Hoarding disorder affects 2% to 5% of people around the world. This condition is characterized by the compulsive collecting and accumulating of belongings and an inability to remove items that aren’t needed or wanted anymore. People with hoarding disorder often have a tough time making decisions. They might become emotionally attached to the hoarded items, even items that are obviously trash. At Eco Bear, we specialize in hoarder property cleaning in Indio, CA. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service, a safe and clean environment and an opportunity to live a healthy and comfortable life in your home. Our professionals offer compassion and kindness to every client. With our thorough hoarder property cleaning in Indio, your safety, health and well-being will improve.

Who Is Affected by Hoarding Disorder

Anyone can be affected by hoarding disorder. Even children may develop signs of compulsive hoarding, but it’s more common in adults. Hoarding tends to get worse with age. Mental health professionals have found some characteristics that increase a person’s chance of hoarding disorder. These include:

  • Untreated anxiety or depression
  • Past or ongoing trauma
  • Perfectionism
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Compulsive shopping disorder
  • Inability to make fast decisions
  • Chronic procrastination
  • Chronic illness or disability
  • Relationship problems

Why You Should Turn to Our Hoarder Cleaning Company in Indio

After many years of acquiring new items, collecting things or not disposing of trash, broken or unneeded items, a property may be full of belongings. The sheer quantity of items may be overwhelming and impossible for one person to handle. Our experienced hoarder property cleaning team at Eco Bear gets the job done in much less time than it would take you or your family to get rid of the hoard. 

Safety is another reason to have our professionals perform hoarder property cleaning at your Indio property. Many hoards contain biological materials, such as pet waste, human waste, moldy food, rotted food, pest droppings, dead bugs and vermin. Hoards may also contain hidden items, such as rusted metal, sharp knives or old medications. Underneath a hoard, there may be serious structural damage, including wet or dry rot, holes in floors, mold or wood-destroying insect damage. Exposure to these hazardous items puts your health and safety at risk. Our experienced cleaners know how to safely handle these situations. We have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent infection from bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungi and parasites that may be present in a hoard.

We also have connections to local professionals who may assist with the hoarder property cleanup. If the hoard includes a lot of recyclable materials, we arrange for their proper disposal. Some hoards include pets. In these cases, we contact local veterinarians and the Humane Society in order to safely remove pets, get them veterinary care and find them new homes if needed.

What Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Company Does for You

Our Eco Bear hoarder property cleaners in Indio take care of every part of property cleanup. We eliminate safety hazards, dispose of the clutter and clean the home. If you’re a property owner or have inherited the property of a deceased person with hoarding disorder, you might not be able to spend time there doing the cleaning. We get the job done in a minimum amount of time, so you can go about doing what you need and want to do. Our Indio hoarder property cleaning company gives you peace of mind knowing that the home and property will be thoroughly cleared of clutter.

How Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Services Work

Our process starts with an on-site evaluation. We need to know the volume of the hoard, what’s in it and whether there are special circumstances, such as a pet hoarding situation. We provide you with a written estimate for the clean-up. Our team arranges for the delivery and retrieval of dumpsters, pickup of recycling and any other services that are needed, such as a structural engineer’s inspection for properties with structural damage. 

On the first day of cleanup, you’re welcome to be there with us, but you don’t have to be. We’ll communicate with you by phone if you’re not on site. The amount of time it takes us to clean a hoarder property in Indio ranges from a couple of days to more than one week. We bring our own PPE, cleaning supplies, bags, dollies and equipment.

We’ll save any special items for you if we find them in the hoarded property. If you’re dealing with a code violation and need documentation of the cleanup, we’ll provide it to you. You can also count on us for clearing overgrown vegetation and large outdoor items.

Reasons to Choose Our Indio Hoarder Property Cleaning Company

Eco Bear is a well-established hoarder property cleaning company serving Indio and the surrounding areas. Each member of our cleaning team is trained and skilled at cleaning all types of hoards. We treat you with kindness and respect throughout the entire process of cleaning a hoarder property. People choose Eco Bear for hoarder property cleaning in Indio when they:

  • Don’t know where to begin cleaning
  • Aren’t sure of how to clean
  • Don’t know how to properly dispose of hoarded items
  • Aren’t physically able to clean
  • Don’t have time to clean
  • Live off-site and aren’t able to stay and clean
  • Have a chronic illness
  • Are returning home from a rehab or hospital stay and need a clean and safe environment
  • Want the home and property cleaned quickly

Cleaning a hoard is physically and mentally tiring. When you have us at Eco Bear take care of it, we relieve the burden from your shoulders. We work efficiently until the entire property is clean. You can trust to provide excellent hoarder property cleaning services in Indio.