Fontana, California is nick-named the “Inland Empire” due to its magnificent central location that features stunning mountain views, beautiful lakes, and gorgeous desert scenes. The population count in 2017 was almost 212,000 residents. This city is known for its speed race car roots that began in the 1950s when the area boasted a popular drag racing strip that was part of the NHRA circuit. This proud tradition continues today with the city’s NASCAR Auto Speedway that draws thousands of excited fans, tourists and race car teams yearly. Today, the close proximity to Route 66 and other important interstates keeps this town’s thriving trucking industry going strong.

Founded in 1919, Fontana became an important agricultural town with acres of famed vineyards and prime citrus orchards. This geographical location also boasted numerous ranches that raised chickens. This spectacular city near the Santa Ana River offers close proximity to the pristine San Bernardino National Forest, Victoria Gardens and Mount Rubidoux Park. Lunch at the historic Mission Inn Museum and visiting the original McDonald’s Site & Museum are both popular tourist attractions.

What to Do If a Crime Occurs on Your Property

Although the California city of Fontana offers stunning scenery, friendly area inhabitants and plenty of nearby attractions, the town also has its share of various crimes each year. Every day, the local police receive reports of home invasions and robberies, vandalism along with the more violent crimes like rape, assault, and murder.

These crime scenes often require specialized cleanups that the city generally doesn’t provide. Victims of a crime that leaves gruesome violence evidence like blood stains, urine and/or fecal matter can call a nearby dedicated Fontana biohazard cleanup team of professionals always on standby to perform this work.

The Importance of Utilizing Professional Biohazard Cleanup & Remediation Services in Fontana

A biohazard is any substance or material that could potentially be infectious or harmful to the lives of humans, animals, and the environment. OSHA lists regulations for the disposal of this sort of waste, and they use different levels for this process. Generally, things listed in level 1 present only a very minor chance of harming an individual following contact.

The 2 through 4 and up biohazard waste removal levels are usually the ones that need special cleaning methods to safely clean up the contaminated area and lower or prevent cross-contamination in the process.

Some common examples of dangerous biological substances that pose a significant threat to humans that come into contact with them include:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Other Microorganisms such as Protozoa & Dangerous Molds
  • Biological Source of Various Toxins

Common Situations That Require Advanced Biohazard Cleanup Efforts by Professionals

There are many different conditions that could necessitate the need for professional cleaning by a company that specializes in biohazard remediation work. Below are some of the most common types of situations that will require the advanced biohazard cleanup efforts by these highly-trained property restoration professionals. These include:

  • Traumatic Injury Event
  • Accidental Death or Unattended Death on the Premises
  • Suicide
  • Murder/Homicide
  • Various Other Violent Crimes

Recommended Protective Gear & Clothing for Biohazardous Cleanup Events

It is crucial to have the proper types of protective gear also termed PPE – personal protective equipment. Some examples are:

  • Gloves
  • Apron or Full-Gown Disposable Garments with Booties & Hair Caps
  • Eye Protection – Goggles, Face Shield
  • Face Mask – Must Meet Requirements from OSHA

Some situations will also require special breathing equipment like an oxygen tank connected to a sealed face mask. Other PPE may include space-suit-like helmets and jumpsuits for cleaning up especially dangerous sites like a chemical spill, highly infectious deadly pathogens and so forth.

Special Considerations When Cleaning the Aftermath of a Suicide

Suicide is always traumatic for the grief-stricken family members, friends and other close acquaintances of the victim. Sadly, the grim task of cleaning up the area where the suicide happened is generally left up to those mourning individuals. There are some special considerations that individuals should heed when cleaning up the aftermath of a suicide.

When a person dies, the body’s organs shut down and muscles that normally held in the contents of the digestive tract will also become lax. Most people who die have spontaneous defecation that leaves gross stool and urine behind. Additionally, blood and other bodily fluids will typically leak out of the body orifices like the eyes, ears, and mouth.

Some suicide aftermaths are easier to clean than others based on where the event occurred, the temperature and the method used to complete the suicide by the victim. Many suicide victims overdose on pills. This might have close-to-the-body fluids including vomited material, feces and urine.

