Long Beach, California is nestled neatly into the very heart of stunning Southern California. With a population estimate of 275,00, this town is considered the 7th most populated city in the state of California. Once named Wilmore City, town officials changed the name to Long Beach back in 1888 due to its legendary long stretch of wide golden-hued sandy beaches measuring 5 1/2 miles. This coastal port city offers many enchanting historical sites that include the retired ocean liner named RMS Queen Mary currently a favorite area museum.

Tourists adore the waterfront located Aquarium of the Pacific that features innovative touch tanks as well as an intriguing shark lagoon to view these mesmerizing creatures of the sea up close. Many individuals love the cultural arts selections in this bayside city, and the Museum of Latin American Art exhibits exciting contemporary and modern works of expressive art. The famed Rancho Los Cerritos is a popular tourist hot-spot where this authentic adobe brick 19th century home is now an impressive museum. While there, explore the exquisitely designed and beautiful gardens that surround the site.

Biohazard Cleanup in Long Beach, California – Ready to Help

The beauty of this warm Southern California town sometimes hides those harder things in life. Almost every day, someone somewhere in this balmy locale will need the experienced biohazard cleanup services like those delivered by the well-respected Eco Bear team. This service might be needed to safely clean up a home, business or other building that holds potentially infectious and/or harmful biohazard agents. When this has occurred, it is crucial to get a prompt response from the remediation company to prevent more property damage.

What Exactly Is a Biohazard, and What Is Involved in Remediation Services?

To understand this process, it is necessary to have an understanding of some of the terminology used. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agency, a biohazard is any biological pathogen known to be hazardous to human health, welfare, and safety. These dangerous pathogens can also be life-threatening in some cases.

According to the CDC, these pathogens are generally divided into 4 main categories. These include:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Various Microorganisms
  • Sharps – like needles, syringes & lancets
  • Toxins – originating from a biological source

It is better to rely on the terrific and faster biohazard cleanup and property remediation services that only a professional cleanup crew can achieve. These situations require due diligence and seasoned experience in utilizing the precise health and safety regulation steps to ensure that everyone stays safe throughout the aggressive cleanup process.

It can be very easy to spread any present pathogens into other areas that were not contaminated before. This is known as cross-contamination, and these cleanup specialists have the necessary training, skills, equipment and protective gear to get the job finished with a minimum of disruption for the property owners. By far, this is the best method to transform a completely contaminated section of property into something that is again livable and presentable.

Discrete Suicide Cleanup Services Can Minimize the Trauma for Families

Suicide is often hard to talk about, and many who have dealt with a death by suicide of a beloved family member or cherished friend often feel alone in their grief and turmoil. It is hard to know exactly how many and how often suicide in Long Beach happen because those statistics are always fluctuating. What area mental health professionals, like those at Elements Behavioral Health, do know is that it does occur here and even one suicide is one unnecessary death too many.

Suicide scenes can be overwhelmingly traumatic for anyone that was close to the victim. The amount of cleaning that will be needed varies due to several reasons. If the victim used a gun, knife or other lethal weapons, the location can become horribly bloody. No family member should ever have to go through the immensely painful, emotional and frightening process of reentering this space where their loved one took his/her own life without the area being thoroughly cleaned beforehand.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the death of their loved one who committed suicide, there are discrete, professional and compassionate suicide cleanup services available that can help with the following:

  • Protection from Further Emotional Distress
  • Safety Concerns
  • Effective Cleaning of All Biohazardous Material that is Part of the Aftermath of a Suicide
  • Providing Caring & Compassionate Practical Assistance During this Trying Time

Those struggling to understand and cope with the death of a loved one due to suicide shouldn’t have to bear this on their own. There are some wonderful area grief counselors and suicide support groups able to lend an ear and provide helpful coping strategies. Elements Behavioral Health is one of these caring organizations located in Long Beach. This compassionate organization can be contacted at:

Elements Behavioral Health

5000 Airport Plaza Drive
Suite 100
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 521-0608


Long Beach residents also have access to a suicide hotline at (800) 784-2433.

