Los Flores has a population of just 5,665 people, but with a median average income of $121,696, it’s known as one of California’s most comfortable places to live. Situated below the prosperous communities of Malibu, it’s a gorgeous stretch of beach that offers warmth and summer fun all year long. Some might recognize this area as being associated with David Geffen’s famous house on Carbon Beach.

Eco Bear has become a proud part of the Las Flores area of California and gained a reputation for excellent hoarder property cleanup services. The team here strives to serve up affordable biohazard cleanup services that improve both the community and the lives of people. Hoarding itself is a deeply personal issue, a behavior that often springs from an underlying mental illness. 

What Is a Hoarder Property?

Hoarding is a behavior, but like all unhealthy behaviors that develop over time, it’s often seen as a symptom of a mental illness or issue. Hoarders are people who cling to possessions that have no daily use to them anymore. Most of us at some point in our lives have hung onto the casual collector’s box of cereal or old newspaper that intrigued us. Maybe we developed some sort of emotional attachment to an old, broken cassette tape, as it reminds us of our youth. What people keep and what they throw away is usually a personal choice, but in the case of the hoarder, the behavior spirals out of control and becomes a genuine issue in life.

Hoarders keep so many things that their doorways and floors become cluttered with old items. They might keep old foods and food containers that over time become havens for infectious disease or illness. That fresh carton of eggs you have in your refrigerator, if kept long after it spoils, becomes something other than eggs: it becomes a biohazard. Rotten food is one of the most common things that we see pathological hoarders hold onto. Long after the food is rotten, long after it is dangerous, they still keep it in the fridge or even sometimes out in the open instead of discarding it in the trash can.

The mental processes that go wrong in hoarding lead to dangerous living conditions for both the hoarder and anyone who lives with them. Objects that block doorways can become hazards as well, and they need to be cleared in order to make everything safe for occupants of the property again. That’s where Eco Bear’s services come to the rescue.

Hoarder Cleanup Services

Eco Bear’s hoarder property cleanup is efficient, orderly, and above all, it’s affordable. If you’re overwhelmed by daily life in a hoarder property, you can let us worry about the mess while you worry about how you’re going to decorate after your property is sanitary and orderly again. Our mission is a simple but effective one: to de-clutter, decontaminate, and restore your property to its original state.

What We Do

Eco Bear employs a team of passionate, dedicated biohazard cleanup experts who want to make your property a better place to be. They go about their work the way all the pros do: they know exactly how to develop a cleanup strategy and then execute that strategy for the best outcome. We bring many different tools to the job, including:

  • PPE gear like goggles, gloves, masks, and protective suits
  • Mops, buckets, storage bins, and biohazard bags
  • Disinfectants and solvents to clean and remove stains
  • Industrial grade vacuums and other tools
  • A solid plan

We never rush to get a job done. Our goal is to make sure that the plan we devise to clean your hoarder property is effective and meets your goals (not just ours). We work with property owners to ensure that we clearly understand what their needs are and that we throw away only what you want us too.

The Human Side of Hoarder Property Cleanup

If you’re a recovering hoarder or the relative of a recovering hoarder who has lived with this mess a long time, we realize how difficult the decision to hire professionals can be. The professionals here at Eco Bear want to assure you that we know hoarding is beyond human control. It’s not something to be mocked or looked down on, and we never, ever make our clients feel ashamed because they need our services.

Human kindness goes a long way in the biohazard cleanup business. We work on crime scenes, homeless encampments, and hoarder properties, and we know how “human” all of these locations are. It’s our belief that all human life has value and is equal. This philosophy allows us to go about our work compassionately; it also enables us to help our clients feel comfortable and at ease letting us handle a cleanup. You’ll always feel like you’re respected and understood when you hire Eco Bear.

Get Help for a Hoarder Situation

Eco Bear has years of experience cleaning up, sanitizing, and restoring hoarder properties in the Las Flores area. We hope you’ll take a few moments today to reach out to us and let us get to know your situation a little better. Once we’ve understood your situation, we’ll clearly and concisely let you know what kind of help and hope we have to offer for your specific situation. If you’re ready to turn over a new leaf today and turn a hoarder property into a beautiful area again, just write to us or call us today. Our team will be happy to discuss our services, pricing, or anything else you need to know about Eco Bear.