In Jurupa Valley, we call ourselves a “community of communities.” At no other time in recent history have we faced a situation in which we need to come together than is the case during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We face what fairly can be called a two-front battle when it comes to fighting to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. We must take personal steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones as well as people in the community. In addition, businesses of all types and other enterprises and entities need to be proactive in combating the prospect of COVID-19 contamination that can result in the infection of people. The Eco Bear Jurupa Valley COVID-19 cleaning company is providing comprehensive coronavirus sanitization and remediation services to our community. We are available around the clock at (818) 358-4359 right now or any other time, day or night, that is convenient for you.

Proactive COVID-19 Contamination Prevention Tactics

A key component of protecting the community against coronavirus contamination and the further spread of COVID-19 is developing proactive preemptive strategies. Businesses and other public locations in the Jurupa Valley are at the forefront when it comes to the development of practices, protocols, and strategies to preemptively protect against COVID-19 contamination.

The Jurupa Valley coronavirus cleaning and disinfection company, Eco Bear, partners with businesses, churches, restaurants, bars, and other establishments to assist in the development of targeted, effective, and comprehensive strategies to preemptively lower the risk of COVID-19 contamination. 

Rapid COVID-19 Contamination Eradication 

If you suspect that your business or other premises might be contaminated with the novel coronavirus, a rapid response is key. We are all learning more about this new highly infectious virus with each passing day. This includes coming to a sharper understanding of the different ways in which COVID-19 spreads.

Most recently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an advisory that COVID-19 appears capable of spreading in one of three ways:

  • Person to person 
  • Contaminated surfaces and objects
  • Airborne inhalation

Person to person contact is the most commonplace way in which COVID-19 spreads from one individual to another. Early research indicates that COVID-19 is capable of surviving on different types of surfaces for what may prove to be more extended periods of time. More recently, research has revealed that the virus appears to be capable of remaining airborne for a period of time sufficient enough to flow from an infected person to another individual outside of the commonly touted six-foot zone. 

The bottom line regarding COVID-19 contamination at a location like a business is that we know it can happen causing others to become infected with this potentially deadly virus. As a result, its vital for businesses of all types as well as other types of locations at which people visit for one reason or another to initiate prompt coronavirus cleaning and disinfection when contamination is suspected. 

Businesses, churches, schools, theatres, and other types of locations have a well-established legal duty to keep people on their premises reasonably safe from harm. In this day and age, that includes keeping people reasonably safe from COVID-19 contamination and infection. Because of the unique challenges associated with COVID-19 eradication, Eco Bear is here for you to ensure prompt, safe, thorough coronavirus cleaning and disinfection at your business or other location. 

About the Eco Bear Jurupa Valley COVID-19 Cleaning Company Expert Team

The Eco Bear Jurupa Valley COVID-19 cleaning company is comprised of highly trained specialists with extensive backgrounds in infectious disease remediation. Every member of the Eco Bear team is fully licenses and bonded. 

When it comes to our coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services, Eco Bear also uses the latest technology, industry-leading equipment and tools, as well as the best and safest biohazard remediation practices. Our infectious disease remediators use medical-grade sanitization agents that ensure the most thorough eradication of dangerous, disease-causing pathogens like the COVID-19 virus. 

Fair and Transparent Pricing

You have enough on your mind facing the challenges of running a business or some other type of entity or operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The last thing you need to worry about is getting a fair price on coronavirus prevention and cleanup services. Eco Bear is committed to providing consistently fair and transparent pricing for our coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services. Our comprehensive infectious disease cleaning and disinfection services routinely are 50% less expensive than the competition. 

We outpace the competition in another way when it comes to the cost of our services. Unlike the competition, at Eco Bear there are never any hidden costs or additional fees associated with a coronavirus cleaning job.

Before we begin a project, we provide a comprehensive, reliable estimate of costs. You never pay anything for your professional services until we’ve finished a remediation project and you have the opportunity to approve our work.

During these difficult times, the Eco Bear Jurupa Valley COVID-19 cleaning company is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including all major holidays. You can reach us right now or any other time by calling (818) 358-4359 or connecting with us through our website.