Sidewalks, pathways, and empty lots are among the many possible locations where homeless encampments can develop at any given moment. The number of people within these makeshift environments can range from smaller groups to hundreds of people clustered together within a fairly confined area. If you’re a property owner left with a former encampment that needs cleaned or one that’s going to be evacuated soon, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is prepared to help. We offer comprehensive and meticulous homeless encampment cleanup service in Ladera Ranch, CA, and nearby areas that you’re welcome to take advantage of when expert cleanup is needed.

Protect Yourself and Your Ladera Ranch, CA Employees

With encampment cleanup in Ladera Ranch, CA, some businesses have staff members tackle cleaning tasks when encampments pop up. While it’s understandable to want to handle such things internally, there are risks that could be much more costly than anticipated. If, for example, your employees do not normally do cleanup tasks of this nature, they may be susceptible to: 

  • Illnesses related to biohazard or pathogen exposure
  • Injuries from handling glass and other sharp objects
  • Serious injuries from falls if encampments are cramped and cluttered

If your employees end up ill or injured while cleaning up encampments, you may experience a loss of productivity and find yourself needing to address workers’ compensation claims. In some cases, you may even be subjected to personal injury litigation. This could also happen if non-employees or passersby are injured or affected by an encampment. By turning to the experts at Eco Bear, you can expect trained cleaning technicians to arrive with everything needed to safely restore your property.

Cleaning Up Biohazards in Ladera Ranch, CA Encampments

Human feces, urine, and blood are some of the many biological substances that may be found within a homeless encampment in Ladera Ranch, CA, or nearby areas. Such materials are classified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as biological hazards, or biohazards. Eco Bear is an experienced and trusted biohazard cleaning company with the resources and training required to safely handle biohazard removal processes.

Our meticulous approach to biohazard cleanup at encampment locations typically involves: 

  • The safe collection of identified biohazards
  • Proper disposal of collected encampment biohazardous materials
  • Checking the site to ensure all biohazards have been collected and removed

Trash and Debris Removal

The first step typically taken with makeshift shelter cleanup in Ladera Ranch is to remove the obvious and easily accessible trash and debris. What this does is open up safe and accessible pathways so more extensive cleaning can be done by our cleaning team.

Needle and Drug Paraphernalia Removal

Encampments in Ladera Ranch, CA, may also be cluttered with needles and drug paraphernalia. Such materials can also be classified as biohazards if they contain dangerous substances that could be accidentally injected during cleanup. Our cleaning professionals know how to safely handle and remove this type of debris.

Decontamination and Restoration

After biohazards have been removed, one of the last steps taken with homeless encampment cleanup is decontamination. What this process does is leave the site safe once again for its intended use. The final step typically taken is to do anything else cleaning-related to fully restore the site.

Keeping Compassion in Mind

From unfortunate circumstances to addiction and mental illness, there are many factors that can contribute to homelessness. For this reason, it’s important to perform cleanup and mitigation services with compassion in mind. With client approval, this is something we can do in the Ladera Ranch, CA, area by posting signs prior to our arrival or setting aside items in a spot where they can be conveniently collected by the owners in a way that won’t interfere with cleanup.

Why Choose Eco Bear for Homeless Encampment Cleanup

We’re pleased to be a woman-owned and veteran-led company that specializes in biohazard cleanup and related cleaning and mitigation services. Everyone on our team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectations. We’re also a company that believes top-quality results shouldn’t stretch your budget. In fact, our rates are always honest, upfront, and reasonable. You’ll also appreciate that our rates about 50 percent lower than what our competitors charge for similar services within our service areas.

Call Eco Bear Today to Schedule a Homeless Encampment Cleanup in Ladera Ranch, CA

Call or contact Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company today for prompt, thorough homeless encampment cleanup. Because it’s possible for encampments to be set up again after a professional cleaning has occurred, you’re welcome to reach out to us again for follow-up cleanings in Ladera Ranch, CA, or any of the nearby areas we serve. Regardless of the scope of your cleanup needs, our experienced, licensed, and well-trained professionals will deliver the expected results in a timely, affordable, and efficient manner.

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