Life as we historically knew it changed dramatically in El Cajon beginning in March of 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes include everything from business closures to stay at home orders to members of our community becoming ill from the novel coronavirus. As we strive reopen our community, we need to be proactive in protecting ourselves and our neighbors against coronavirus infection. This includes the necessity of businesses to take suitable, proactive steps to attempt to prevent COVID-19 contamination and the spread of infection. The Eco Bear El Cajon COVID-19 cleaning company is here to assist businesses of all types, landlords, churches, other types of enterprises that deal with the public, as well as homeowners in developing effective strategies to protect against coronavirus contamination. We can be reached any time at (818) 358-4359.

The Experienced, Tenacious Team of Infectious Disease Remediation Experts at Eco Bear

Eco Bear is a woman-owned, veteran-led full-service biohazard remediation company. We’ve specialists in the eradication of all types of dangerous infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Our team of coronavirus cleaning and sanitization specialized have extensive training and a tremendous amount of experiencing in infections disease remediation. All of our COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection specialists are fully licensed and bonded.

At Eco Bear, we use the latest technology, equipment, and tools. In addition, we utilize medical-grade disinfection agents to ensure a safe, complete eradication of the novel coronavirus. 

Our team uses comprehensive personal protective equipment, or PPE, at every job. We also make certain that other people are kept safely away from any contaminated area until our work is done and a location is returned to a safe, usable condition. 

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Contamination and Infection

COVID-19 is defined as a highly infectious and potentially disease by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Planning. As a result, the state of California has taken an aggressive approach to containing the spread of the novel coronavirus and keeping people safe. 

COVID-19 primarily spreads via face to face contact between infected and uninfected people. For this reason, tactics like social distancing (or physical distancing) and the wearing of facemasks are integral parts of protecting against the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

COVID-19 can also spread to an uninfected person who has contact with certain surfaces. Researchers and infectious disease experts believe that the COVID-19 virus is capable of living on surfaces for some period of time.

Finally, the CDC has released advisories recently that express concerns about the length of time and different ways in which COVID-19 may be capable of remaining in the air. For example, if someone coughs, sneezes, or even speaks, it is now though to be possible for the COVID-19 virus to remain in the air for a matter of some minutes or perhaps even longer, depending on the prevailing circumstances. 

Fair and Transparent COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

The last thing you need when addressing issues related to COVID-19 and possible coronavirus contamination is exorbitant pricing from a co-called cleaning company. Eco Bear is committed to providing the most reasonably priced comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning and sanitization services. We are wholly committed to completely transparent pricing.

Before we commence work on any COVID-19 remediation project, we provide a client with a complete, reliable estimate. In addition, there are no hidden fees or costs associated with our services. You will never be surprised by a bill from Eco Bear. 

In addition, you pay nothing in advance for our services. We don’t bill you for services until the work is complete and you’ve had the chance to inspect what we have done for you.

An Effective Plan to Protect Against COVID-19 Contamination

Preventing COVID-19 infection is a primary objective as California continues the gradual process opening. Businesses, churches, landlords, restaurant – literally any operation that brings people through its doors – are a major part of the equation when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The Eco Bear El Cajon COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection company works closely with businesses and other entities in the development of comprehensive, effective strategies to prevent coronavirus contamination whenever possible. We understand every business has its own requirements and challenges when it comes to protecting against COVID-19 contamination. As a result, we never take a one size fits all approach to help a business or other entity protect against the contamination and spread of coronavirus at their premises. 

Rapid Response and Immediate COVID-19 Decontamination

If you’re a business owner, or some other type of enterprise, where people access of congregate for one reason or another, you cannot put off addressing the possibility of coronavirus contamination at your premises. You need an immediate, professional response of the kind provided by Eco Bear and its experienced, tenacious team of COVID-19 remediation specialists. You can reach us any time at (818) 358-4359. We’ll be at your business or other location promptly.