A complex anxiety disorder, compulsive hoarding is a condition that results in more than just a messy house. It’s not unusual for the home of a loved one who is a long-term hoarder to be cluttered with materials that are potentially dangerous and hazardous. When it’s time to start the cleanup process in La Palma, CA, turn to the team at Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company. We specialize in compassionate, comprehensive, client-based hoarder property cleanup service.

Compassionate La Palma, CA Hoarder Cleanup

Because of the nature of hoarding, we understand that the cleanup process has to be completed in a way that’s respectful yet effective and efficient. We achieve this goal by developing a personalized cleaning and restoration plan. It’s typically based on an initial assessment of the home. Our caring professionals will work with you and your loved one or anyone else involved with the situation throughout each step of the cleanup process.

Identifying the Level of Hoarding

The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization has created a multiple-level scale that’s often used to gauge the level of hoarding involved. At level 1, professional cleanup is usually not necessary. With higher levels, however, it’s usually best to have professional assistance with the cleanup routine. After an approach to hoarder property cleanup is agreed to by everyone involved, our cleaning team will get to work. Typically, hoarder-related cleaning is a multi-step process that includes:

  • Removing the larger items and non-hazardous items
  • Determining what can be salvaged and should be properly disposed of
  • Clearing common pathways
  • Identifying areas where special attention is needed
  • Properly removing hazardous materials or items

Making the Process Easier for Recovering La Palma, CA Hoarders

For recovering hoarders, the cleanup process may become overwhelming. In order to make the process less stressful, our cleaning team can set up a staging area. This is a place were items from each area of the home or organized and placed. The hoarder and their loved ones can then sort through the various items at a pace that’s comfortable and easier to deal with. In the meantime, the home itself will be properly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized.

Biohazard Removal and Remediation in Hoarder Environments

Professional biohazard cleanup and remediation is often part of the hoarder property cleanup process because of what’s typically found in a hoarding environment. As mentioned above, there are different levels of hoarding. With the more serious or higher levels, the following biological hazards may be present:

  • Animal, pest, or even human waste
  • Medical products with biological materials
  • Food that has produced bacteria and other contaminants
  • Mold and mildew issues that may have resulted from undetected moisture exposure

Regardless of what type of biological materials may be found within a hoarder environment, there’s the possibility of exposure to dangerous pathogens. As a well-established and experienced biohazard cleanup company, we have the trained and resources necessary to safely handle biological materials. Our professional team will ensure all biologicals are removed as per standard guidelines and regulations. We’ll also sanitize all affected areas in the hoarder environment to mitigate possible issues with lingering pathogens.

Benefits of Professional Hoarder Property Cleanup

For a hoarder, one of the top benefits of a professional cleaning in La Palma, CA, is the ability to once again enjoy a healthy living environment. Falling or tripping hazards can also be mitigated by clearing pathways to bathrooms and exterior exits. Removing and mitigating biological hazards further reduces health risks. What also makes the professional cleanings we offer for hoarding situations beneficial is the flexibility of our services. For instance, it may be easier for your loved one if we complete our comprehensive process in stages. This may involve only doing certain rooms during the first appointment. Additional cleanings can be scheduled later to take care of the rest of the living spaces.

Why Turn to Eco Bear for Hoarder Cleanup Services

Eco Bear is a woman-owned, veteran-led biohazard cleaning company. Based in Studio City, CA, we’re a five-star-rated Yelp and Google company that proudly responds to client needs in La Palma and surrounding communities in a way that’s respectful and attentive. We also take pride in keeping our rates reasonable while maintaining our strict quality standards.

Types of Hoarding Remediation

Our cleaning and biohazard professionals are prepared to address a wide range of hoarding situations. Our trained and experienced specialists are available throughout the La Palma, CA, area when any of the following hoarder property cleanup services are needed:

  • Compulsive hoarder cleanup
  • Hoarder cleanup involving excessive clutter
  • Animal hoarding cleanup
  • Biohazard hoarder cleanup and removal
  • Odor remediation
  • Sanitization

We also do cleanings for situations where a loved one who was a hoarder has passed away. Our cleaning professionals will arrive at the designated location to assess the situation and complete cleanup and restoration as directed. This approach to hoarder property cleanup may involve setting aside items so decisions can be made about what to donate, what to discard, and what items surviving family members may wish to keep.

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