When a crime is committed in which someone is hurt or killed, the physical reminders of the crime remain behind long after the police and first responders have released the scene. There could be everything from blood to body tissue and other OPIM (other potentially infectious material). That material is so dangerous that it needs to be cleaned away by special crime scene cleaning specialists. This is where companies like Eco Bear come in. 

We manage crime scene clean-up so that the spaces are able to be lived in again. We remove all traces of biohazardous waste and dispose of it properly. You already have a lot on your mind. We can take care of the potentially traumatic crime scene cleanup so that you can focus on getting the emotional and mental health that you need.

Key Facts To Know About Crime Scene Cleanup

Following are some key facts to know about crime scene cleaning. 

Crime Scene Cleaning Is the Only Type That Works

Many people don’t realize that you can’t use an ordinary cleaning service to do crime scene cleanup. You can hire the best residential or commercial cleaning services around, and they would be no match for the type of cleaning that is required to cleanse crimes scenes.

Crime scene cleaning companies are specially equipped to handle the potentially dangerous biohazardous waste that exists at crime scenes. Biohazardous waste needs special chemicals, solvents, cleaners, and tools in order to be removed and disposed of safely. Failure to do so would mean that the crime scene remains potentially infectious and dangerous for future occupants of the space.

Crime scene cleaning companies have to follow rules and protocols set up by agencies like OSHA, the EPA, and the California Department of Health. These rules are put into place to ensure that biohazardous waste is removed and disposed of properly so that the public-at-large can remain safe.

Specialists Have Heavy Training

Crime scene cleaning company professionals deal with potentially extremely dangerous waste. Because of this, they have to be trained in how to safely and responsibly handle it. Our specialists go through intensive training that covers topics like personal care, decontamination, how to handle different substances, and other rules that will help keep both them and the public-at-large safe.

Great Protective Gear

When it comes to cleaning up crime scenes, the gear that needs to be worn is a lot more involved than throwing on a simple mask. Our experts wear everything that they need to wear to protect them from the harm that comes from being exposed to blood-borne pathogens. This gear includes full bodysuits, special gloves, chemical-spill-repellent boots or shoe covers, full respirators, face shields, and a host of other items.

Special Equipment 

Our team has all sorts of specialized tools and cleaning equipment that help them get the job done right. These tools include long-reach scrubbing brushes for difficult-to-access areas, sprayers that can forcefully hose down the toughest matter, and wet vacuums that allow our cleaning specialists to remove all types of liquid-based waste without having to touch it. 

We also have equipment like ozone generators for crime scenes with difficult-to-remove smells. An ozone generator machine destroys the microorganisms that cause intense, noxious odor by allowing the gas to find and target the organisms at their source and eliminate them. These machines make rooms easy to live and breathe in again. 

Where Is Crime Scene Cleaning Done?

Several different types of scenes necessitate the need for crime scene cleanup.

Unattended Death

When a person dies alone either at home or alone somewhere else, the death is called an unattended death. Simply put, it means no one else was around when the person died. Sometimes people who die alone aren’t found for quite a while. This could create a situation where you’re dealing with strong odors from decomp, pests and vermin that may have been drawn to the body, and body waste and liquids that can cause a serious biohazardous waste issue. Our crime scene cleaning specialist can help clean the area and make it safe for use again.


When someone commits suicide, the aftermath can be quite daunting, especially if it was a violent suicide. A suicide could leave behind a decomposing body or one riddled with evidence of extreme trauma. Getting rid of the biohazardous waste will be job number one. 

Tear Gas

Tear gas is a dangerous chemical, and its effects can be felt long after the gas has been sprayed. Our crime scene cleaning specialists are able to go in and clear away all of the effects of tear gas. They have special tools and solvents that are able to remove it from every surface as well as help remove it from the air.

Give us a call if you have any questions about crime scene cleaning services in Glendale. We’re happy to answer any questions that you have during what is most likely a very difficult time.