The unexpected death of a loved one in Ladera Ranch, CA, can certainly be an emotional experience for anyone. This is especially true if the loss was the result of a crime. The area where the loss occurred is the crime scene, which typically secured and off limits until police and other officials have done their work. What’s left behind can be a traumatizing reminder of the circumstances involved. Attempting crime scene cleanup yourself can be equally emotional – and potentially risky given the possibility of blood and other biological contaminants being present. Let the caring, experienced staff at Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company give you the peace of mind you deserve by properly cleaning and restoring the site.

Why Expert Crime Scene Cleanup in Ladera Ranch, CA Is Important

First of all, there’s a common assumption that authorities or crime scene investigators will clean up a crime scene after all evidence has been collected. However, the reality is that it’s often up to the owners of the property to take care of cleanup efforts once the scene has been cleared. Also, for both Ladera Ranch, CA, residents and business owners, a crime scene can be glaring reminder of a tragic or traumatic event. Additionally, this type of setting can be a health hazard for anybody who comes into contact with the materials, surfaces, and items affected. Having Eco Bear’s seasoned technicians handle cleanup responsibilities offers a wide range of benefits, some of which include: 

  • Restoring value to your property, especially if you are a business owner
  • Easing your stress so you can focus on emotional healing and recovery
  • Making the affected area healthy and safe again for normal use

Making an Initial Evaluation of the Scene 

The first step we take when arriving at a crime scene that has been officially cleared in Ladera Ranch, CA, is to evaluate the affected area. We’ll develop an appropriate remediation plan based on: 

  • Areas that need special attention
  • The extent of the crime scene
  • The type of biohazards identified

Preventing Cross-Contamination

At Eco Bear, one of our priorities with crime scene cleanup in Ladera Ranch, CA, is to keep biohazards from spreading to nearby locations, water sources, or drains. We achieve this goal by taking the steps necessary to contain the crime scene as much as possible so cleanup activities can be relegated to the affected area.

Identifying and Removing Hazardous Materials

Many people aren’t fully aware of the many biological hazards, or biohazards, that can be found at a typical crime scene in Ladera Ranch, CA. Bodily fluids that can include blood and urine and human tissues are all classified as biohazards by leading organizations and federal guidelines and regulations. These are materials that can include potentially dangerous substances that could cause diseases or illnesses in humans – referred to as pathogens. Proper removal and disposal is also crucial with biohazards commonly found at a crime scene. This is why our experienced biohazard professionals typically take the following steps with biohazard cleanup involving a crime scene: 

  • Identifying materials containing biohazards – e.g., blood-soaked carpeting or furniture
  • Safely removing all items with biohazardous materials from the scene
  • Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces that were exposed to biohazards
  • Disposing of items or materials that cannot be cleaned enough to be restored or salvaged

Tackling Stubborn Crime Scene Stains

Both interior and exterior crime scenes often have stains that can be difficult to fully remove. We approach such challenges by using reliable cleaning methods and appropriate cleaning products and equipment. Sidewalks or patios, for example, may be cleaned with a power washer to remove crime scene-related stains. Our team will make every effort to completely erase any signs or reminders of what occurred by tackling stubborn stains effectively.

Removing Crime Scene Odors

From how long a crime scene has existed to the extent of the biologicals involved, there are many factors that contribute to noticeable odors. Even lingering odors of blood can bring back painful memories for loved ones, friends, or family members. Another step we take with crime scene cleanup in Ladera Ranch, CA is to properly deodorize the scene to neutralize odors. You’ll be left with an area that’s once again free of offensive odors and thoroughly clean.

Sanitizing the Site to Mitigate Risks

The pathogens found in biological materials can linger on surfaces, especially ones that are commonly touched. In order to mitigate risks, our cleaning team will use appropriate products and techniques to sanitize surfaces where biological materials were to make sure there’s nothing hazardous left behind.

Cleaning and Restoration

Finally, we’ll fully clean the entire crime scene and take any other steps necessary to fully restore it. Rest assured we’ll do everything possible to leave the affected area with no lingering reminders of what occurred.

Why Choose Eco Bear for Ladera Ranch, CA Crime Scene Cleanup

Eco Bear is a woman-owned, veteran-led company that has earned five-star reviews on Google and Yelp. We take pride in keeping the needs of our clients in mind at all times. We do this with crime scene cleanup in Ladera Ranch, CA, and surrounding communities and any of the other equally important and affordable services we provide.

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Should you find yourself with a crime scene that needs professional cleanup attention, we’re here to help. The Eco Bear team will respectfully and thoroughly restore the site. Our trained biohazard cleaning professionals in Ladera Ranch, CA, are easily accessible and prepared to handle even the more challenging cleanings efficiently. You’ll also appreciate that our rates are reasonable – typically about half of what our competitors charge for similar services.

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