We understand that the aftermath of most crime scenes can be extremely difficult for most civilians to deal with, especially if you knew or were close to the victim. It is our job to come in, and clean out all the biohazard material from the premises so you can start working on healing. Our crime scene cleaners are trained to thoroughly clean, sanitize and neutralize accident, suicide, unattended death, and homicide sites.

Why Should Crime Scenes Be Cleaned ASAP?

While restoring aesthetics is a real and valid reason for cleansing crime scenes, crime scene cleaning companies in Elsinore, California have an even greater reason for doing so. The blood, bodily fluids and biological material usually found in crime scenes can contain disease causing pathogens which could potentially infect anyone who interacts with the material. What’s more, as the biomaterial breaks down and degrades, it will attract more vermin and pests which carry disease causing viruses, dangerous fungi and bacteria, making it an all-around dangerous situation for everyone.

Eco Bear Biohazard Company has the experience and technical know-how to completely cleanse crime scenes of hazardous biomaterial, rid them of disease carrying pests and vermin and bring them to their original condition. Not only does this restore the aesthetics and render the site safe for people to use, but it also takes away the cruel responsibility of cleaning and sanitizing the site from family and friends, allowing them to grieve their loss and focus on healing. Additionally, thoroughly cleansing the site or premises of biological material is crucial to the remaining occupant’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

What Kind of Crime Scenes Do We Usually Clean?

Technically, crime scene cleaning services aren’t required only when a crime or even a death has occurred: any incident that leaves behind biohazardous material will require professional cleanup. If there has been anything from a violent suicide or an unattended death to a fire, a violent robbery or a homicide, the services of a crime scene cleaning company in Lake Elsinore, California will be needed. The following are some of the crime scene sites Eco Bear Biohazard Company cleans;

Unattended Natural Deaths

These are without a doubt the toughest crime scene sites to clean. Sometimes people die from natural causes and aren’t discovered for days, weeks or even months. By the time the police and clean-up crews are called in, the body is usually deep into the decomp process, and at this stage, there may be large amounts of blood and body fluids present. This biological material can contain harmful blood borne pathogens like MRSA, hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

A crime scene cleaning company in Lake Elsinore, California will be tasked with making sure current or future occupants aren’t exposed to these harmful pathogens. This usually entails securing and closing off the site, removing all visible traces of blood and biological material, followed by cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the affected surfaces. The goal is to ensure the premises are clean, pristine and pathogen free for the current or future residents.

If the body was undiscovered for quite a while, the resultant odors will without a doubt be overwhelming. In that case, we use an ozone generator to cleanse the air and make it breathable again. The machine generates ozone gas which kills the microorganisms in the air that create the odor, leaving it pathogen and odor free.


Depending on the way the act was carried out, suicide can leave behind substantial biomaterial to be cleaned. Violent suicides, especially, can result in the same amount of biomaterial waste as a homicide. Chances are the police and emergency medics were involved and afterward, leave a site filled with biohazardous waste, fingerprint dust and depending on the circumstances, property damage. It’s an extremely hard time for family and friends, and erasing all visible signs of the suicide and making the premises livable again will go a long way in helping them heal from their loss.

If the suicide happened at your a residence or business, the resultant biohazardous material should be cleaned right away. After removing all blood, body fluids and biological material from the site, we will clean, disinfect and deodorize the site and test it to make sure all potential harmful pathogens are eliminated from the air and all surfaces. We will especially focus on areas like carpets, drapes, furniture, and any crannies and crevices that can trap and hide biohazardous material and odors.


Most homicides are violent encounters and they tend to leave behind copious amounts of biohazardous material like blood, bodily fluids, and body tissue. And as we’ve seen, this material can be quite dangerous to those who interact with it without protection, so thorough and timely cleaning will be required. In the case of homicide, law enforcement will definitely be involved and after they are done processing the crime scene and collecting evidence, the site may be covered in fingerprint dust as well.

Although not as dangerous as biohazard material, fingerprint dust, like glitter, spreads quite easily and is extremely difficult to clean. Using water to remove it makes the substance even more obstinate. However, a crime scene cleaning company in Lake Elsinore, California will have the tools to remove both hazardous biomaterial and any policing tools like fingerprint dust and luminol left behind by law enforcement. All of the affected surfaces will then be wiped clean, disinfected and the site deodorized to get rid of any odors.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Lake Elsinore, California

Cleaning up a crime scene can be an extremely demanding job, especially if you don’t have the technical training or the tools required to do the job properly. If you knew the victim, cleaning up the site can be quite traumatic. That’s where Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company comes in: we will cleanse, disinfect and deodorize crime scenes, including unattended deaths, suicides, and homicides and restore them to their original condition. Give us a call today if you want to know more about our crime scene cleaning services in Lake Elsinore, California.