People with hoarding disorder compulsively collect items. Many people with the disorder are also unable to donate unneeded items or throw things away, including trash. They may accumulate so many pets, belongings or trash that their home isn’t comfortable, usable or safe for occupation. About 2% to 5% of all people have hoarding disorder. If you, your family member or loved one is living with this condition, you’re not alone. People from all walks of life have hoarding disorder. At Eco Bear, our goal is to clear the hoard so that you or your family member has a safe place to live. If your property is in violation of the Indian Wells, CA, property code, our services help you get back into compliance and avoid penalties. We understand that hoarding disorder is complicated and stressful for everyone involved. By facilitating the cleanup of a hoarder property in Indian Wells, our cleaning company lowers your stress, promotes better health and well-being and improves your safety.

How Eco Bear Helps You

The sheer amount of items on a hoarded property in Indian Wells is too much for one person or even a couple of people to deal with. Removing all of the items requires a great deal of planning and coordination. At Eco Bear, we have the skills, experience and resources to clean a hoarder property in Indian Wells as efficiently as possible. All of our services are confidential, and we treat you, your family and your property with respect. Our clients include all types of people. You will benefit from our professional hoarder property cleaning services in Indian Wells if you:

  • Have a chronic or serious health condition
  • Don’t know where to begin cleaning
  • Are a perfectionist
  • Get distracted easily
  • Quickly get frustrated
  • Don’t have time to do it yourself
  • Are afraid of what you might find

About Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

At Eco Bear, our thorough hoarder property cleaning services include everything that’s needed in order to safely remove hoarded items from a home. When you contact us, we schedule a time to visit the home or property. We do an evaluation in order to determine the size and type of hoard as well as the hoard’s contents. We also examine the home and property to determine if other professionals will need to be called in. For example, hoards that include a lot of accumulated trash may have a pest problem. We work with local Indian Wells pest control specialists, the Humane Society, recycling services and other service providers to get the property safely and properly cleared.

We provide you with a written estimate for the cost of cleaning the hoarder property in Indian Wells. Most projects take several days, but some hoarded properties may require one week or longer. We handle all of the logistics, including scheduling the delivery and pickup of dumpsters and tow trucks for vehicles that no longer run. If you’re facing code violations or penalties because of the current condition of your property, we’ll provide you with documentation of the cleaning process.

Who May Need Our Indian Wells Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

Anyone can develop compulsive hoarding disorder. As people get older, hoarding disorder tends to get worse. A traumatic event, stress and a busy lifestyle can also make a hoarding situation worse. We provide hoarder property cleaning services to individuals, families, property owners and managers, tenants and the families of deceased individuals. If you’d like to sell your home or move, our hoarder property cleaning services make the process easier. We also work with people who have become disabled or developed a serious health condition and need a clean and safe living environment.

Types of Hoards We Clean

Most hoarded properties in Indian Wells have multiple types of hoarded items. Although no two hoards are the same, the do tend to share some similarities. Some of the types of hoards we’re ready to clean include:

  • Trash and rotted food
  • Pets, including dogs, cats, birds and rodents
  • Accumulated items from years of living in your home
  • Objects from compulsive shopping
  • Antiques or items you inherited from family members
  • Human and animal waste
  • Non-running vehicles, large items and overgrown vegetation
  • Home project debris
  • Items damaged from pests or water
  • Household chemcials

Leave the Hoarder Property Cleaning to Us

Our cleaners place safety as the top priority. Many hoarded homes and properties have pests, and their droppings can contain dangerous parasites, bacteria and viruses. Animal or human waste may also contain infectious germs. We have the right personal protective equipment and knowledge to safely dispose of contaminated items and thoroughly clean the area. Many hoards include bulky or heavy items, such as large desks or chests of drawers. Our team removes these items so that you have more space in your home. If the hoard includes pets, we work with veterinarians and the Humane Society to get them the care they need and to arrange for rehoming if possible. We’ll also coordinate with city inspectors.

Benefits of Eco Bear Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

Attempting to clean a hoarded home or property by yourself is a tremendous job. You may be overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated. By having us clean the hoarder property in Indian Wells, you can let go of your worries. There’s no shame in asking for help, and we won’t judge you no matter how big the hoard is or what it contains. Our strong reputation for kindness, professionalism and respect makes us the right choice for all types of hoarder property cleaning.