A violent crime is a life-changing experience for you and your family. If you’ve been the victim of a violent crime, recovery and healing should be your primary areas of focus. You may also be dealing with law enforcement, attorneys, the court system and security professionals to improve your safety, well-being and health. If your loved one was the victim of a violent crime, you may be dealing with strong emotions and trying to help your other family members deal with the aftermath. Overall, violent crimes are emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. Eco Bear is a team of professional crime scene cleaners serving Las Flores, CA, and the surrounding areas. We handle the crime scene cleanup so that you can focus on other areas of your life.

Definition of a Violent Crime

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a violent crime involves force or a threat of force. When force is used against the human body, severe or even deadly injuries occur. The FBI tracks five main categories of violent crimes in California and throughout the country. These include rape, robbery, aggravated assault, non-negligent manslaughter and homicide.

What a Crime Scene Is

A crime scene is where the violent crime took place. Some crime scenes are small and confined to one room. Other crime scenes may involve several rooms. There are also crime scenes that involve an entire home or building. A crime scene can also include outdoor areas, such as a backyard patio, driveway or sidewalk. At Eco Bear, our experienced cleaners handle all types of crime scenes. We clean the aftermath of violent crimes that take place on all types of private property, including:

  • Stores and shopping centers
  • Offices
  • Industrial and warehouse facilities
  • Homes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Tool sheds, workshops, barns and detached garages
  • Parking lots, patios, porches, driveways, gardens and yards

When Crime Scenes Need To Be Cleaned

The timing of crime scene cleaning in Las Flores depends on law enforcement activities. When the police are made aware of a violent crime, they arrive on scene to conduct an investigation. Each investigation is different. Some are simple and only take a few hours. Others may be complex and require a few days or longer. Sometimes law enforcement handles it on their own, and other times, forensics or other investigators need to be brought in for evidence collection. Once the investigations are done, law enforcement returns the property to your control. At this time, you should contact us at Eco Bear for a Las Flores crime scene cleanup. The sooner the crime scene is cleaned, the better. Our fast response time allows us to start most crime scene cleanups in Las Flores within 24 hours.

Types of Hazards Found at Crime Scenes

No matter what type of violent crime took place, Las Flores crime scenes may include a number of hazards. If you attempt to clean this yourself, you’re putting yourself at risk of serious or even life-threatening injuries and infections, including:

  • Hepatitis B and C
  • HIV
  • MRSA
  • Tetanus
  • C. diff
  • Puncture wounds
  • Splinters
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals

Law enforcement uses fingerprinting dust and other chemicals for collecting evidence. Some of these chemicals are harmful if they get into your eyes, nose, throat or lungs or on your skin. The injuries inflicted during the attack may have caused bleeding or the loss of other body fluids or tissue. Even if you know your own or the victim’s health status, it’s possible for the perpetrator’s blood or body fluids to be present. You likely don’t have access to their health status, and attempting to clean up the crime scene could expose you to blood-borne pathogens. Crime scenes may also contain broken glass, shards of wood or metal, shrapnel, used needles and other hazards. Eco Bear’s skilled cleaning team has the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely work around all types of hazards. We also have the training and experience to properly remove contaminated materials from a Las Flores crime scene.

How We Clean Las Flores Crime Scenes

When law enforcement releases the property to you, contact us for assistance. We’ll arrive as quickly as possible. We survey the crime scene and provide you with a written description of what needs to be done. You’ll also receive a written estimate. Our fees are competitive and often 50% lower than the competition’s rates. We understand that you don’t want to wait to have full access to your property. We get started as soon as possible, usually within one day of contact. A typical Los Flores crime scene cleanup takes two to four days for full remediation.

At Eco Bear, we are thorough and check every area of the crime scene for blood, tissue and body fluids. Our multi-step crime scene cleanup process begins with cleaning. We remove all contaminated items, including clothing, furnishings, drywall, flooring, linens and more. All California public health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols are followed for proper disposal of contaminated items. 

Next, we disinfect every surface. This is important because some bacteria and viruses can live in dried blood, tissue or body fluids for seven to 10 days. We use hospital-grade cleaning solutions that kill all bacteria and viruses. We also use sanitizing solutions that remove body fluids that have seeped onto hard surfaces. We remove any contaminated items that are porous and can’t be cleaned.

Our final step is remediation. This includes using machines that remove odors. If the victim wasn’t discovered for a few days, the crime scene may contain foul odors. We completely get rid of them and all other signs that a crime took place.