Imperial Beach is your quintessential Southern California community, complete with towering boardwalks, miles of coastline, and a one-of-a-kind “Surfhenge.” As the most southwestern city in the continental United States, Imperial Beach is a year-round destination for fun in the sun.

Still, not a year goes by that the citizens of this beautiful coastal community do not experience a variety of catastrophes. These sobering events often transpire behind the walls of local homes and businesses. The owners are left to quietly deal with the unimaginable business of removing biohazards from their properties. 

What Are Biohazards?

Biohazards are biological substances that pose an inherent risk to the health and well-being of humans or the environment. Common biohazards include:

  • Human blood
  • Human waste
  • Human body tissue and bodily fluids
  • Animal waste
  • Sharps

What Risks Do They Pose?

Biohazards pose innate threats to the health and safety of living organisms. They have a wide range of negative impacts on humans, including everything from skin irritation to death. In labs and medical facilities, biohazards (as categorized by the CDC) are marked with fluorescent biohazard symbols. However, at the scene of traumatic incidents and rodent infestations, these biological hazards are often unnoticed or ignored. For one, bodily fluids, feces, urine, and vomit are all known to transmit potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. 

As if that is not enough, these substances also leave behind unimaginable odors and stains. At the scene of violent or fatal events, blood is also typically present. This substance is capable of carrying several bloodborne pathogens, including HIV, HBV, AND HVC. Exposure to any of these substances could lead to the pain, suffering, and even death of individuals. 

Unattended Death Cleanup in Imperial Beach

Each year, Imperial Beach residents die without anyone witnessing their passing. While the majority of unattended deaths are due to natural causes, others are the result of gruesome and unexpected homicides, suicides, accidents.

When the body of a deceased person is not found for some time, it is allowed to decompose. In doing so, it becomes the host of bacteria and parasites, which subsequently speed up the decomposition process. In Imperial Beach’s semi-arid climate, in which temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees, decomposition occurs at an alarmingly rapid pace. By the time a loved one discovers the deceased’s body, it is typically already a horrific and unsanitary scene. 

Professional and compassionate biohazard cleaners will restore the trauma scene according to the strictest regulations. They will work hard to ensure that the integrity and privacy of those impacted are not disturbed.

Homeless Encampment Cleanup

In 2019, Imperial Beach unanimously passed a law prohibiting sleeping on city property. The city’s main motivating factor was sanitation. After all, homeless encampments are often contaminated with biohazards, including human waste, animal carcasses, sharps, and drug paraphernalia. Recent surveys show there is an ever-increasing number of homeless individuals in the region, ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 at any given time. 

With public places off-limits, many of these individuals have been caught congregating on private property. In many cases, these individuals will go to great lengths to set up encampments outside the immediate jurisdiction of the city. 

This poses a unique and complicated problem for Imperial Beach home and business owners, many of which only discover these encampments after they’ve been contaminated. While law enforcement may be able to help you remove these individuals from your property, they are not responsible for removing the encampment and any subsequent biohazards. 

Homeless encampments are often ripe with human feces, sharps, animal waste, and other dangerous biological substances. Individuals who are exposed to these substances are at risk for contracting HIV, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and more. 

You can protect yourself and others from these hazards by calling upon biohazard remediation specialists who are familiar with homeless encampments. 

Let the Professionals Handle Your Rodent Dropping Cleanup

In recent news, several rodents were fond of hantavirus in Chula Vista, a community just a few minutes from Imperial Beach. The disease, which has no cure and is potentially fatal, is spread when people inhale dust containing contaminated rodent feces, urine, or saliva.

Rats and mice, which are both known to carry hantavirus and several other pathological contaminants, are found throughout all of San Diego County. A report by Reform California showed that rodent populations in California were generally booming. 

Unfortunately, many residents attempt to clean up rodent infestations on their own. In doing so, they expose themselves and others to potentially hazardous substances. The best way to protect you and others is to hire a professional rodent dropping remediation expert. As they will be able to clean, sanitize, and discard of materials with the utmost precision and efficiency. 

Eco Bear Is Here for You!

At Eco Bear, we understand that your request for biohazard remediation may not fall on a weekday. That’s why we make ourselves available to our Imperial Beach neighbors around the clock – 24/7, seven days a week, 365 days per year!

We respond to all requests promptly and professionally. We make sure to comply with all federal, state, and local biohazard regulations while working to make your property habitable again!

Dial (818) 358-4359 to be connected with one of our dedicated and compassionate associates.

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