A violent crime in your home, the home of your loved one or your business is a traumatic experience. Not only do you have to deal with the personal grief, anger and other emotions, but there’s also a mess to deal with in the home, building or surrounding property. At Eco Bear, we’re a team of professional cleaning specialists in crime scene cleaning. We remove all traces of violent crime so that you can return to a clean and sanitary environment. Our crime scene cleaning company offers services in La Quinta, CA, and the surrounding areas.

What a Crime Scene Is

A crime scene is anywhere a violent, illegal act has taken place against a person and sometimes a family pet. The aftermath of a violent crime is one of the most traumatic, upsetting places in which you could find yourself. The crime scene itself is the specific area where the crime took place. An example of a crime scene is a private residence. A crime may have taken place in a room, such as a bedroom. However, there could be evidence throughout the entire house and on the outdoor property.

Once law enforcement is aware of a crime, they arrive at the scene and investigate it. Their processes may take a few hours or longer, but they’re usually done collecting evidence within one day. A few complicated cases may require a longer collection period by a forensics team. After they’ve completed their processes, they release the scene to the property owner. That’s when the actual cleanup begins. 

What’s left behind after a violent crime is upsetting and hazardous. Most violent crimes involve biohazards, which are body fluids and tissue that could contain infectious bacteria, viruses or parasites. A violent crime scene could have large amounts of blood, body fluids and tissue. There may also be law enforcement materials left behind, such as fingerprint dust or chemicals. Eco Bear’s experienced crime scene cleaning team has the skills and knowledge to safely clean any type or size of crime scene.

Who Cleans the Scene of a Crime

When a violent crime is reported, law enforcement is tasked with investigating it. They may collect evidence, take photos and remove items associated with the crime. The coroner or medical examiner removes the deceased person’s body. When the legal aspects of processing the crime scene are complete, law enforcement’s responsibility ends. With the property back under your control, you’ll need to get the room, home or property back into a clean and sanitary condition. It’s your responsibility, and it’s an unpleasant one. Eco Bear is ready to lift this stressful load from your shoulders and clean any violent crime scene in La Quinta and the surrounding areas.

Why You Need Our Crime Scene Cleaning Company

Most people would be traumatized by having to clean the scene of a violent crime against their family member, friend or other loved one. If the crime victim was deceased and undiscovered for several days, body fluids may have leaked throughout the scene. The odors of decomposition are unbearable without a professional-grade respirator. An inexperienced person could accidentally expose themselves to the blood or body fluids from the crime. This type of cleaning is also physically demanding and requires the use of hospital-grade sanitizing solutions. Our Eco Bear cleaners have training to use the proper personal protective equipment for handling violent crime scenes. You may be overwhelmed with legal activities, family needs, funeral arrangements and your own grief. You don’t need to add cleaning the scene of your loved one’s victimization to your already long list of things to do. 

How Our Crime Scene Cleanup Services Work

Once law enforcement has released the property to you, we’ll arrive at the scene and survey it. In most cases, we can start the cleaning process on that day or the next day. We understand that you may be in a hurry to return to the residence, but it’s important that the scene is fully decontaminated and restored to its original condition first. Our cleaners wear eye, mouth and nose protection, aprons, gloves and shoe coverings. We’re registered with the state of California for full crime scene remediation. Our licensed and bonded company has the professional-grade cleaning agents necessary for removing infectious body fluids and foul odors. We completely clean, sanitize, deodorize and restore the scene of the crime.

Reasons to Choose Eco Bear’s Crime Scene Cleaning Services

Our cleaners are thorough and have high attention to detail. We’re familiar with how blood and body fluids spread in a crime scene, and we know where to look for these biological materials. We don’t leave any sign of the violent crime in the residence, building or property. Our rapid response time means that you don’t have to wait long for our help. Once the property is released to you, we work with you in order to find a time suitable to clean the crime scene. We keep you updated and offer consistent and clear communication. Our services also include providing you with documentation for insurance purposes. Some reasons to have our professionals at Eco Bear handle the crime scene cleaning for you include:

  • You don’t have or know how to use personal protective equipment
  • Lack of knowledge or training in dealing with biohazard materials
  • Lack of proper cleaning materials for sanitizing and restoring a crime scene
  • You’ve already suffered enough
  • Physically or emotionally unable to deal with the cleaning process

Eco Bear’s professional La Quinta crime scene cleaning team treats you, your family and property with respect. Our thorough and cost-effective services allow you to return to a clean and sanitary environment. We’re here to help you through this traumatic and difficult time in your life.