Cypress is a growing community with about 50,000 residents. The community is home to a broad demographic that includes growing families, young people just starting out on their lives, and senior citizens.

Cypress is what can be described as a vibrant community. The city offers a wide array of cultural, recreational, entertainment, and other activities. Shopping, dining, and nightlife round out the offerings in Cypress.

The community is serviced by award-winning schools. Cypress has a relatively low crime rate, including when it comes to violent crime. Despite the city’s overall crime rate, there have been some shocking incidents in Cypress in recent times.

Gang Shooting in Crowded Cypress Café

One of the most shocking crimes in the history of Cypress involved gang members that opened fire on a crowded Cypress café. Seven Asian gang members drove to a café in Cypress with the intent of confronting a rival gang member who they believed to be present in the establishment.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, the seven gang members made their way to a table in the café. They confronted a man at the table who advised the seven assailants that he was not involved in a gang. At that time, one of the seven who entered the restaurant opened fire on a group of friends that were dining at the table. There was a total of seven people seated at the table.

In the end, four people were wounded by the gunfire. One woman seated at the table was shot in the head and died at the hospital sometime later.

Ultimately, all seven gang members who entered the restaurant were charged with similar crimes, including first-degree murder. The shooter took his case to trial and was found guilty. The prosecutor sought the death penalty after the conviction.

The Aftermath of a Cypress Violent Death Scene

A number of actions are taken in the aftermath of a violent death in Cypress. This includes death scenes arising from suspected homicides and suicides. It also includes scenes where an unattended death is discovered, no matter the underlying cause of that ultimately is ascertained in regard to the death. An underlying death is one in which a person passes away but his or her remains are not discovered for an extended period of time. That time frame can be days, weeks, or even months.

The Cypress Police Department and the Orange County Coroner are called to the scene. They conduct a thorough investigation at the scene. Ultimately, the coroner will remove the body from the scene in order to conduct a forensic evaluation, likely including an autopsy.

Once the investigation is concluded at the scene, the police and coroner turn the property over to the owner. This can include a homeowner or a business owner, like the owner of the café where the gang shooting occurred.

The police and the coroner perform investigatory work at the death scene. These agencies do nothing in the way of biohazard cleanup in Cypress. That task typically falls on the shoulders of the home or business owner.

The reality is that biohazard cleanup in Cypress following a suicide or crime like a homicide or assault can prove to be highly challenging. The ultimate objective of biohazard in Cypress is to return a home to a fully livable condition or a restaurant like a café to a completely useable status.

The process of biohazard cleanup in Cypress is complicated and requires appropriate gear and supplies, items that a home or business owner typically does not possess. In addition, biohazard remediation is risky. Blood and bodily fluids can contain highly dangerous pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that can cause potentially fatal diseases.

In addition, a home or business owner that faces a violent death scene already is burdened with what typically is an overwhelming emotional state. Personally taking on the task of biohazard cleanup in Cypress will only further aggravate the level of emotions associated with the aftermath of a traumatic and unexpected death.

An experienced, compassionate biohazard cleanup in Cypress professional is recommended to address the aftermath of a suicide, homicide, violent assault, or similar incident. Such a professional has the experience, tools, and supplies necessary to effectively undertake biohazard remediation.

Cypress Grief Therapists

A person dealing with the aftermath of a violent death may benefit from the assistance of a Cypress grief therapist. A therapist can provide a person access to individual or group grief therapy. Cypress grief therapists include:

Apple Tree Family Counseling
5851 Newman Street
Cypress, California 90630
(714) 681-1573

Straight Talk
5712 Camp Street
Cypress, California 90630
(949) 556-9893

New Day Psychotherapy Group
6101 Ball Road, Suite 304
Cypress, California 90630
(562) 376-2463

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