Hoarding is a mental health disorder that results in the compulsive need to hang into belongings or collect new ones. The home of a hoarder in La Habra, CA, can become dangerous over time and even unhealthy. In order to mitigate such issues, dramatic action is often necessary. If you or a loved one are at a point in the treatment and recovery process where it’s time to start cleaning up, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is the company to call on for assistance.

Preparing for La Habra, CA Hoarder Property Cleanup

The process of cleaning the home of a harder is often a difficult task in terms of the sheer volume of what needs to be removed and cleaned. At Eco Bear, we’re prepared to deal with the inherent challenges of hoarder cleanup in La Habra, CA. We do this with detailed, well-planned execution that involves coming to the location with the right equipment. And because of the potential for biological hazards to be present as well, our staff typically wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) or gear to further maintain safety.

Our Personalized Hoarder Cleanup Process

Once the location has been initially assessed, our professionals will put together a game plan to get it clean in a way that’s safe and healthy for everyone involved. In some instances, this may mean coordinating cleanup efforts with mental health professionals involved with a client’s treatment or other family members. Our cleanup process is based on individual needs. However, it generally includes the steps outlined below.

Debris Removal

Typically, the first step with hoarder property cleanup is to remove the visible and easily removable debris, including anything that may be cluttering interior pathways. This usually includes larger items or things already bagged up and targeted for removal. What this phase of cleanup does is allow our experienced cleaning crew to get a better idea of what else will be involved with clearing and cleaning a hoarder property.

Biological Disposal

It’s not unusual for biological materials to be found throughout a hoarder property. For this stage of cleanup, our seasoned team will wear proper protective gear and carefully dispose of any biologicals that may be found.

Content Cleaning

Not everything will need to be completely removed and disposed of with a hoarder property cleanup in La Habra. With content cleanup, our cleaning professionals will look for items targeted for salvage. Depending on how such items are affected, saving certain items may require a thorough cleaning or the use of specialized cleaning techniques.

General Cleaning

After all biologicals have been removed and salvageable items have been set aside, a general cleaning of living spaces can be done. With this part of the process, our cleaning pros do a basic cleaning of all living areas, from kitchen and living rooms to bedrooms, basements, and front and/or back porches.

Sanitizing and Deodorizing

The level of contamination in a hoarding environment sometimes produces offensive odors or leaves surfaces saturated with pathogens that could contribute to illnesses and present other health risks. If this level of cleaning is needed, our cleaning team will use techniques that remove strong odors and clean surfaces in a way that kills bacteria and other microorganisms.

Cleaning With Respect and Compassion

In some instances, the client or hoarder is present during the cleanup process. Should this be the case, our cleaning professionals will be respectful, understanding, and compassionate with an interactions that may take place. We’ll take the same approach with anyone else who may be on site and involved in some way with this phase of hoarder treatment and recovery.

Comprehensive Hoarder Property Cleanup in La Habra, CA

In addition to what was already mentioned, there are some other steps our cleaning professionals can take care of with hoarder cleanup. The assistance we provide may also involve: 

• Locating jewelry and other valuable items that may be buried among the clutter

• Making arrangements for recycling whenever possible

• Setting aside items designated for donation

• Organizing found items and other belongings so the client or family members can sort through them

• Providing documentation of our services if there’s a need to show proof of a professional cleanup to local agencies

Why Make Eco Bear Your Top Choice for Hoarder Property Cleanup

We realize La Habra residents have a choice when it comes to hoarder property cleanup and other services we offer. However, we think you’ll appreciate that Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is a woman-owned, veteran-led biohazard cleaning company. We’ve earned a solid reputation in La Habra, CA, and nearby areas based on our fair, competitive, and budget-pleasing pricing and attention to every detail.

The Eco Bear Team Is Here To Help

Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is the company you can rely on to provide comprehensive and compassionate hoarder property cleanup in La Habra, CA, or any of the surrounding communities we serve. As one of our clients, you’ll also benefit from upfront, honest pricing and attentive, results-driven service. No job is too big or too small for our experienced cleaning team.

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