Las Vegas certainly is one of the entertainment capitals of the world. On the other hand, Las Vegas is also a community with an alarmingly high crime rate. Indeed, the overall crime rate in Vegas is 32 percent above the national average. With over 10,000 violent crimes in the city annually, safe and effective crime scene cleanup Las Vegas is a must.

Overview of Las Vegas Violent Crime

A trio of violent crimes oftentimes necessitates Las Vegas crime scene cleanup. These are homicide, assault, and battery, and rape and other sexual offenses. These types of violent crimes occur with alarming regularity in Las Vegas. In addition, the nearby community of Henderson is far from immune from the trauma of violent crime.

Although the mass shooting that occurred during a concert in Las Vegas nabbed international headlines – and understandably so – violent offenses that occur day in and day out rip at the fabric of the community. In Las Vegas, the actual tally of violent crimes in the past year is disturbing and disheartening:

Homicide – 205

Rape – 1,296

Battery and Assault – 5,134

A significant percentage of these crimes occur in the homes of Las Vegas residents. Added into this mix are home invasion robberies, crimes that oftentimes also result in a victim suffering profound physical injuries as a result of the crime.

The Immediate Aftermath of Las Vegas Violent Crime

The aftermath of a violent crime that occurs in a Las Vegas residence is challenging, traumatic, even overwhelming. The first phase following a homicide, rape, or battery and assault that occurs in a home is the crime scene investigation by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. If a homicide has occurred, the Clark County Coroner and Medical Examiner will be involved in the crime scene investigation.

During the crime scene investigation, those who reside in the home will be restricted from the specific space in the residence where the specific violent offense occurred if not from the house altogether. A homeowner or other resident of the house likely will want to address the aftermath of a violent crime in the property. Nonetheless, nothing can be done in that regard until the police (and coroner, if involved in the investigation) complete work and release the crime scene back to the homeowner or other residents.

Las Vegas Crime Scene Cleanup

The scene of a homicide provides an illustration of the dynamics and heady challenges associated with crime scene clean up Las Vegas. Once law enforcement investigators release the crime scene back to the residents of a home, the need for safe, thorough crime scene cleanup becomes imperative. Despite the misconception of many Las Vegas residents, it is not the police, coroner, or some other governmental agency that bears responsibility for crime scene cleanup. That duty rests on the already weary shoulders of the owner or residents of the property at which a homicide or other violent crime occurred. 

A homeowner or other resident might initially think that he or she should undertake the process of cleaning up the scene of the crime on his or her own rather than engage the services of one or another of the crime scene cleanup companies in Las Vegas. Such a course of action is not advisable for a number of reasons.

First, the scene of a violent crime like a homicide will be contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, and other biological matter. These contaminate can contain what are known as dangerous pathogens. A person untrained in Las Vegas crime scene cleanup is advised not to run the risk of exposing his or her self to these hazardous pathogens during the cleanup process. Improper contact with blood and bodily fluids can result in a person ending up infected with dangerous viruses and bacteria like:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA

Second, a person who has lost a family member to homicide, or who have been victimized as the result of another type of violent crime, already faces immense emotional and psychological challenges. There is absolutely no need to magnify these very substantial burdens by personally cleaning up the crime scene.

For these reasons, a homeowner or other individual in a residence where a violent crime has occurred is well advised to engage the services of a Las Vegas crime scene cleanup specialist. Crime scene cleanup companies in Las Vegas have the background, equipment, supplies, and materials necessary to thoroughly remediate a violent crime scene. A Las Vegas crime scene cleanup specialist works tirelessly (and safely) to return home to a fully livable condition following a violent crime like homicide.