Lakeland Village, California is a small community of about 12,000 people in Riverside County. This is a young community with a median age of just 30.1 years. While violent crime is rare in Lakeland Village, there are times when the community’s residents will need biohazard cleanup services like those offered by Eco Bear. At Eco Bear, we’re an experienced biohazard cleanup company. Our services to Lakeland Village include:

  • Homeless encampment cleaning
  • Rodent infestation cleanup
  • Cleanup after unattended deaths
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Cleanup after suicide
  • Hoarder property cleaning

All of these situations require specialty cleaning services because of the risk of exposure to potentially deadly bacteria and viruses. Eco Bear’s skilled team of cleaners provides you with thorough, on time and compassionate service.

What a Biohazard Is

A biohazard is an organism or toxin that causes a negative effect on the health of humans and pets. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and toxins are all types of biohazards. Some of the ways a biohazard can be transmitted include exposure to:

  • Blood
  • Body fluids
  • Tissue
  • Toxins
  • Contaminated food
  • Rodent droppings
  • Insect bites
  • Puncture wounds, cuts and abrasions

The cleanup of an unattended death, violent crime, rodent infestation or other situation puts you at risk of exposure to biohazards. There’s no way for you to know whether or not a biohazard is present in blood or rodent droppings, so you have to assume they are. Most people lack the personal protective equipment (PPE), training and experience to safely disinfect a surface with a biohazard. Eco Bear is fully licensed and bonded to remediate all types of Biohazards in California.

Levels of Biohazard Threats

Some biohazards are a bigger threat to your health than others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and California Department of Health classify four levels of biohazards.

  • Level 1: Bacteria and viruses that cause most people to only experience a mild illness if they are exposed. An immune-compromised person may get sicker. An example is the common cold or strep throat.
  • Level 2: These bacteria and viruses cause moderate illness, but young children, the elderly, pregnant women and immune-compromised individuals are at a more serious risk of complications. An example is influenza.
  • Level 3: These are serious bacterial or viral infections with treatments or vaccines available. Examples include hepatitis B, C and HIV. 
  • Level 4: There is no treatment or vaccine for these biohazards. Examples include Ebola, Marburg and Lassa fever.

Some bacteria can live on surfaces for a few days. Many hardy viruses, such as hepatitis C, can survive on dried blood on a surface for up to 10 days. Eco Bear’s skilled cleaners thoroughly disinfect contaminated surfaces and remove any material that’s potentially infectious.

Why Biohazards Need Professional Cleaning

Most people aren’t able to completely get rid of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Eco Bear uses hospital-grade disinfectants that aren’t available to consumers. These disinfectants kill 99.997% of all viruses. We also use specialty equipment for odor removal. Our full remediation services keep you safe and help you avoid getting exposed to or infected with biohazards.

We also follow all local, state and national requirements for proper disposal of biological and medical waste. Our skilled cleaners wear full personal protective equipment, including:

  • Face mask and shield
  • Protective suit or apron
  • Gloves
  • Shoe coverings or boots
  • Goggles

This equipment protects our cleaning team as they disinfect and remediate a biohazard scene. We dispose of infectious waste in biohazard bags and deliver it for proper disposal. All of our procedures and processes are documented for safety, health and liability reasons.

Rodent Droppings

You might think of mouse, rat or other rodent droppings as just a fact of life. However, there’s more to the droppings than what you can see. When you sweep rodent feces or urine, virus particles become airborne. You could breathe them in and become infected with dangerous pathogens. Hantavirus is spread this way. Eco Bear safely cleans areas contaminated with rodent droppings. We wear respirators and use professional-grade disinfectants to kill viruses.

Hoarded Properties

Hoarded properties may contain rodent droppings, mold, water damage and pests. There may be hidden sharp items in the hoard, and those items put you at risk of a puncture wound, cut or scrape. Toxins such as botulism can enter your body this way. We’re licensed to perform full hoarder property remediation in California.

Unattended Deaths and Suicide

There are few things more devastating than losing your loved one to suicide or finding that they’ve passed away naturally but unattended. If a few days have gone by since their death, the scene may be foul-smelling. Insects are attracted to these odors. Blood and body fluids may have seeped into porous materials. We offer compassionate cleanup services for families dealing with an unattended death or suicide.

Crime Scene Cleanups

While Lakeland Village is a safe place to live, anybody can be the victim of a violent crime. Violent crimes often leave behind blood, body fluids and tissue. Those materials may harbor deadly bacteria and viruses. Eco bear completely remediates crime scenes, keeping you safe. By leaving the crime scene cleanup to us, you can focus on recovery and healing.

Lakeland Village Biohazard Cleaning Services Offered By Eco Bear

A biohazard situation can happen anywhere and at any time. There are many situations in which professional biohazard cleaning is necessary in Lakeland Village. At Eco Bear, we offer biohazard cleaning services in Lakeland Village for many types of potentially dangerous situations. We’re available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year to clean any biohazard. Our prompt response and turnaround times make us the right choice for biohazard cleaning in Lakeland Village.

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