A violent crime scene’s first visit is from police, who conduct their investigation and gather evidence. A forensics team may also visit. Their work may leave additional markings and details behind, creating an unsightly, odorous and very unpleasant environment. If a violent crime occurred in your home or on your property, you’ll want all traces of it to be removed. Removing the aftermath of a violent crime requires specific skills and expertise, and our team at Eco Bear has them. We’re thorough, on time and responsive, which makes us the right crime scene cleaning company for your property in Downey, CA.

How Law Enforcement Defines a Violent Crime

Downey’s rate of violent crimes per capita is 324 per 100,000 population, which is much lower than the 381 per 100,000 population for the United States as a whole. While violent crimes are not common in Downey, they can happen anywhere and at any time. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines violent crimes as one of four offenses. These include murder/homicide and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. By definition, a violent crime also includes force or a threat of force.

What a Crime Scene Involves

The aftermath of a violent crime can be devastating. The act of force on another person may result in large amounts of blood, tissue and body fluids at the scene of the crime. The scene of the crime is where the crime took place and where force was applied. That could be one room of a home or the whole house. In some cases, crime scenes also include the outdoor perimeter of the property. 

Why Crime Scene Cleaning Services Are Important

A violent crime typically results in a large amount of blood, body fluids or tissues at the scene. The blood, fluids and tissues may have harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites in them. Even if you knew the victim of the crime well and believe them to be healthy, it’s possible they could have had an infectious disease that you didn’t know about. In many cases of violent crime, the perpetrator’s blood or body fluids are also left at the scene. Any number of dangerous pathogens could be left at the scene, including hepatitis C virus, HIV or E. coli. These organisms can cause serious illness or even death if you’re exposed to them while attempting to clean. 

Safety Is Our Priority

Our Eco Bear cleaners use full personal protective equipment (PPE) when cleaning crime scenes. Safety is our highest priority, and each cleaner will wear face and eye protection, mouth and nose coverings, gloves, an apron or hazmat suits and boots or shoe coverings. Not only does the PPE protect us, but it allows us to keep you safe. A crime scene needs to be cleaned as soon as it is released by law enforcement. If the fluids are not promptly cleaned, they can seep into any porous surface. Once the fluids have been absorbed, they cause lasting odors and permanent damage. We remove the blood, fluids and tissue so that no stains, smells or damage is left at the scene of the crime. If you choose to sell your home, crime scene cleaning is a must. Eco Bear’s cleaners leave the area odorless and spotless, so nobody will notice a trace of what took place.

Who May Need Our Crime Scene Cleaning Services in Downey

When you or someone you love is the victim of a violent crime, you’re already traumatized. The last thing you need is to deal with the cleanup of the crime scene. Your focus should be on emotional and physical recovery from the events that took place. You may be needed to care for your loved one, or you might be dealing with the administrative and legal aspects of communicating with lawyers and law enforcement. You may have other family members who need you, and you might have to go to work soon after the violent crime took place. 

How We Sanitize and Disinfect the Scene of a Crime

Sanitizing involves removing the blood, body fluids and tissue left behind at the scene of a crime. We also clean fingerprint powder and other chemicals left behind by the law enforcement investigators and forensics professionals. Disinfection is the second part of what we do. This step is important because many bacteria and viruses remain infectious on surfaces for up to 10 days. We use professional-grade disinfectant solutions to inactivate pathogens. During the cleaning process, we isolate the affected area. If the whole home is a crime scene, we create an action plan in order to avoid recontaminating areas we’ve already cleaned. We dispose of all the cleaning supplies and our PPE, so nothing is left behind after we finish our work.

Why Our Complete Remediation Services Help You

The third and final stage of our crime scene cleaning services in Downey is remediation. Body fluids and blood can seep into carpeting, padding, sub-flooring, trim, wood and any other porous material. We use chemicals to find where these fluids have seeped. We remove any contaminated materials. Once all contaminated items and materials are removed, we use ozone or filtration to get rid of any lingering odors.

What Makes Eco Bear the Right Choice for Crime Scene Cleaning Services

After a violent crime, you want life to return to normal as soon as possible. That’s hard to do if there’s a messy crime scene on your property. As soon as law enforcement releases the scene to you, we’re ready to help. We offer a prompt response time. You won’t have to wait long for us. We’ll work with your insurance provider or give you documentation to submit for reimbursement. Our affordable rates, attention to detail and professionalism make us the right choice for any type of crime scene cleaning in Downey.