Crime scene cleanup is a type of cleaning that can be difficult for all parties involved. Crime scene cleanup is necesssary after dealing with the aftermath of a crime or traumatic event that either resulted in death or serious injury. Crime and trauma scenes usually have tons of biohazardous waste, and that’s exactly the kind of waste that crime scene cleaners specialize in getting rid of.

Many people are unaware that law enforcement is not responsible for cleaning up crime scenes. That responsibility falls to the tenants or owners of the space where the incident took place. We don’t arrive on the scene until law enforcement or other agencies involved with any investigations of the crime are finished with their work. Once they’re done, we’ll be ready to take over and do a thorough cleansing so that we can bring the site back to normal. 

At Eco Bear, we’re ready to help you if you’re looking for a crime scene cleaning company in Idyllwild, California. 

How Important Is Sanitation During Crime Scene Cleanup?

Sanitation is one of the most important parts of crime scene cleanup. Crime scenes are usually filled with biohazardous waste like blood, body fluids, and tissue. Every bit of this material must be completely removed from the crime scene in order to ensure the space is made safe for people to live or work in again. Failure to remove biohazard material from a crime scene could leave the door open for serious issues like contamination. 

Biohazardous waste, also referred to as infectious waste, is any type of waste that can carry along infectious substances like bacteria, viruses or other types of pathogens. If these materials are not collected and disposed of properly, they could end up causing disease. This type of waste is prevalent in elements like blood, tissue, and bodily fluids.

Our teams have plenty of tools at their disposal that can help with crime scene disinfecting and sanitation. Some of those tools include the following.

  • Ozone generators are one of the most important tools in crime scene disinfection and sanitization. It works so well because the ozone gas destroys the microorganisms that cause the bad orders that usually accompany biohazardous waste like decomp.
  • We have special OSHA-approved solvents on hand to get rid of blood while also making sure that the area where is completely disinfected as well.
  • Hazmat bags and containers are on hand to hold all of the biohazardous waste. They’re thick and tightly sealed, perfect for keeping harmful pathogens and bacteria inside. This helps prevent viral or bacterial contamination and spread.
  • Crime scenes are often filled with hard-to-access nooks and crannies, or they have very high ceilings. We have long-reach brushes, wet and dry vacuums and ladders that are able to reach extremely high ceilings and difficult spaces.
  • In some cases, the items on site won’t be salvageable, so they’ll have to be tagged, bagged and destroyed. We’ll consult with our clients before we make any decisions re: tossing items.

What Are the Basic Steps Involved in Crime Scene Cleanup?

Every crime scene is different, but the basic trajectory of crime scene cleanup is usually the same. 

  • Once you reach out to us, we will arrive on the scene to assess and inspect the scene so that we’re clear about what type of scene we’re dealing with.
  • We’ll scope out which types of biohazardous materials are present on the scene and start a plan for removal of each type. We abide by the rules set by the state of California and OSHA regarding biohazardous waste collection and removal. 
  • We’ll remove every bit of the biohazardous material from the scene, including any blood, tissue, and bodily fluids.
  • We’ll toss out any items that aren’t salvageable. This usually includes items that are too porous to be cleaned thoroughly or items that have been damaged beyond repair. 
  • We’ll remove cleaned items from the room so that they’re not re-contaminated as we clean the rest of the room.
  • We’ll drop any contaminated items into the appropriate hazmat bags or containers so that, and we’ll remove them from the site so that they can be disposed of properly. 
  • We’ll scrub down all surfaces in the space with special cleaning products that are formulated to break down different types of matter. Once the cleansing is done, we’ll do a disinfection, deodorization and sanitization. We have special machines, tools, and chemicals that can help us with this process so that the scene is completely clean.

We’ll be available to answer any and all questions as we go through the process. Our goal is to get all of the information that we need from you upfront so that we don’t have to disturb you as we go through the process. 

We Are Here To Help

At Eco Bear, we understand that there’s a lot to handle mentally and emotionally when it comes to looking for a crime scene cleaning company in Idyllwild, California. We’re sensitive to your feelings and will handle all of our interactions with you with grace and empathy. The idea of crime scene cleanup can be really difficult to handle, so we’ll fulfil our goal of working with you and handling this difficult part of the process so that we can help you get your life back to normal.