Cleaning up After an Unexpected Unattended Death Expert Advice

Most health officials like the Los Angeles County Coroner define an unattended death as when someone dies alone with nobody else present. In a high number of cases, the body is not found right away. Sometimes, the body isn’t discovered for weeks or months after the time of death. These cases will certainly demand the expertise of an unattended death cleanup & property restoration specialist for everyone’s safety and peace-of-mind.

The aftermath of an unattended death scene can become a real hazard to the health of any person in the room. This is due to the body’s natural decomposition process that begins at death and rapidly progresses. The pungent odor that signifies a death occurs due to this decomposition process.

Because there could be many dangerous pathogens present at this kind of scene, professionals urge the families of the victims to speak with a local professional unattended death cleanup company like Eco Bear to prevent any transfer of harmful pathogens able to cause severe illness and even death due to exposure.

Some of the most common causes of these unattended deaths in Long Beach include:

  • Accident
  • Natural Causes
  • Homicide
  • Suicide

In this area, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office is required to be involved on any unattended deaths within their service area including Long Beach. Emergency services should be immediately called via 911 whenever a death like this is discovered.

Rat Droppings Area Hazard Best Left to Professional Cleanup Specialists

Rat, as well as mice, droppings are considered by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention to be extremely hazardous to human health. In the Long Beach area, there are monthly reports and media headlines of local restaurants and other food establishments being cited and/or shut-down by the health department for having rat droppings in food venue buildings.

Rat droppings can cause a hazardous situation in your home also, and homeowners should regularly inspect their house including the often neglected attics and crawlspaces, garages, basements and just about anywhere else. These wily creatures are drawn inside when the nighttime air gets a little chilly. Typically, these rodents enter homes through any available opening in search of food.

Any home or business owner who finds the telltale evidence of a rat or other vermin infestation may want to rapidly clean the area. The feces of rats, mice, bats, and other rodents contain extremely dangerous pathogens known to cause severe illness and sometimes death due to simply being exposed to these rat or other rodent droppings.

Some of the more common diseases spread through rat droppings include:

  • Salmonellosis – Serious Food Poisoning May Occur Due to Rat Droppings that Contaminate Consumable Food Items
  • Hantavirus – Found in Rat Droppings, Saliva & Urine. If Rat Nests or Droppings are Carelessly Disturbed or Swept-Up, Tiny Dust Particles Contaminated with Hantavirus Can Then Be Inhaled Causing Extreme Sickness & Even Death
  • Rat-Bite Fever – Another Potentially Serious or Fatal Disease Also Spread by Rat Droppings, Urine or Saliva that Contaminates Food. Also Spread Through Rat Bites
  • Plague – Still a Problem in Many Parts of the World
  • Leptospirosis – Weil’s Disease. Spread by Rat Feces Exposure

Has a Rodent Taken up Residence in Your Home or Other Property?

There are some signs that rodents have invaded your indoor spaces that everyone should be aware of. These creatures can get into the smallest of openings due to their body structures. Even larger rats have been seen wriggling into cracks so small you would think it could never happen. Below are some of the signs that a rat or other rodent may be lurking nearby. These are:

  • Rodent Droppings
  • Urine Stains
  • Tail & Footprints Noticed as Marks in the Dust
  • Gnawing Type Marks/Punctures on Woods, Metals, Plastics and Food Containers

If any of the above signs of rodents are found on your property, there are some practical steps to take in order to resolve the issue. First, have someone, preferably a professional, search your home and surrounding property thoroughly and safely by wearing the appropriate protective gear. It might be necessary to have an air source and OSHA approved facial mask before entering the space where the rodents might be hiding.

