A growing homeless population has resulted in the development of makeshift shelters known as encampments. While there is a valid human factor to keep in mind, such shelters can present several health and safety concerns, especially if they show up on private or publicly accessible property. If you have an encampment that was been established on your property, or one that was recently cleared out, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is here to help. We have extensive experience with situations like this in Indian Wells, CA, and nearby areas. We’re also the company you can confidently call on for prompt, reliable, thorough, and budget-friendly homeless encampment cleaning.

The Nature of Homeless Encampments in Indian Wells, CA

These makeshift shelters can range from a few tents set up on a private parking lot or similar space to ones that take up multiple blocks. What is common with these encampments is that they usually lack access to plumbing and proper waste disposal. Over time, the result can be a location that’s cluttered with debris and various biohazardous materials, also referred to as biohazards.

Biohazards Commonly Found Within Makeshift Shelters

As far as biohazards at a homeless encampment in Indian Wells, CA, go, there are many possibilities as well. This is why we use standard biohazard cleanup procedures when cleaning up these shelters. Some of the biohazards found with a homeless encampment may include: 

  • Human waste
  • Urine and other body fluids
  • Needles and drug paraphernalia
  • Animal waste or deceased animals

Why Professional Cleanup Is the Better Way To Go

Even if a homeless encampment in Indian Wells is fairly limited in size, the cleanup process can be complex and risky. For one thing, all the biohazards mentioned above need to be properly handled and disposed of. Plus, most people don’t have easy access to the protective gear and cleaning products needed to properly and safely clean and sanitize a homeless encampment, even one that’s not very large.

Why It’s Not Something Your Own Staff Should Be Doing Either

If a homeless encampment is set up on commercial property in Indian Wells, CA, you may be tempted to save time and money and have your own staff do the cleanup work. However, doing so could leave you legally liable, or having to deal with workers’ compensation claims if injuries occur. Bloodborne pathogens that may be within a homeless encampment can also contribute to a wide range of illnesses or diseases. What’s more, you could be legally liability if members of the general public are injured or exposed to dangerous pathogens within a former encampment that’s not properly cleaned up.

Our Approach To Homeless Encampment Cleaning in Indian Wells, Ca

Eco Bear’s approach to homeless encampment cleanup in Indian Wells is meticulous and personalized. Before any cleaning begins, we’ll fully assess the site so a customized cleanup plan can be put together. Our general approach to homeless encampment cleanup involves the following steps: 

Initial Cleanup

This is the point where physical items are inspected and removed from the encampment. Any items with bodily fluids or other biological hazards are placed in specially designed biohazard bags or containers. Such materials are disposed of in line with guidelines established by the California Health Department and other relevant agencies.


Even after biohazards are properly removed from a homeless encampment in Indian Wells, pathogens can remain on surfaces. While not visible to the naked eye, these microorganisms still have the potential to contribute to illnesses and diseases upon contact. The cleaning pros at Eco Bear remove any lingering pathogens from the affected area with medical grade chemicals.

Full Restoration

This is the final step in the cleanup process. It involves anything else that may need to be done to fully restore the former encampment location. With any cleaning project we undertake at Eco Bear, we aim to leave the site looking like it did before cleanup services were needed.

The Return of Indian Wells Homeless Encampments

While steps that might include boosting security efforts, posting signs, and installing fencing may deter the set up of new makeshift settlements, there isn’t much that can be done to completely prevent encampments from returning. Should a makeshift shelter return, however, you’re welcome to give Eco Bear a call again. We’ll gladly size up the situation and get take care of the necessary physical cleaning, biohazard cleanup, and biohazard mitigation processes.

Affordable Encampment Cleanup Services

Outsourcing cleanup services has many appealing benefits. The top ones are safety and efficiency. At the same time, we understand there are budget concerns when it comes to hiring an outside company to do this type of work. What we do for our clients in Indian Wells is keep our rates as budget-pleasing as possible. In fact, our rates are about half of what our competitors typically charge for similar services.

Discover the Eco Bear Difference

We’re not just your average cleaning company serving clients in Indian Wells, CA, and nearby areas. We’re a woman-owned, veteran-led biohazard cleaning company with a solid reputation for keeping clients needs and priorities first. At Eco Bear, we do this with fair, accurate, and honest pricing and by delivering results with long-term value in mind.

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Mitigate your risks and regain full use of your property with personalized and affordable homeless encampment cleanup services from Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company. We’ll assess the situation at your Indian Wells location and determine the most appropriate way to approach the cleanup and biohazard removal, disposal, and mitigation process. Our ultimate goal is to leave you with a fully restored and usable site.

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