Other suicides like a gunshot wound, deep stabbing sites, and other fatal wounds can leave massive amounts of blood, brain matter or other human fluid or tissue behind. It is common to see the blood that sprayed from the main artery splattered on walls, ceilings, and floors. The cleanup process to get rid of these harmful and potentially infectious body fluids and tissues is much harder to accomplish without the expertise of a professional suicide biohazard cleanup company like the highly trained Eco Bear team.

Recently, two California residents were found dead in their Fontana mobile home due to an apparent murder-suicide deadly event that shook nearby residents up by the sheer violence at the scene.

Practical Cleaning Considerations Following an Unattended Death by Natural Causes Event

When someone dies at home from natural causes, the site still needs professional biohazard cleaning services such as ones provided by the family-run Eco Bear company in Fontana. If the body is not found for even just days, the body could become bloated due to the normal decomposition process. This death process result is often sped up when the weather is hot, and in some cases, the body will actually explode spewing foul body waste and fluids all throughout the room. Also, flies, other insects, and rodents are drawn to the scene and present an even greater cleanup challenge with each passing hour.

This can be an exceptionally traumatic scene for family members to encounter, and the best way to resolve this issue is to hire a professional property cleanup and remediation company trained in the special cleaning methods necessary for this sort of biohazard death scene.

Can a Motor Vehicle Be Completely Cleaned & Restored Following a Death or Traumatic Injury of Someone Inside?

Yes, if a trained cleanup crew arrives promptly after the event to begin their highly advanced cleaning measures used in biohazard cases. Since a car or other vehicle is often closed up when these untimely deaths or injuries occur, the rank odor often present in these scenarios can be overpowering.

Standard cleaning products will never eliminate these kinds of offensive odors. Additionally, the left behind the cause of the odor presents serious cleanup challenges for those unfamiliar with biohazard cleanup processes and techniques. All of the body residues like blood, vomit, fecal matter, urine or skin tissue needs to be completely removed in order to restore the car back to its previous state.

Only highly advanced cleaning measures by qualified biohazard cleaning experts are up to the daunting task of eliminated all traces of body fluids and another left behind materials. Strong offensive odors from old blood or other body fluids and tissues can seep deep below interior vehicle surfaces like seats, roof linings, and floor carpets.

There are some phenomenal cleaning products and cleanup tactics known to professional cleanup professionals including Eco Bear employees that can eliminate these bad smells, deeply embedded and dried blood stains and other offensive materials fast and effectively. The impressive end results have made many past customers believers in the almost miraculous advanced cleaning and property remediation process.

How Rat & Other Rodent Feces Demands Quick Biohazard Cleanup to Prevent the Spread of Dangerous Diseases

The dangers of rat and other rodent feces contact has remained a health risk for eons of time. Historically, the plagues that swept through the civilized world were caused by the presence of these nocturnal creatures. Entire villages and towns were often wiped out during this frightening era.

Today, there are still many health risks from exposure to rats, mice and other rodents like raccoons and possums. Any building where rat or other rodent feces are found still demands quick biohazard cleanup by specially trained restoration and cleaning professionals to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.

Recently, the sad tale of a young New Mexico mom who died from Hantavirus caught following exposure to mice droppings has caught the attention of a nation. Hantavirus is just one of the rodent-borne diseases that can be spread to humans or other animals from exposure to the rodent feces. Other serious diseases spread via rodent droppings include:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Lassa Fever
  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome among others

There are also many other dangerous rodent-borne illness spread to humans and other creatures through an indirect route. Some of these include:

  • Colorado Tick Fever
  • Lyme Disease
  • Scrub Typhus
  • Relapsing Fever
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • West Nile Virus and more

These kinds of rat or other rodent-borne illnesses spread from contact with rodent feces do not always have to be caused by directly touching the rodent droppings. These highly contagious pathogens can be breathed in through the air where the rodents were present.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend careful cleaning requirements to prevent the inhalation of any airborne or surface pathogens and halt its progress by containing the area first. A quick glance at these cleanup steps will have everyone realizing the dangers of these disease-carrying pests.

