Historically, El Monte was known as the end of the Santa Fe Trail. Today, it is a residential, commercial, and industrial community that is home to about 114,000 people.

Unfortunately, suicide is an issue in El Monte. Suicide in El Monte impacts people from all walks of life, as well as in a broad range of demographics. This includes people of different ages, including teens.

Suicide in El Monte

Quite like communities in California, and from coast to coast in across the United States, El Monte faces the sad reality of suicide at a rate that is comparable to what is experienced nationally. As is also the case with suicide, each time this type of death occurs, it is particularly poignant and oftentimes horrific. Not only does a suicide bring the end to a life, but it also forever changes the lives of others associated with the person who took his or her own life as well as those people who were somehow connected to the tragic death itself.

El Monte has seen some heartbreaking suicides in recent years. Several years ago, and within the course of one week, the residents of El Monte bore witness to a pair of sadly similar suicides, both of which occurred on the grounds of El Monte elementary schools. In both cases, an adult committed suicide by hanging from trees on the grounds of two different elementary schools.

On both occasions, the school was in session at the times of the suicides. Faculty and other school personnel were able to cordon off the scenes of the suicides to prevent children from seeing the aftermath.

Another alarming suicide followed a double murder in El Monte. Had the officers of the El Monte Police Department no arrived at the scene, a triple murder likely would have occurred. In this case, a man shot and killed his adult daughter and one of her friends. The man was preparing to shoot his wife, but law enforcement arrived at the scene. Rather than shoot his wife, he turned the gun on himself, ending his life.

Self-Defense Against Gun Suicide

Each year in the United States, about 20,000 people commit suicide using a firearm, according to a study reported in the Boston College Law Review. The recommendation of the study was summed up:

Many would survive if it were more difficult to obtain the gun. The proposal here is not gun control, but self-control. Specifically, this article proposes allowing individuals to confidentially put their names into the existing federal background check system and thereby to prevent their own future firearm purchases. Empowering people to restrict their own access to guns has the potential to save many lives, is supported by other self-binding regimes, and poses no serious constitutional concerns.

Although there has been no movement towards implementing this type of suicide self-defense program in El Monte, a person is never prevented from turning in guns to the El Monte Police Department, if they so desire. The department is located at:

El Monte Police Department

11333 Valley Boulevard
El Monte, CA 91731

In the final analysis, proactive strategies to prevent suicide are vital. An official program of this nature, or taking similar steps on an informal basis, represent examples of proactive suicide prevention strategies.

Other El Monte Suicide Prevention Resources

Five Acres is an outpatient facility in El Monte that provides a broad range of therapeutic services, including for people laboring under suicidal ideation. This includes individual therapy, group therapy, as well as psychiatric services. Contact information for Five Acres;

4401 Santa Anita Avenue
El Monte, California 91731
(626) 246-1701

Firearm Self-Inflicted Deaths and Suicide Cleanup

In the aftermath of a self-inflicted death by firearm, engaging the services of a skilled, experienced, local suicide cleanup service is the advisable course. Physical and emotional welfare issues are at play when it comes to seeking professional biohazard cleanup assistance following the suicide of a loved one.

The family of the person who took his or her own life should not unnecessarily aggravate emotional pain and grief by trying to tend to suicide cleanup on their own. In addition, hiring a professional suicide cleanup service protects against exposure to hazardous pathogens. Professional assistance also ensures that a biohazard cleanup is accomplished safely and thoroughly.

Support for El Monte Survivors of Suicide

Roy C. Addleman & Son Funeral Home in El Monte provides resources and references to support services for survivors of suicide, as well as people dealing with the loss of loved ones in other ways. The funeral home is located at:

11338 Valley Blvd.
El Monte, California 91731
(626) 442-1000

As an aside, this funeral home has to experience in working with families following the loss of a loved one to suicide.

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