Cleaning up a hoarder house is a big undertaking. Hoarder houses by their very nature are filled with multiple layers of trash and garbage, and their structures are probably unstable and insecure as well. 

There may be any number of reasons that you’re looking into having a hoarder house cleaned. Maybe you’ve just bought the house. Maybe you’re trying to heal from your hoarding disorder, and you’ve decided that it’s time to reclaim your life. Maybe you’re the relative of a hoarder, and they’ve been threatened with eviction if they don’t get the house cleaned. There’re so many different reasons that people call for professional hoarder house cleaning. We can help. We have experience in this genre, and we know exactly what to do so that your house is safe for habitability once again.

Why Do Hoarder Houses Need Special Cleaning?

Hoarder houses need a special level of cleaning. When you have an ordinary house that needs a deep cleaning, you can bring in a regular cleaning crew who will go through the house and do a deep cleaning, cleaning behind cupboards, washing under stoves, washing floors, and restoring the space back to its usual good looks. 

When you’re dealing with a hoarder house cleaning, you’re dealing with a house that probably hasn’t been cleaned for years. There are multiple layers of dust, grime, and dirt that will take special solvents, cleaners, and disinfectants to get clean again. In a hoarder house that has achieved squalor level, you’re dealing with an intense level of filth. Many hoarder houses have tons of biohazardous waste, making simply living in them a health risk. 

Bio-hazardous waste is waste that has pathogens in it that can harm humans. Left unchecked, biohazardous waste can cause diseases like hepatitis A and HIV. These diseases are bloodborne pathogens, and they exist in many types of substances found in hoarder houses. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical that a special level of cleaning be done in these homes so that they can be can be disinfected, sanitized, and clean for use once again.

How Are Biohazardous Materials and Waste Removed From a Home?

Biohazardous material needs to be removed from hoarder homes carefully. Failure to do so could cause cross-contamination between surfaces and even between people. Biohazardous waste collected on site needs to be put into special bins, bags, containers, or boxes that will help keep the biohazards sealed away while keeping everyone safe from harm.

What Do Hoarder House Cleaners Use and Where To Clean a Hoarder House?

The first thing cleaners do is make sure that they have the proper PPE. PPE is personal protective equipment that hoarder house cleaners will wear to make sure that they are protected from any biohazards that they encounter while cleaning the site. This PE includes bodysuits or coveralls, shoe covers, puncture-proof gloves, and respirators. All of these tools working together will help ensure that the cleaners remain safe even when they have to get close to the waste.

What Are Some Reasons That You Should Use Professional Quarter House Cleaning Versus Doing It Yourself?

One of the key reasons that you should use professional cleaning when cleaning a hoarder house is because the professionals have the tools and equipment necessary to clean properly and safely. Their gear and their cleaning equipment is OSHA-approved for handling and destroying biohazardous waste. The layman will not know where to go to get this equipment, and even if they get it, they may not use it properly.

Another reason to use a professional cleaning service is because they’re used to being in the risky environments of hoarder houses. Many hoarder houses have piles and piles of books, furniture, and other items that reach all the way up to the ceiling. One false move, and these items can come toppling down on an unsuspecting cleaner. Experienced cleaners are used to clean up sites like this, and they’ll be able to work together to navigate each room so that everyone stays safe.

Another reason to use a professional clean up company is if the city or your local authority has issued a cleanup order. Sometimes, hoarder houses are on the verge of being condemned. In order to get out of that condemned status, the owner or resident of the house will have to have the space cleaned. Many jurisdictions only approve professional cleaning in these types of situations. If this is a situation that you’re dealing with, it’s really in your best interests to work with a company that is licensed and that has the proper tools and gear to handle this type of cleanup. They can help you get your home approved for habitation once again.

Hoarder house clean up is not fun. There are literally many layers to the cleanup, and at every step of the way there could be challenges. If you have any questions about the entire process, just give us a call. We’re here to help.