Some degree of clutter is fairly common in many homes these days, but hoarding is different. It’s a mental health issue that results in the need to compulsively keep belongings or collect new items even when there’s no logical reason for doing so. Over time, it’s a condition that can result in an unsafe and unhealthy living environment. If you or a loved one in Ladera Ranch, CA, is in the process of seeking treatment for a hoarding disorder, one of the steps you’ll likely need to take at some point is to clear away the clutter and have a thorough cleaning done. If you’re ready to take this step, the caring, experienced team from Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is here to help. We’ll leave you with a clean, safe, stress-free home environment.

Personalized Hoarder Property Cleanup in Ladera Ranch, CA

Hoarding is a psychological disorder that can affect each individual with this condition in different ways. This is why we have a personalized approach to this type of cleaning that involves: 

• Assessing the situation

• Determining if there are any unique circumstances involved that will need to be kept in mind

• Developing a cleanup plan acceptable for everyone involved

Determining the Level of Cleaning Necessary

The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization has developed a Clutter-Hoarding Scale that breaks down hoarding into five levels. The first level is characterized by minor clutter that usually doesn’t require professional cleanup services. However, once the second level is reached, expert cleaning assistance is usually needed to improve the condition of a living environment. It’s at this level where hoarding typically involves: 

• A lack of basic housekeeping

• Unusable clutter in at least 1-2 rooms

• Pet waste and pet odor in a home where the hoarder has pets

• Uncleaned or unhealthy food prep surfaces

• Noticeable household odors

• Pest or rodent-related waste

Starting With a Basic Cleanup

Typically, we approach hoarder property cleanup by tackling the obvious clutter first. This part of the process usually involves clearing pathways, emptying garbage or trash cans, and doing a general removal of clutter on a room by room basis.

Dealing with Hoarder Cleanup Involving Biohazardous Materials

Food, animal waste, and even human waste may be found in the home of a hoarder. Materials of this nature are classified as biological hazards, or biohazards. If a hoarder cleanup involves biohazards, our cleaning team will wear proper gear and use appropriate removal and disposal methods for biohazard cleanup and mitigation.

Addressing Other Unique Client Needs

As part of the hoarder property cleanup process, our experienced cleaning professionals can take additional steps. For some clients, this includes looking for and setting aside valuables believed to be buried among the clutter. Other steps we can take with hoarder property cleanup include: 

• Setting aside salvageable items for donation or recycling

• Paying attention to certain areas of the home that need to be cleared first or more thoroughly for safety reasons

• Providing documentation of the services we provided if a local agency needs evidence of cleanup efforts

Setting up a Staging Area for Ladera Ranch, Ca, Hoarders

For some hoarders, cutting the clutter can be less emotionally stressful if they have a chance to look through stuff in a way that’s safe and convenient. What this does is allow the hoarder and other family members to make decisions about clutter in a way that’s less stressful. If you prefer this approach to hoarder property cleanup for your loved one, we can set up a staging area as items are removed from various rooms.

Deodorizing and Sanitizing

With more advanced levels of hoarding, it’s not unusual for a home to have noticeable odors. Fortunately, this is an issue our cleaning professionals can be address with the use of specialized cleaning products and techniques. Another step we can take is to properly sanitize commonly touched surfaces to minimize the risk of health issues from lingering pathogens.

Cleanup When a Loved One Who Was a Hoarder Passes Away

Another reason to contact Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company about hoarder property cleanup in Ladera Ranch, CA, is for cleanup after a loved one has passed away. If you are left with the task of cleaning up your loved one’s cluttered home, professional assistance can be very much appreciated. While the level of hoarding-related clutter can be overwhelming, our cleaning pros can remove and clean everything in a way that’s orderly and organized.

Why Choose Eco Bear for Hoarder Property Cleanup

A woman-owned, veteran-led biohazard cleaning company, Eco Bear is backed by a team committed to client satisfaction. We also take pride in keeping our rates reasonable. In fact, our rates are typically about half of what you would likely pay for similar services from our competitors. However, quality will always be our top priority with everything we do for our clients in Ladera Ranch, CA, and surrounding areas.

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