseases mankind has seen little of in that last couple centuries are returning by showing up in and around these kinds of places. Everything from smallpox to typhus has appeared in California homeless encampments, and these diseases are spread often through the bugs and animals that make their homes amongst the people in these places. Even the plague has shown up in California’s homeless population and this is spread solely by fleas that have fed on rats and then feed on humans. It is astonishing to think things have gotten so bad that even the bubonic plague is showing its face again. But the truth is in the evidence, and that evidence says it is back.

None of this is stuff you should deal with on your own without the proper education and experience in handling these situations, and that is where we come in. We train our crews in handling these situations properly and keeping themselves protected from exposure to the substances themselves and also from the pests that make their home amongst the mess. Hepatitis A is commonly spread in these encampments, and we can easily avoid it with just a little bit of know-how and experience in dealing with the various hazards common in these areas. Typhus has also made a major comeback in Californian homeless encampments. Without the proper knowledge in avoiding the hazardous waste materials that you will find in a homeless encampment, it is quickly spreading so it is an easy to catch a disease. These are just two examples of the harmful diseases that get spread through the waste products that can be found in these sites that our crews are specially trained to avoid contracting when cleaning up one of these sites.

Therefore, it is best to hire experienced professionals like us to come in to remove and clean up entire homeless encampments on your property. While some people think they can do this job themselves, they are putting themselves at high levels of unnecessary risk and danger. There is no good reason to not bring in the professional crews of ours to clean up your property, and you will be very glad you chose to do so after seeing the material we remove from the space. The risk of disease is just one of the many concerns involved in the process of waste removal associated with cleaning up an abandoned, homeless encampment. There are many other concerns that you should not be bogged down with by attempting to do this job yourself, nor should you worry about being liable for any mistakes should you hire a less experienced crew to do this kind of job.

With our crews you know you are getting the best in the industry, who are not only highly skilled and trained in the process of hazardous waste removal but are experienced in the particular area of dealing with homeless encampments. We know what to expect and what we will encounter when cleaning up these types of locations. Also, we know how to mitigate the dangers involved in dealing with such materials and substances. This is why we are the smart choice when you consider your options for removing a homeless encampment on your property and we look forward to serving you by returning your property to all its original glory.