Loma Linda is a gorgeous city in San Bernardino County, California. Home to more than 23,000 residents, it’s also home to Loma Linda University and known by the nickname of Mound City due to its original name. First built as a tourist city, it welcomed visitors from all across the country who traveled to the country on the railroad lines. Many know the city today as it has one of the highest longevity rates in the nation. A biohazard cleanup company can help locals who find that they need biohazard cleanup due to any type of situation or problem. 

What Is a Biohazard?

Biohazard is one of the scariest words that you may ever hear. It immediately brings to mind those horror movies and crime scene shows that you matched in the past. A biohazard refers to any type of situation where biological agents are around that contaminate the area and pose a health risk to others. One example is a suicide attempt. Coming home to find that a loved one attempted suicide is traumatic. A biohazard cleanup company can clean the area and make it look the way it did before. Some of the biological factors that are a biohazard include blood, tissue, toxins and viruses.

How Is a Virus a Biohazard?

When you go to the hospital or the doctor’s office, the doctor or nurse will put medical waste in a biohazard container. This includes tissues that they used to wipe away blood and bandages that they removed from you. That container ensures that your biological waste does not come into contact with anyone else. A virus is an example of a biohazard because the items that the infected person touches carry germs that spread that virus. Proper cleaning stops those germs and prevent the virus from spreading.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidelines to help individuals and companies with the cleaning of biohazards. Those guidelines vary based on the severity of the situation. The CDC breaks these situations into four levels. While the first level includes smaller illnesses that spread through bacteria, the highest level refers to viruses that can cause the death of others as well as those that have no known treatment. While you can handle some of the cleaning yourself at the lowest level, you need specialized equipment when you reach the higher levels. Only professional biohazard companies can help.

Personal Protective Equipment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many news stories talked about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how some health care professionals did not have access to the equipment that they needed. Using PPE is one of the first steps in combating a potential health emergency. The CDC recommends wearing PPE when you come into contact with infected people and as you clean a biohazard. Though using hot water and detergent or bleach can remove most germs, heat and specialized cleaning supplies are necessary for cleaning other items and surfaces.

Biohazard Cleaning

Biohazard cleaning is important because of the pathogens left behind. A great example of a biohazard is a homicide, which is an incident when one person causes the death of another person. Any type of violent death can be traumatic for those involved. You likely do not want to handle the cleanup yourself because of the nightmares it can give you, but you also want to keep yourself safe from the hazardous materials that are in the room. Biohazard cleaning often involves the removal of contaminated items from the room first. The company may clean those items before returning them or throw them away if they cannot be salvaged.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Both sanitizing and disinfecting occur after the initial cleaning. This involves eliminating all the biological substances and materials in the space. The company can remove anything stuck to the walls and floors such as blood and tissue. Workers will then work on sanitizing the room to remove all traces of pathogens. They will not leave until every trace is gone. With both sanitizing and disinfecting, you can rest assured that the room will not have any germs that you can pick up when you walk and spend time inside.


In some situations, deodorizing the space is required. This often depends on how much time passed since the incident. If the individual passed away and stayed there for several days or longer, the room will typically need deodorizing. As the human body breaks down, it causes a process called decomposition that allows the body to release gases and other natural substances. Those odors can cling to the walls and get inside the floors. Simply cleaning the room will not help. Deodorizing involves using special products that penetrate those surfaces to remove all lingering odors and keep them from returning. It may involve thoroughly cleaning all surfaces, using industrial fans, applying deodorizing products and/or painting.

Helping Home and Business Owners

Working with a professional biohazard cleaning company in Loma Linda, California is the key to your emotional health. The drug problem is a looming issue all across California that resulted in stories from business owners of people who overdosed in their bathrooms. You might find that a loved one suffers a similar problem in your living room too. Biohazard cleaners can handle all aspects of a crime scene too when someone is the victim of a violent crime. You deserve to sleep peacefully all night and enjoy your day without remembering what you witnessed. These workers have the compassion that you need and understand that you went through something traumatic and difficult. You can easily find a Loma Linda, California biohazard cleaning company to handle the cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing of any space.

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