Hoarding disorder is more common than many people realize. Mental health experts estimate that 2% to 5% of the population has hoarding disorder. If you, your family member or your loved one has compulsive hoarding behaviors, you’re not alone. At Eco Bear, we offer thorough cleaning services for all types of hoarder properties in Idyllwild, CA. Our attention to detail, compassion and experience make us the right choice for any type of hoarded property that needs professional cleaning and remediation.

Who Hoarding Disorder Affects

People from all walks of life can develop hoarding disorder. For many people, the symptoms begin while they are children. For others, a traumatic life event triggers their hoarder tendencies. Ongoing stress, chronic health problems, relationship issues and mental health problems also contribute to hoarding disorder. For some people, their spouse or partner keeps their hoarding tendencies in check, and their death or end of the relationship allows the hoarder to bring more things into the home. Many people are affected by hoarding disorder, and some risk factors include:

  • Other family members with hoarding disorder
  • History of personal trauma
  • Other mental health disorders, including ADHD, depression or OCD
  • Perfectionism
  • Procastination
  • Fear of making decisions

What Hoarding Disorder Causes

Hoarding disorder causes a tremendous accumulation of items. In many cases, those items are worthless, such as newspapers, trash or damaged items. In other cases, compulsive shopping or obsessive-compulsive disorder play a role in the hoarding. Some of the effects of hoarding disorder include:

  • Inability to move through the home
  • No access to kitchen, bathroom or laundry facilities
  • Increased risk of pest infestations, fires, water damage and electrical hazards
  • Angry neighbors
  • Social withdrawal and loss of relationships
  • Decreased personal hygiene
  • City code violations, including fines and risk of jail time

The effects of hoarding are serious. At Eco Bear, our hoarder property cleaning company in Idyllwild helps you overcome these effects. We get the hoard cleared in a short amount of time. We show compassion and respect to every client.

Eco Bear’s Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

We handle everything that’s necessary in order to completely clean a hoarded property. Our services start with an evaluation and inspection of the property. This helps us plan for the number of cleaning professionals, dumpsters and other supplies and equipment we’ll need. We provide you with a written timeline and estimate for our services.

During the hoarder property cleaning in Idyllwild, we stay in constant communication with you. If you’re off-site, we’ll send you regular updates about the process. If you have requests, such as setting aside personal documents or a specific item, we honor it. The typical hoarder property cleaning process takes a few days to a week, depending on the contents, size, weather and other circumstances. Our services include:

  • Trash removal
  • Proper disposal of biological materials
  • Coordination of recycling and donations
  • Removal of vegetation
  • Working with other professionals, including pest control and Humane Society officers

Types of Hoarded Properties We Clean

Each person who has hoarding disorder may accumulate different type of items. Some hoards mostly consist of one type of thing, while others may have a multitude of items. We clean tiny homes, multi-story homes, ranches, estates, workshops, garages, apartments and more. If your property has hoarded items outdoors, we’ll take care of it. Some of the types of hoards and hoarded properties we clean include:

  • Pet and human feces
  • Trash and spoiled food
  • Items damaged by pests, water or weather
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Large amounts of retail items from compulsive shopping
  • Accumulated items from generations of family members
  • Home repair and construction project debris
  • Non-running vehicles and large outdoor items

What to Expect From Us

You can expect us to work tirelessly on your behalf to clean the hoarded property. We have all the proper personal protective equipment to safely remove contaminated or biological items from the hoard. You can also expect us to maintain your privacy. We have high ethical standards, and each member of our team goes through a rigorous background check and training period. If you’re facing complaints from angry neighbors or a bevy of city code violations, our work will get your property cleared. Your neighbors will be happier, and your property won’t incur any additional penalties or fees. We’ll also provide you with documentation to show that the property has been cleared to the specifications of Idyllwild’s code enforcement officers.

Benefits of Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning

Trying to clean a hoarded property on your own may seem like an impossible task. That’s because it is. The accumulation of items is more than one untrained person can safely and efficiently handle. Many hoards contain hidden hazards, such as sharp objects, rotted food and human, pest or pet waste. Hoards may also include live pests, such as venomous spiders, snakes, mice, rats, possums and other critters. Our focus on safety allows us to work in any conditions. Some additional benefits of choosing us at Eco Bear for hoarder property cleaning in Idyllwild include:

  • Fast completion time
  • Thorough work
  • Professional cleaning team
  • Honest and consistent communication
  • Women-owned and operated business

When you choose us at Eco Bear, we relieve the stress related to the hoarded property. You can stop worrying about where to begin, how to get rid of the items or exposing yourself to germs. Our excellent customer care, strong reputation and professionalism make us the right choice for hoarder property cleaning in Idyllwild.