Never remain in a space that has been closed up for long spells like vacation cottages, cabins, camp structures, and other locations without airing out the building first. Ideally, this is the time to call in the big guns like the friendly team working at Eco Bear to handle the dangerous chore. Some other areas to be on the lookout for rats, mice, raccoons or other rodents include:

  • Abandoned Automobiles
  • Old Barns or Outdoor Storage Sheds & Structures
  • RVs & Other Campers & Popup Tents
  • Around Woodpiles
  • Under Porches
  • On Rooftops
  • In Drainage Gutters
  • Wherever Food is Stored – Pantry, Cabinets, Under Sink, etc.

More Great Tips for Preventing a Rodent Infestation

Regularly inspect your entire property from top to bottom. Preferably, have a professional do this for safety reasons. Keep all food fresh and stored in airtight and sealed containers that are not easy for rodents to chew such as glass and metal varieties. Keep all cabinet shelves clean and free of crumbs and other debris that will attract vermin from near and far.

If any holes or cracks look big enough for a rodent to enter, seal them up or use steel wool scouring pads to stuff and fill the spaces. Individuals can also cover the spots with sheet metal or other durable material. Wipe down kitchen surfaces daily, and keep the floor swept and free from spills, crumbs and other enticing items that draw vermin inside. Keep every living and storage space free of clutter, and remember that roaches and other insects can be drawn inside to making a bad situation even worse.

Never store any garbage in things known to draw mice, rats, and insects. These include plastic or paper bags and cardboard boxes. Use appropriate traps ensuring the safety of everyone in the home first. Keep garbage cans washed out and clean. Never leave your garbage can lids off especially at night, because this is a major draw for all types of nocturnal rodents, other vermin, and pesky insects.

The sure way to protect both yourself and your family from the dangers of rodent-borne illnesses is to use a reliable biohazard remediation professional such as Eco Bear to safely eliminate and discard the rat droppings without infecting anyone in the home, business or other building where rodents have been residing.

What Are the Symptoms of the Rat-Borne Hantavirus Syndrome?

The early symptoms of Hantavirus Syndrome begin like a case of the flu. Since most people that contract this disease are unaware of the link to rat droppings, healthcare professionals often misdiagnose this condition in the first early stages. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Fever Spike – Onset Sudden
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness & Extreme Fatigue
  • Chills
  • Eventually Breathing Problems as the Disease Progresses

This disease can progress rapidly, and if not treated in time can be deadly. While the very young, older adults and those with a weakened immune system are more prone to develop this disease, even healthy individuals can become very suddenly sick. The likely cause is exposure to these rat or other rodent droppings usually in the home where a person spends most of his/her time.

There is no cure or vaccine to prevent this disease, however, there are symptom treatment measures that can save someone’s life. This generally involves breathing support via O2, medications and a respirator if necessary. Other treatment measures include bringing down the high fever, replacing lost fluids with IVs and other supportive therapies.

As the virus enters the infected person, over time the body reacts by causing severe inflammation in an attempt to eliminate the foreign pathogen. This will cause blood vessels to become “leaky,” and the organs being attacked can shut down. These leaking blood vessels can lead to serious pulmonary(lung)issues as the seeping blood and other fluids spill into the lungs. Getting prompt medical treatment is essential as this disease can be fatal.

Any local resident wanting to report rat sightings or droppings in a public building or food establishment can call the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services at this address:

2525 Grand Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 570-4000

Knowing when to call in the experts able to handle tough biohazard cleanup and effective property remediation in Long Beach is the most difficult step. The stress, emotional swings and overwhelming waves of grief that family members often go through after a loved one dies either unexpectedly alone or by suicide can make even the thought of entering that space even more frightening.

Don’t take the chance of being emotionally traumatized further by attempting to clean a place where any of the above situations exists. A much safer, less stressful and faster method is to hire the kind, compassionate and reputable biohazard cleanup team from the well-known Eco Bear cleanup and restoration company. They’ll get this necessary job done with a minimal amount of fuss to others in the residence or building. Some property insurance policies may cover a portion of these remediation services.

Continue browsing this Eco Bear website at https://ecobear.co/ for further details.

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