If you’re looking for help with cleaning up a hoarder house in Gardena, California, you’re aware that it’s going to be a big job, but you’re determined to do it. You may be wondering whether or not you should dive in yourself or if it makes more sense to have a professional team oversee the work due to the sheer magnitude of the job. Hoarder house cleanup is one of the toughest cleaning jobs around, and it has to be done properly in order to ensure that the job is done safely and securely.

Why Is Safety So Important When It Comes To Hoarder House Cleanup?

When it comes to hoarder house cleanup, safety is paramount. Hoarder houses are filled with biohazardous waste, and that waste is filled with the pathogens that cause diseases in humans. Some well-known pathogens include viruses like HBV, Hepatitis A, and HIV. Biohazardous waste is practically everywhere you look inside of a hoarder home, making the likelihood of contamination very high. Some of the waste includes blood, body fluids, human waste, animal waste, rotting food, standing water, animal carcasses, and many other types of contaminated matter that seems to be very common in hoarder houses. 

How Does Biohazardous Waste Build up in a Hoarder House?

One of the most common types of biohazardous waste is blood. Many hoarders are housebound, really leaving their spaces. If they hurt themselves or get cuts or bruises, they’ll most likely try to treat themselves. Any bloody bandages, Band-Aids, or gauze used to clean up any blood will simply be tossed to the side. This creates a serious biohazard risk.

Many hoarders never take their garbage out. That garbage, altready a biohazard, is simply kept inside of their homes and left to rot and fester. This garbage then attracts bugs and vermin, common carriers of even more pathogens. 

Utilities often stop working in hoarder houses due to broken appliances or non-payment. The residents then try to come up with other ways of getting water and power. When the water is cut off, some residents bring in water from outside. They may pour water into a tub and leave it standing for days, weeks, and months. That standing water is loaded with pathogens, making it very dangerous for anyone to touch or drink.

What Do Cleanup Teams Do When They Arrive?

When the cleanup team arrives, they’ll assess the space. They’ll look into every nook and cranny of the home, And they’ll figure out exactly how big the work space will be. After that, they’ll come up with an executable plan of action. 

The team will remove the regular trash, bulky items, and garbage from the home, placing it into a special dumpster. They’ll clear away all of the biohazardous waste from the house and place it into special bins, bags, and containers. Biohazardous waste must be kept separate from other types of garbage. You can’t simply toss it into a regular garbage bin. If you do, you’ll run the very high risk of spreading disease to people like sanitation workers who will come by to empty the bins.

The team will wash down the entire home using special cleaners, disinfectants, and deodorizers. These cleaning products are OSHA-approved and are designed to kill the pathogens present in biohazardous waste. Every surface in the home will have to be cleaned in order to prevent any lingering pathogens from causing contamination and to make the space habitable once again.

How Do the Cleaners Protect Themselves?

Cleaning professionals dress head to toe in personal protective equipment (PPE). They will wear full-body suits that will help shield them from the waste they’ll come across as they move through the house. They’ll wear items like face shields, goggles, protective shoe covers, face masks, respirators, and puncture-proof gloves. All of this protective equipment will help keep the workers safe as they move from room to room. 

In Addition To Biohazardous Waste Cleanup, What Other Types of Cleanup Are Necessary at Hoarder Houses?

 In addition to clearing away biohazardous waste, another type of cleaning that has to take place during a hoarder house cleanup is bed bug and roach and Pest and animal eat clean up. Many orders have multiple pets oh, and some of those pets have died over the years with their bodies staying inside the home. This creates a pest and vermin situation that must be dealt with by extermination. 

Hoarder houses are very challenging to clean. We have the compassion, knowledge and understanding to be able to navigate our way through any issues we encounter. You don’t have to go through it alone. Give us a call so that we can at least walk through what the process may look like for you.