It is highly recommended by health disease experts and safety officials to use the safer biohazard cleaning services with a reputable local property cleanup and restoration company such as Eco Bear professionals who are fully trained on cleaning up a rat, mice, and other rodent droppings.

Special Added Cleaning Details for Restaurants & Other Food/Beverage Businesses With Rodent Infestations

Any type of food and/or beverage industry needs to be on top of keeping their building clean and free from unwanted pests. Unfortunately, there are restaurants, diners, fast food joints, and sandwich shops all over this country who fail basic health department checklists that help keep the public safe from food-borne illnesses.

Posing special health risks, rodents are particularly unwanted guests anywhere that food is being served or stored. The health department does work hard to shut-down any of these industries that constantly fail their annual inspections. Rats, mice, bats and other rodents are drawn to any area where food is present. Cleaning up after this sort of pest invasion is terribly risky for the business’s employees.

A better plan to remedy a rodent infestation in a restaurant or other food establishment is to hire a professional property cleanup and restoration company with the added training, equipment, and knowledge to handle tough rodent problems in short order. Eco Bear is one such company that has the experience and skills to be known as a top area property remediation company.

There are some practical and fairly easy-to-implement cleaning strategies to prevent a rodent invasion or other pest infestation or to keep the premises safe from rodents following a professional cleaning up of the problem. These include:

  • Keeping Food Sealed & Away from Possible Pest Invasion
  • Implement Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cleaning Checklists
  • Clean All Spills, Messes Immediately
  • Check Food Stock Regularly to Ensure Freshness & Proper Containment
  • Wipe Down & Sanitize All Working Surfaces Each Day or Shift
  • Sweep & Mop Floors Every Day
  • Seal Building for Potential Entryways for Rodents or Pests
  • Clean Fryers, Stoves, Grease Pits, etc. regularly and as needed
  • Remember to Frequently Inspect Storage Areas, Basements, Roofs & Outside Garbage Bins
  • Keep Foods/Drinks Properly Refrigerated & Clean Fridge at Least Once a Week
  • Wash & Sanitize Used Dishes & Cooking Utensils Daily or Per Shift

These practical cleaning measures can help keep uninvited rodents and other nasty pests from entering and/or remaining in your valuable establishment. If any evidence of rat or other rodent feces or droppings is found, consider calling in the professionals with the latest up-to-date state guidelines for cleaning up these situations in a food-based establishment.

Other Places Where Rodent Droppings Could Be Hiding

While most home and business owners will keep their living or working environments clean, there are some other places that are not often inspected regularly where these rodent droppings and nests could be hiding out of sight. Some of these places where the property owners should pay careful attention to include:

  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Attics
  • Garage or Other Outside Building or Storage Structure
  • Porches
  • Roofs
  • Under Sinks
  • Inside Closets, Drawers or Other Storage Spot
  • Food Pantry

Remember to keep any owned property free from rodents by regular inspections and cleaning. In some of these locales, special caution should be used when inside as rodent dropping pathogens can become airborne quickly if the droppings and accumulated contaminated dust particles are disturbed. Some places where rodents love to hang out include:

  • Unused Vehicles Left Abandoned on Property
  • Boats
  • RV & Other Campers
  • Camps, Cottages & Vacation Homes
  • Cabins & Sheds, Kids Outdoor Playhouse & Hangouts
  • Barns, Dog Houses or Other Animal Containment Structure

Other Rat or Other Rodent Cleanup & Prevention Tips

There are some other practical and recommended by expert tips on rat and/or other rodent cleaning methods and prevention from infestation strategies. Remember to check in those hidden and often overlooked places. Some that are crucial to check are:

  • Air Vents & Heating/Air System Components
  • Old Furniture Stored Outside or in Attics, Basements, Crawlspaces

How to Safely Get Rid of Potentially Contaminated Sharps

Every town has specific regulations for the proper disposal of medical or other related healthcare sharps like syringes, lancets, needles and other items. Be sure to follow these rules exactly as steep fines and other consequences could be levied. Dispose of used sharps in a red biohazard container.

Call Eco Bear at (818) 358-4359 for all of your Fontana biohazard cleanup & restoration needs.


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