Any location in La Palma, CA, whether it’s residential or commercial, has the potential to become a crime scene under the right circumstances. A “crime scene” is considered any place where some type of crime has been committed, usually one that’s traumatic or violent in nature. Such scenes can produce a wide range of biological materials, known as biohazards, that can be hazardous or dangerous upon human contact or exposure, which make crime scene cleanup risky without proper training and resources. An affordable and efficient way to handle situations like this is to call on the experienced team from Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company for crime scene cleanup in La Palma, CA, or nearby areas we also serve.

Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes in La Palma, CA?

It’s common to assume authorities will take care of this type of cleanup. However, it’s often the property owner who’s responsible for doing this. With residential crime scenes, it’s usually surviving family members who are responsible for taking care of anything that needs be cleaned. Fortunately, this is a task you don’t have to do yourself thanks to Eco Bear. We offer comprehensive crime scene cleanup assistance.

When to Give the Eco Bear Team a Call

Initially, a crime scene in La Palma, CA, is typically off-limits until police, crime scene investigators, and other officials have collected evidence and taken other necessary steps. Once this work is done, the scene is usually released. It’s at this point you will be able to contact Eco Bear to make arrangements for crime scene cleanup.

Why It’s Best to Opt for Professional Crime Scene Cleanup in La Palma, CA

A crime scene can bring back a flood of memories or trigger emotional reactions if someone you knew was affected. Even if you’re a business owner and a homicide or other crime occurred on your property, attempting a DIY approach to crime scene cleanup can be risk. As mentioned above, the main reason we say this is because of the assortment of biological materials commonly found at a crime scene. 

Biohazards typically associated with crime scenes include: 

  • Blood
  • Body tissues
  • Urine and other bodily fluids
  • Decomposition-related biologicals if the body wasn’t discovered right away
  • Pathogens from bodily fluids that can contribute to various diseases or illnesses upon exposure

What Eco Bear’s Crime Scene Cleaners Do

Our crime scene cleaning professionals in La Palma, CA, are thorough and meticulous. Eco Bear has a four-step approach to cleanup services involving crime scenes. Each one of these steps leads to the ultimate goal of leaving with a residential or commercial space that looks like it did before anything unfortunate occurred.

Initial Cleanup

Typically, a crime scene cleanup in La Palma starts with removing physical items from the scene that are damaged or contaminated with biological materials. Anything that’s cleanable or salvageable will be properly cleaned or set aside. Any items contaminated as a result of the incident will be treated like biohazardous material. This means placement in biohazard bags or bins. Our cleaning crew will also wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) – e.g., mask/respirator, gloves, etc.


Even after biohazards have been removed from a crime scene, pathogens can be left behind. These are small substances invisible to the naked eye that can negatively affect humans. For instance, human blood can contain pathogens related to hepatitis or HIV. Our cleaning professionals use medical-grade sanitization chemicals to properly sanitize surfaces within a crime scene to remove harmful pathogens.


While not always the case, some crime scenes have lingering odors. This could happen if a homicide was involved or if the body wasn’t found immediately. If the decomposition process has already started, unpleasant odors will likely be present. We use commercial deodorization agents to remove foul odors from crime scenes.

Site Restoration

This is the part of the process where our cleaning pros will do anything else that needs to be done to fully restore the crime scene. When our cleaning technicians are finished, you’ll be left with a space that’s once again livable or usable for its intended commercial purposes.

Why Turn to Eco Bear for La Palma, CA Crime Scene Cleanup

Woman-owned and veteran-led, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is fully committed to client satisfaction. This is evidenced by solid ratings and reviews on Yelp and Google. We also keep our services easily accessible and affordable with 24/7 help and honest, upfront rates.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Crime Scene Cleanup in La Palma

The costs associated with crime scene cleanup will vary based on the extent of the crime scene and how much professional attention is needed. Our rates at Eco Bear are hourly and per technician. There is an additional reasonable fee for any biohazard waste bins that may be needed. In some cases, homeowners’ insurance policies may cover at least a portion of the cleanup fees. Certain forms of financial assistance may be available as well through the California Victim Compensation Board.

Before any work is done, you will receive an accurate quote. Know that regardless of the extent of the cleanup required, our rates are typically about half of what our competitors charge for similar services.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve With Eco Bear

Ease the emotional toll a crime scene in La Palma, CA, can take by trusting the licensed, trained, and courteous cleaning pros from Eco Bear to restore your peace of mind. Our team will arrive promptly with the appropriate equipment and resources needed to remove affected items and mitigate risks. Regardless of the extent of the cleanup requirements, we’ll get the job done respectfully and meticulously.

Contact Eco Bear today to make arrangements for crime scene cleanup in La Palma, CA, and receive a quote.