The dynamics of hoarding have been studied by psychologists for decades. The behavior itself still isn’t completely understood, even by professionals, but we’re closer now than ever before to knowing the root causes of hoarding and being able to combat it in a clinical setting. Like most mental disorders of this nature, hoarding is a common human impulse taken to the extreme.

Eco Bear thoroughly cleans and then restores hoarder properties to their former livability. To do so, we deploy a well-trained and highly skilled team to the scene that assesses, plans, cleans, and then restores the beauty of the property. We work with both commercial and private homeowners to keep the properties of Lancaster thriving and safe.

Eco Bear Hoarder Property Process

Hoarders keep possessions that they should throw away. The obsession with “hoarding” objects and even food can become so out of control that their homes are virtually unlivable. Level 1 hoarding situations might only include trash and other light clutter, but level V hoarding situations often contain biohazards like needles, trash, rotting food, blocked doorways, and even animal and human feces. We work to remedy all level of hoarding situations in a way that’s discreet, respectful, and compassionate.

Private homeowners range from hoarders themselves who are recovering from this condition to families of hoarders who have passed away. Both cases are sad to deal with, but we have a level of professionalism that makes everyone involved feel understood and cared for. Our tried and true methods involve:

  • Analyzing the situation in the home
  • Forming a plan to clean and remove biohazards
  • Decontamination and sanitation
  • Deodorization
  • Restoration

A Closer Look at Hoarder Cleanup

Lancaster families who’ve been impacted by a hoarding situation know just how bad it can get. We’ve completely restored and beautified residences that we could barely enter when we first arrived on the scene. Our work is something that we’re immensely proud of and continue to get the word out about our services. We work with government agencies, too, who are concerned about former hoarder properties posing a public health threat.

Level V hoarding situations are the most severe that we deal with. They involve a home that has no running water, no electricity, blocked and dangerous doorways, and often insect and rodent infestations that pose a threat to anyone who enters the property. Our goal in even these worst of situations is to go in that home, fight the good war, and then leave that home sparkling, new, and safe again.

No matter how far down your home has deteriorated because of hoarding, Eco Bear can change the outcome of your life. Hoarders themselves often contact us and worry about the shame of having someone enter their home. When you work with Eco Bear, there’s never a need for shame! Our team has dealt with the worst conditions and many biohazards on a daily basis. We don’t judge anyone and understand that at its heart, hoarding is a mental illness that is not the person’s fault. Our teams work discreetly as well, so that you never have to be ashamed you have a biohazard cleanup crew on site. We’ll make sure that your services are only between you and us, not the public.

The materials we use during cleanup are always industrial grade and effective. We spare no expense in giving our team the best equipment and best cleaning solutions. Medical grade sanitation chemicals, state of the art biohazard waste bins, and commercial quality deodorizers are a part of our strategy during every cleanup. When you go into a biohazard cleanup for the right tools, you can never fail at a cleanup job. 

Lancaster Can Depend on Us

Hoarder properties exist all around Lancaster. Sometimes the hoarding isn’t bad enough to be visible from the outside of the home, so it’s possible that you’ve kept your hoarding a secret from the outside world. We understand the reasoning for that, but we do encourage you to take control of this part of your life and realize that the situation isn’t hopeless. Your home is never too dirty, too cluttered, or too hazardous for it to defeat the warriors at Eco Bear.

The crew here will take command of the situation, devise a plan to restore your property, and we’ll execute that plan in a way that makes all involved happy with the outcome. When we come on site, we bring state of the art equipment, PPE gear, cleaners, and years of expertise and experience in cleaning Lancaster hoarder properties. The folks of Lancaster can always call on us to do this difficult job.

Contact Eco Bear

We work with business owners, non-profits, and homeowners to clean up the damage that hoarding does in a person’s life. Many times social workers and psychologists will be a part of the process as well, and we have no difficulty whatsoever in welcoming professionals on the scene who will help the hoarder and/or their family deal with the cleanup that’s going to take place. We understand that for hoarders, seeing clutter cleaned up can be distressful, so if someone needs a psychiatrist on site, we’re more than willing to work with them to make sure this can happen and they can be comfortable during our work. No matter what your situation is, Eco Bear can help you take a hoarder property and make it beautiful again. The team here is available 24 hours a day to take your messages online, or you can simply wait for business hours and give us a call at your earliest convenience. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you.