Known the world over as one of the most vibrant cities anywhere, the lights went out in early 2020 in parts of Las Vegas – including the iconic Strip – for the first time since it became a gambling mecca. As is the case across most of the United State, Las Vegas is facing significant challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. As Las Vegas begins the process of “coming back” and “re-opening,” a key consideration is preventing contamination of public spaces by the coronavirus. In addition, across Las Vegas, businesses of all types, including hotels and casinos, need to have in place plans of action for coronavirus cleaning and disinfection. In Vegas, part of that comprehensive effort to prevent, control, and remediate COVID-19 contamination is professional assistance available from Eco Bear at (818) 358-4359. The Eco Bear Las Vegas COVID-19 cleaning team is available to assist businesses of all types and other entities in the city in protecting against and remediation COVID-19 contamination.

About Eco Bear

Eco Bear is an independent family business. We are woman-owned and veteran-led and are committed to serving our clients in the same way we would if they were our family and friends. 

The team at Eco Bear has extensive experience in infectious disease cleaning and disinfection. We use top of the line equipment and the latest technology when it comes to coronavirus remediation. In addition, because we are a professional infectious disease remediation service, we have access to EPA-recognized medical grade disinfection agents. 

Each member of the Eco Bear Las Vegas COVID-19 cleaning company team has an extensive background in all aspects of biohazard remediation. In addition, all of our employees are fully bonded and insured.  

About COVID-19 Contamination and Infection

As Las Vegas begins to reopen for business, the community will face some of the most unique challenges when it comes to guarding against COVID-19 contamination and the spread of the virus. Las Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. With people having endured stay at home orders and the like for months, in the not too distant future an ever-increasing number of people from across the country will be setting their sights on Las Vegas again.

The Eco Bear Las Vegas COVID-19 cleaning company is ready to serve Las Vegas businesses of all types in formulating appropriate strategies to protect against coronavirus contamination in the first instance and to rapidly respond to suspected contamination when necessary. We are ready to fully assist businesses in all industries, including hotels, motels, and other types of lodging to restaurants, bistros and diners to bars and nightclubs to any other type of enterprise.

Our team of technicians will work closely with an individual business to map out an ideal, effective strategy to prevent COVID-19 contamination. Depending on the business, such a strategy is likely to include affordably priced, preemptive deep cleaning and sanitization. 

The Eco Bear team will also provide prompt comprehensive coronavirus deep cleaning and disinfection as the need arises. With a business or any other client, a remediation action plan will be crafted before the need arises so that a response can be immediately initiated. The last thing a business needs going forward is any more downtime, particularly when it can be avoided through thoughtful planning. 

Eco Bear COVID-19 Contamination Services

Eco Bear provides COVID-19 contamination services in a number of ways. First, businesses and other entities need to have comprehensive strategies in place to protect against COVID-19 contamination in the first instance. Eco Bear partners with Las Vegas businesses of all types, churches, schools, and a myriad of other entities.  

Fair and Transparent Pricing

In addition to providing comprehensive, thorough, and safe COVID-19 contamination prevention and remediation services, Eco Bear is committed to providing the fairest, most transparent pricing in the business. At Eco Bear, you never face hidden charges. You never face cost overruns. 

Before we begin work on an infectious disease remediation project, we provide you with a clear, complete, and reliable estimate. We make sure you have all the information you need and the answers to any questions you may have before work begins. 

Nearly always, Eco Bear charges a fee that is 50 percent less than what is charged by the competition. We provide more comprehensive services than the competition for a fee significantly below what others in the industry can come close to offering. 

Rapid Response to Suspected COVID-19 Contamination

If you find yourself facing the prospect of actual COVID-19 contamination at your business or other location, you realize that time is of the essence. Eco Bear is here for you at (818) 358-4359 day or night, 365 days a year, including all major holidays. We can have a qualified, committed, discrete COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection team to your business or other location promptly. We are here for you.