Biohazards, also known as biological hazards, are biological substances that can jeopardize the health of humans and other living organisms. Biohazards come in a number of forms that include:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Toxins
  • Other microorganisms

If you have a situation in your home that has created a biohazard, you need to take immediate steps to protect your family and your residence. Part of that process is likely going to be engaging the professional services of a biohazard cleanup company in Kramer Junction, California.

The Phases of Biohazard Cleanup: Restoring Your Home to a Livable Condition

The process of restoring a home contaminated with a biohazard is a complicated one. Biohazard remediation consists of what fairly can be called three phases. These are:

Removal of Biological Matter and Deep Cleaning

One of the key elements of biological hazard remediation is the removal of biological material from the contaminated area. A biohazardous scene arising from a violent crime is used as an example to explain this process.

When some type of violent crime occurs in a residence, like a homicide, attempted homicide, or physical assault, the scene is apt to be contaminated with blood, other bodily fluids, and other biomatter like skin tissue. The initial phase of the biohazard cleanup process involves the removal of all of this biomatter.

The biological matter is placed into an appropriately designed and identified biohazardous waste container. In addition, if there are contaminated items at the scene that cannot be cleaned, those items are also removed and placed in a biohazardous waste container. For example, if a person suffered a traumatic injury on a bed, the mattress is likely to be saturated with blood or other bodily fluids. Cleaning these substances from a mattress is not possible. Thus, the contaminated portions will be cut out and disposed of with the other biohazardous matter.

When the biomatter is removed, the contaminated area is thoroughly scrubbed. This deep cleaning is designed to remove any remaining biological debris or associated contaminants at the scene of the biohazard. Bear in mind the removal and cleaning process does not in and of itself eradicate hazardous pathogens like bacteria and viruses that underpin the biohazardous situation.

Sanitization of the Contaminated Area

The removal and deep cleaning process are followed by thorough sanitization of the contaminated area and the objects within it. This is the process that eradicates dangerous pathogens.

Sanitization necessitates the use of hospital-grade sanitizing agents and special equipment. These are items that are not readily available on the open market, a fact that underscores the necessity for engaging the services of a biohazard cleaning company in Kramer Junction, California.

Deodorization of the Premises

The last phase of biohazard cleanup is deodorization. Oftentimes, a biohazardous scene will not only have biowaste but also a foul odor. The deodorization process is designed to ensure that the premises are restored to a fully livable or usable condition.

Events and Incidents that Give Rise to Residential Biohazards

There exist a myriad of different types of occurrences, situations, or incidents that can give rise to a biohazard in a home or business. With that said, some of the more frequently occurring types of incidents that result in a biohazard include:

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Biohazard Cleaning Company in Kramer Junction, California

If you are in need of the services of a biohazard cleaning company in Kramer Junction, California there are some factors that you need to consider. First, the experience is vital. You need to select a biohazard remediation company that has specific experience in dealing with the type of biohazard you’ve in your home or business.

Keep in mind that not all biohazard cleanup companies are the same when it comes to their billing practices. Those firms that are part of franchise systems or are corporation have reputations for charging at the very high end of the spectrum for their professional services. On the other hand, a local firm with a direct commitment to the community is far more likely to charge a reasonable fee for biohazard cleanup services.

In regard to costs and fees, a reputable cleanup firm will provide a reliable bid in advance of the commencement of work. The fee for services will become due when a job is completed and you have the chance to inspect the work and ensure that it is completed to your satisfaction. In addition, a reputable cleaning company will provide you with different payment alternatives, including insurance if you have a homeowner’s policy that covers biohazard cleanup.

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