If you’re looking for help with hoarder property cleanup in Fullerton, we can help. Hoarder property cleanup is a tough thing to do, but it can be done efficiently and professionally if you work with a company that specializes in this type of cleaning. Hoarding house cleaning requires serious effort, and it needs to be done by people who understand how to handle the type of waste that you’ll encounter at these types of cleanup scenes. 

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a mental disorder that makes people want to hold on to everything they bring into their homes. They throw nothing out, creating more and more mess inside their homes as time goes by. The house becomes more and more cluttered as the hoarder continues to bring items into the home. There are hoarder homes where you can’t even open doors to different rooms because the rooms are packed so tightly with junk. 

If hoarding continues, personal grooming and sanitary skills eventually disappear. Garbage isn’t removed from the home. Dishes are never washed. Sinks are overflowing with standing water that hasn’t been empty for months because the water may not even be working anymore. Eventually, the home becomes completely uninhabitable.

What Are the Dangers of Hoarding?

One of the biggest dangers of hoarding is the fact that there is so much biohazardous waste in these homes. Biohazardous waste is any type of waste that contains pathogens, the microbes that cause disease in humans.

Biohazardous waste usually found in hoarding homes includes substances like human waste, blood, garbage, rotting food, animal waste, and a host of other types of material. A simple prick on a finger or a splash of liquid in an eye, and someone could be infected with any of the pathogens on site. That’s why it’s routinely suggested that experienced cleanup teams handle hoarder property cleanup.

What Are the Steps Involved in Hoarder Property Clean Up?

Each house will have its own specific cleaning plan. Cleaning plans are based on the condition of the house, what type of waste is there, the volume of the garbage that has to be removed, and a host of other factors. Following are the basic rules in place for cleaning out a hoarding house.

Assess the Site

The first thing that will happen is that the team will come out and assess the site. They’ll go over the entire space so that they can get a good idea of what they’re working with. They’ll look at how much waste has to be removed from the home. You’ll be able to determine which types of which types of bins will be needed to carry out the waste since biohazardous waste needs to be put into specific bins.

Remove Garbage

The next part of the job will be removing all the excess garbage and junk in the home. This will include furniture, bookshelves, stacks of newspapers, etc. Most of these items can go straight into a dumpster, but if it’s found that they’re contaminated with biohazards in some way, those items will have to be wrapped up and sent for destruction with the rest of the biohazardous waste. 

Remove the waste

The team will remove all of the biohazardous waste in the home and place it into the appropriate bins. Once all the waste has been collected, it will be sent to a facility to be destroyed.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Next, the will wash down the home, following up with disinfectants afterwards. The team will use special OSHA approved cleaners and disinfectants that have been approved for biohazard cleanup. The goal here is to make sure that the house is safe for people to walk around then and live in.

After the home has been cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized, the team will transfer the biohazardous waste to the waste facility. Most biohazardous waste is incinerated, after which it’s taken to a sanitary dump.

How Do You Make Sure That Your Cleaners Remain Safe?

Our cleaners are protected with PPE gear that will help prevent any skin contact with any biohazardous waste on site. In addition to full coveralls that will cover them top to bottom, they’ll also have goggles, respirators, and face shields to protect their eyes. They’ll thrown on special gloves that will prevent sharp objects from cutting through to their skin as they pick them up.

Why Can’t People Do Their Own Order House Cleaning?

People shouldn’t do their own hoarder house cleaning for the very issues stated above. When the hoarder house is cleaned out, it needs the special cleaners, tools, and expertise above to ensure that everything is handled properly and safely. This way, they’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the space is truly safe for living in.

Give us a call if you want to learn more about what cleanup will look like on your site.