When looking for help with crime scene cleanup in Garden Grove, California, there are many variables that people need to sort out. 

Crime scene cleanup takes place in locations where someone has gotten hurt or killed. The cleanup doesn’t necessarily have to be at an actual crime scene. This type of cleaning takes place anywhere an incident has occured where biohazardous waste has been left behind. Some scenes don’t even have a victim. They simply need to be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom and cleared of the biohazardous waste.

Biohazardous waste includes blood, body tissue, bodily fluids, and anything else that could contain dangerous pathogens. The danger with this type of waste is that the pathogens inside the waste could contain dangerous viruses or bacteria that could cause disease. 

Who Is Responsible for Crime Scene Clean-Up?

People who have never been involved in crime scenes before are usually not aware that crime scene cleanup is a responsibility that falls to the survivors. Most people assume that law enforcement will send in a team to handle the cleanup, but this is not the case. This fact takes a lot of aurvivors by surprise, and it can be psychologically and emotionally devastating. 

This is especially true if the victim was somehow connected to the survivors. Even if the person responsible for cleaning is not connected to the victim, cleaning the space can feel impossible. Our team can help. We can handle every single part of the crime scene clean-up so that you can focus on the more important work of emotionally healing. 

What Should You Look for in a Crime Scene Cleaning Company?

When looking at a crime scene cleaning company in Garden Grove, make sure that the company follows the licensing guidelines of the state. In California, there are very strict guidelines regarding how to handle biohazardous waste. These rules apply to collection and removal of the biohazardous waste from the crime scene, transport of the material from the crime scene, and the ultimate disposal of the waste.

Make sure that the company is OSHA compliant. This means the company should be API worksafe certified or certified in methods of odor control.

Make sure that the company is empathetic and knows how to handle everything with sensitivity. Dealing with the trauma that accompanies a crime or an accident can be extremely overwhelming. You need people on site who’re able to manage their jobs while keeping in mind that there are real feelings involved for survivors.

 Make sure that the crime scene apecialists have experience handling different types of crime scenes. Each type of scene presents its own challenges, so it’s important that they know how to address each possible scenario.

How Much Does Crime Scene Cleanup Cost?

Every crime scene is different, so the cost will vary for each. There may be a large room where only one small portion of the room was heavily affected. There may be tiny rooms where every inch of space is covered in biohazardous waste. The time it takes to clean each of those rooms will be different, affecting the final costs. 

Another thing that could affect the final cost includes odors. Odors can be extremely difficult to remove, sometimes taking days or even longer to remove from substances. The machines we use and the length of time we need to use them will affect final cost. 

Our teams will look at the scope of the work that needs to be done and clearly communicate to our clients what needs to be done. 

Why Shouldn’t People Handle Crime Scene Cleanup Themselves?

As mentioned above, crime scene cleanup can be extremely traumatic. The emotional toll can delay the ability for survivors to move on from the incident. On top of that, most people do not have the training necessary to deal with biohazardous waste. If they attempt to handle cleanup themselves, they could end up becoming sick due to pathogens they may have missed and left behind. They also don’t have access to the cleaners, solvents, and deodorizers necessary for biohazardous cleanup.

What Types of Incidents Can Crime Scene Cleaning Cover?

Although the term is “crime scene cleaning”, crime scene cleaners cover much more than crime scenes. 

For instance, crime scene cleanup teams are trained in the safe removal of methamphetamines from drug labs. Meth is an extremely dangerous and unstable drug that’s extremely difficult to handle. Professional cleaning teams will make sure that not a single grain is left behind. Meth residue is extremely dangerous to inhale, so it’s important that these labs are cleaned out properly. 

Crime scene cleaners can also clean up scenes where an unattended death has taken place. An unattended death is simply one where someone died naturally at home alone. If the body was not discovered for a while, this can cause major issues with decomposition and odor. Crime scene cleanup teams are trained to handle all of it.

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to crime scene cleanup. Give us a call if you’re looking for crime scene cleanup in Garden Grove so that we can help you with any questions that you have.