Getting a hoarder house in Hermosa cleaned will most likely be unlikely any type of cleaning you’ve ever done before. The good news about professional hoarder house cleaning is that once it’s done, your space will feel so refreshed. Hoarder house cleaning is one of the most difficult types of cleaning, and it can exhaust and frustrate even the most dedicated person. This is why it makes sense to work with a cleaning company that has experience with this type of cleaning.

What Is a Hoarder House?

A hoarder house is a house that’s filled to the brim with junk, furniture, books, garbage, food or anything else that someone with hoarding disorder has decided to bring home. Hoarding disorder is a type of mental illness where a person feels the need to hold onto everything and not throw a single thing away. They feel an attachment to everything that they have. This means that when they go out on the street and find an old tin can, they could pick it up and bring it home. They’ll rationalize that they may need the can for something someday, but it just gets added to the mess.

Hoarding disorder is extremely difficult to treat. One reason for this is that most hoarders don’t believe that they even have a problem. Unfortunately, the people that they live with or their friends and family clearly see all too clearly that they have a very serious problem. Getting a hoarder to the point where they agree to a cleanup can be very difficult. Sometimes the only thing that will motivate them is the threat of being kicked out of the home because of its unsanitary condition.

How Is a Hoarder House Unsanitary Than Other Homes?

You simply need to (try) and walk in the front door of a hoarder house to see how unsanitary it is. In many hoarder houses, the residents don’t clean up after themselves. Their sinks are no longer working because they’re filled with dishes that haven’t been washed in months, or the water has been turned off. They may not have a working bathroom in the house, instead defecating and urinating in buckets or into other containers that they then never remove from the house. There may be rotting garbage in the house that’s been sitting in a bin forever because it’s never taken out. Mice, rats, roaches and other pests, themselves pathogen carriers, set up shop in the home. Eventually you get to a space where the entire site is filled with biohazardous material.

Why Is Biohazardous Waste So Dangerous?

Biohazardous waste is extremely dangerous because it’s made up of pathogens. Pathogens cause diseases in humans, including viruses like HBV or hepatitis A. These diseases are spread simply by someone touching something that was contaminated. There are contaminated surfaces literally all over hoarder houses. If they’re not cleaned up, it’s very easy for disease to spread.

Many hoarders keep pets for company. Sometimes those pets die, and the hoarder does not remove the pet’s carcass from the premises. Many hoarder house cleaning specialists have dug through mountains of waste only to find dead animals underneath. Dead animals are another key source of pathogens that can cause harm to humans.

How Do Clean up Crews Protect Themselves From Biohazardous Waste and Other Hazards on Site?

Hoarder house cleanup crews arm themselves with multiple layers of PPE, or personal protective equipment. This includes gear like bodysuits or overalls, special boots or shoes that repel liquids, shoe covers, face shields, respirators, and special gloves to help prevent pin pricks from hidden sharp objects.

They also work closely together in mini teams so that they can back each other up when they get into a specific particularly hazardous area of the home. 

What Types of Cleaning Agents Do Hoarder House Cleanup Crews Use?

OSHA has determined that all blood-borne pathogens must be cleaned up by specific materials and the waste handled in a specific way so that everyone remains safe. Our crews abide by these standards, ensuring that every bit of biohazardous waste is removed from the property, transferred off site, and disposed of properly. They will use these agents on the site once the rest of the site has been cleared away and the biohazardous waste has been disposed of properly. 

The crews use special brushes and tools that can get into the highest corners of a room so that they can access every single section of a hoarder house. These tools are especially useful in homes that have high ceilings or that have tons of nooks and crannies. The crews use special deodorizers to get rid of odors in the space. If they’re dealing with a house that has a particularly strong and lingering odor, they’ll use special equipment like ozone generator machines that target the microorganisms that are creating the smell and eliminate them. These machines also sanitize the space.

Give us a call if you’re looking into getting order house cleaning in Hermosa. At the very least, we can answer any questions that you have.