When it comes to looking for information about crime scene clean-up in Industry, California, it helps to be armed with as much information as you need before making a decision. At Eco Bear, we approach the crime scene cleaning process with compassion, care, professionalism, and efficiency. Crime scene clean-up can be a difficult task for anyone to take on, and we’re available to help every step of the way.

What Does the Crime Scene Cleaning Process Entail?

Crime scene clean-up is a type of cleanup that involves removing biohazardous waste from crime scenes and other types of trauma scenes. The term is also referred to as biohazard remediation or forensic cleanup since there doesn’t have to be an actual crime scene in order for this type of cleaning to take place. The goal of a crime scene clean-up specialist is to remove biohazardous material like blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) from the space.

Why Is Crime Scene Cleanup So Important?

Crime scene cleanup is important because biohazardous waste can be extremely dangerous to humans. Biohazardous waste contains pathogens. Pathogens are microorganisms or microbes like viruses and bacteria that cause disease in humans. If crime scenes, trauma scenes, and other sites where biohazardous waste exists are not cleaned properly, the possibility of contagion is very real. Foregoing crime scene clean-up could lead to an infectious disease situation.

What Happens To Biohazardous Waste Once It’s Removed From the Scene?

The collection, transportation, and disposal of biohazardous waste is extremely important. Once it’s collected at the scene, it’s placed into specially sealed bins and containers that prevent the waste from leaking and contaminating other items and surfaces. 

Biohazardous waste can be destroyed in several ways. Most types of biohazardous waste are incinerated. Once we remove hazardous waste from a crime scene, we take it to a biomedical waste facility where it’s destroyed. One of the key benefits of incineration is that the process reduces the volume of the waste, it provides for an easy sterilization method, and it can help neutralize infectious agents inside of the waste. Once the waste is incinerated, it’s transferred to a sanitary landfill. Other forms of biohazard waste disposal include autoclaving, a type of steam sterilization that destroys microbes. In some cases, bio-hazardous waste is destroyed by irradiation or some sort of microwave treatment.

Why Can’t You Use a Regular Cleaning Service for Crime Scene Cleanup?

No matter how good they are, regular cleaning companies are simply not equipped to handle crime scene cleanup. There are OSHA and EPA-approved cleaners, solvents, disinfectants , and techniques that must be used to make sure the scene is completely safe and free of contaminants once cleaning is done. 

Our cleaning professionals ensure that once we leave, the space is completely clean for habitation again. In addition, crime scene clean-up specialists must be licensed to remove biohazardous waste from the scene. Regular cleaning companies don’t have those qualifications, so they’re unable to do that.

How Do Crime Scene Cleaners Protect Themselves?

In order to protect themselves, our crime scene specialists arrived on scene geared up with PPEs that are designed to protect them from infectious agents. They wear full bodysuits that help cover them from head to toe. Goggles, face shields, and face masks prevent any substances from getting into their eyes and mouths. They also wear special boots that are able to repel chemical spills, or they wear shoe covers that seal off contact from any waste. 

They wear respirators so that they don’t breathe in any dangerous biohazardous waste that may be present in the air. Once they leave a crime scene, they’re able to take off this beer and dispose of it since most of it is single-use. Single-use PPE helps prevent the spread of contaminants from one crime scene to another site.

In Addition To the Above, What Should We Look for in a Crime Scene Cleaning Company?

When it comes to working with a crime scene cleaning company, you want to work with a company that understands everything that you’re going through. Whether you have a personal connection to the scene, or you’re in charge of the scene we’re trying to take place, sensitivity and compassion will be necessary, and at Eco Bear, we understand that that’s the most important thing for our clients. 

We take care of the practical side of restoring a space so that our clients can focus on other pressing issues that are happening in their lives. You probably have a lot of questions. Feel free to give us a call at any time so that we can help walk you through the process and help you make a determination that works for you. We can help you get everything done.