If you’re looking for crime scene cleanup in Indio, California, it may be your first time dealing with the process. Crime scene cleanup can be an extremely difficult task to have to manage for people who’ve experienced trauma. To have to revisit the site of a crime can feel next to impossible.

What Is Crime Scene Cleanup?

Before determining how to move forward with crime scene cleanup, you need to understand exactly what it is. In its most basic definition, crime scene cleanup is the cleanup that takes place at a site where a crime or accident has taken place. Cleaners clean up the site and remove biohazardous waste like blood and body fluids that could spread illness and disease if it’s not removed properly.. 

What many people don’t realise is that crime scene cleanup also takes place at sites where no crime was committed at all. This type of cleanup is more like “trauma cleanup”, and it can include work accidents or accidents that result in severe injuries or death. The one connecting factor in these cases is that biohazardous waste has been left at the scene. Crime scene cleaners clean and restore the sites to their original state so that people can move forward with their lives.

The reason that people choose to work with crime scene cleaners is because they’re already dealing with enough trauma regarding the crime or incident. They often have to continue living or working in the space where the incident took place, a situation that can be emotionally debilitating. They also don’t have the qualifications necessary/need to follow the OSHA and EPA regulations that are required with crime scene cleanup. 

Crime scene companies like Eco Bear have the expertise and know-how to follow the rules and regulations regarding the disposal of biohazardous waste while simultaneously providing an emotional barrier between the site and the site’s occupants.

What Are the Costs of Crime Scene Cleanup?

When determining the cost of crime scene cleanup, it’s important to remember that every single crime scene is different, so the costs for each job will vary. Some crime scenes have very little biohazardous waste and damage, a fact that makes them relatively easy to clean. Others crime scenes are extremely complicated, requiring multiple levels of cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting. Some aspects of crime scene cleanup can take a very long time, including tasks like removing certain types of matter from floors and walls or getting rid of intense odors. 

We will come to the site and assess the damage before coming up with pricing. 

What Are Some Examples of Incidents That Would Call for Crime Scene Cleanup?

As mentioned, crime scene clean-up doesn’t only happen with crime scenes. The cleanup process can be applied to several different types of incidents. Some of those are listed below.

Unattended Death

An unattended death simply means that someone died alone. Many people who die alone may have not had friends and family in their lives to check up on them on a regular basis, so their deaths went unnoticed. Their bodies may be left unattended for days, weeks, or longer. When a body is left unattended for a long period of time, decomposition sets in. This may result in excess bodily fluids, strong odors, and possibly even pests or vermin invading the site. In these types of cases, crime scene cleaning teams will go in and employ extreme bio-hazardous waste clean-up techniques in order to cleanse the space and make it fit for human habitation..

Work Accidents

Work accidents are another type of incident that results in bio-hazardous waste. A victim could have been injured by a machine, causing blood or limb loss. Crime scene cleaners need to come in and completely sanitize and disinfect the space so that it’s once again safe for use. 


Sites where homicides took place are one of the most common reasons that crime scene cleaners are called in to help. Homicides usually leave behind lots of biohazardous waste like body tissue and blood that needs to be disposed of properly. Cleaning the space will help return it to its former use. 


Whether suicide happens violently or relatively peacefully, biohazardous waste most likely be left behind. With a violent suicide, blood, tissue and other waste needs to be cleaned and disposed of properly. Even with non-violent suicides, bio-hazardous waste could be left behind if the body was not discovered for a while, resulting in odor or decomp. Even suicides that were discovered right away could leave biohazardous waste behind if the victim was sick or was around chemicals.

Tear Gas

Tear gas is incredibly difficult to remove from surfaces. If you don’t use the right chemicals and tools, it can remain on surfaces long after it was first deployed. Our team has the tools necessary to get rid of all traces of tear gas from both hard and soft surfaces. If it’s not removed, it can actually cause negative health effects in anyone that inhales it. 

Getting crime scene cleaning done can be emotionally exhausting and triggering for survivors. They’re trying to get over what happened, so they’re probably psychologically not able to handle the cleanup. This is where we come in. 

We have the expertise to handle every part of crime scene cleanup from A to Z. We have the equipment and gear necessary to get the job done safely. We can walk you through the process so that you can find a level of peace and focus on putting everything in your life back together again.