Today there seems to be an incredible amount of information about COVID-19, how do you know what’s right and what’s not? At Eco Bear, we are here to help you understand the risks, what you need to do, and to show you how we can help you get through these times.

As a part of the Lancaster, California community, we understand the fear everyone is facing. Suddenly, we can’t do the things we used to do and if we do, it’s in a new, socially distanced manner. When life seems so turned upside down, it’s reassuring to have a community company in your corner, helping you through it.

Eco Bear is a local woman-owned company that’s run by veterans. We are fully vested in our community, helping each and every one of you through these difficult times. We’ll help you understand how to best fight the risk of spreading COVID-19 and how to keep yourself safe.

COVID-19 Facts

If you turn on the TV or go on the internet, you’re bound to be inundated with data, information, and advice about COVID-19. Who do you believe? What should you be doing and what shouldn’t you do? These are all questions everyone asks themselves as they try to figure out what comes next. We’re here to help you learn the most important information.

First and foremost, COVID-19 is highly contagious. This is more than the common cold or even the flu. Most people don’t have immunity from the virus because it’s so new to us. Because of this, it can spread easily from person-to-person as well as from surface to person. For example, if an infected person touched a doorknob and then you touched it a few minutes later, you’ve been exposed. If you touch your face, you may exhibit symptoms of the illness yourself. 

Other COVID-19 Facts:

  • Not everyone shows signs of COVID-19 even if they have the illness, but they can still spread the virus
  • More than 1,000 patients are hospitalized in Los Angeles county daily due to COVID-19
  • Around 4% of those diagnosed with COVID-19 in Los Angeles county die or are at risk of dying from it
  • It can take between 2 days and 14 days to show symptoms after exposure to COVID-19
  • Everyone experiences symptoms differently. Some people have extreme symptoms and know right away and others have mild symptoms and aren’t as certain if they have the virus.
  • Anyone with trouble breathing, chest pain, or sudden confusion should seek medical attention right away
  • Social distancing is crucial when out at an essential business, which means keeping at least a 6 foot distance
  • If you’ve been in contact with someone that has the virus, you should isolate yourself for 14 days to ensure that you don’t spread the virus
  • If you have symptoms, you should isolate yourself for 10 days from the day of the first symptom, plus 3 days after you are symptom-free

If a member of your family or workplace has the virus, it’s imperative that you get it properly disinfected. Because the virus spreads so fast and is so contagious, the only way to slow down the spread is with professional disinfection services from a company that understands how to properly secure the area and themselves to clear the virus.

At Eco Bear, our professionals all wear proper protective equipment and take all necessary precautions. We discuss the process with you before we do it and we always ensure your 100% satisfaction before we leave. It’s our goal to make sure the citizens of Lancaster feel safe and secure in their homes and workplace.

A Quality COVID-19 Disinfection Service in Lancaster, CA

At Eco Bear, we are proud to serve the people of Lancaster, CA. We know what a trying time this is right now and we want to make it as easy on you as possible. We understand the stress that comes along with dealing with the virus in your own home or workplace. We are there for you around the clock to help in any way we can.

As a locally owned and community-minded company, we are happy to offer you our services. We are a part of the community and we want to ensure your safety. We are a company with a long track record of helping people disinfect and sanitize after the most difficult situations, including suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and crime scene cleanup. The people of Lancaster have come to trust us for their most detailed needs, so, naturally, we are the top company in the area to offer COVID-19 disinfection services to help make your home or business feel safe again.

At Eco Bear, we care about more than our profits. We care about the community. That’s why we promise to offer:

  • The most competitive prices for COVID-19 disinfection services in the Lancaster, CA area
  • Prompt and courteous professionals that handle the job efficiently and with ease
  • We don’t collect payment until we finish the job and know that you are 100% satisfied with the work

We Care About Our Clients

We care about the people of Lancaster, CA. We want to help you through this trying time in the best way we can. If you’ve had any type of exposure and are worried about the safety or security of your home or business, we are here to help you.

Our COVID-19 hotline is available 24/7. Call us day or night with questions, concerns or to schedule an appointment. We work hard to meet your scheduling needs and to get your home or business disinfected as quickly as possible. We work efficiently, with the utmost safety, and are always prompt with our communication.

Call us at (818) 358-4359 to ask questions or make an appointment. Our staff is ready and willing to help you during this difficult time.