Historically, Culver City is best known as a major hub for movie and television production. Through the years, Culver City likely has been best known as the home of MGM Studios. It is also the headquarter city for National Public Radio and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Culver City has a population of about 40,000 residents. In recent times, Culver City experienced a rebirth of it downtown. This rebirth has been described as “a pedestrian-friendly destination with upscale restaurants, gastropubs, and a thriving art scene,” according to the Los Angeles Times. As a result, Culver City is highly attractive to residents and visitors alike.

Rat Infestation Closes Culver City Restaurant

Despite being home to a good many amazing and highly regarded restaurants, there are instances in which something goes awry with a Culver City eatery. The most common types of health code violations at Culver City dining establishments include rodent infestation, rat droppings, and sewage discharge.

In most cases, when a restaurant is closed in Culver City because of a rat droppings issue, the establishment is not permanently shuttered. A permanent closure occurs only after an eatery has received multiple major violations. In a typical situation involving a major violation like rat infestation, an eatery is given an opportunity to rectify the problem.

When health code compliance is reached, an establishment can reopen. Follow up inspections will occur. As mentioned, if an eatery fails a follow inspection for the same type of major problem, it runs the risk of longer closure or even being shuttered permanently.

Dangers of Rat Infestation and Rat Droppings

Rat droppings pose a significant health threat. Rat droppings can contain biohazards in the form of harmful, and even fatal, viruses. A prime example of a dangerous pathogen is the hantavirus.

The hantavirus can be transferred via direct contact with rat droppings. In addition, the possibility exists for the hantavirus to become airborne. When rat droppings dry out, they crumble with ease. For example, if someone attempts to sweep away dry rat droppings, they fall apart.

Once the droppings crumble, dust ends up in the air. The dust can contain viruses. The viruses are then capable of being inhaled. A person can become infected in this manner.

Thus far, no one in Culver City has been identified as suffering a hantavirus infection as the result of exposure to rat droppings. With that said, the climate and attributes of Culver City do not render it impossible for this type of infection to occur with a resident and through exposure to rat droppings. As a result, residents of the community must remain vigilant when it comes to rat dropping.

Treatment for Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has grave news about treatment for hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. The CDC reports:

There is no specific treatment, cure, or vaccine for hantavirus infection. However, we do know that if infected individuals are recognized early and receive medical care in an intensive care unit, they may do better. In intensive care, patients are intubated and given oxygen therapy to help them through the period of severe respiratory distress. The earlier the patient is brought in to intensive care, the better. If a patient is experiencing full distress, it is less likely the treatment will be effective.

The inherent threat posed by the hantavirus, coupled with the lack of a treatment protocol, underscores the need for people in Culver City and elsewhere to take great care to avoid any exposure whatsoever to rat droppings. The best course to take to avoid this type of exposure is to retain the services of a professional rat droppings cleanup specialist.

Professional Rat Droppings Cleanup

Because of the serious hazard presented by rat droppings, a home or business owner is best served by retaining the services of a rat droppings cleanup specialist. A rat droppings cleanup professional ensures that rate feces and urine are safely removed. In addition, this type of specialist ensures that rat droppings, and any potentially associated viruses, are thoroughly eradicated.

Culver City Code Enforcement Services

If you witness a situation in the community that could be indicative of rat infestation or some other issue that could jeopardize the health and welfare of residents of visitors to the city, you should contact Culver City Code Enforcement Services:

Culver City Code Enforcement Services

City Hall
9770 Culver Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Culver City, CA 90232

The agency maintains a hotline that you can call and report an issue: (310) 253-5555. You can also file a complaint online via Culver City Connect.

Photo Courtesy of oldhickory49.

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