With a population that has remained steady at just over 11,000 residents for about 20 years, Los Alamitos is home to young families and retired individuals. It is considered a comfortable community in which neighbors still get to know and do spend time with one another.

Families in Los Alamitos enjoy a wide range of recreational activities as well as entertainments of different types, including a thriving community theatre. The placid life of Los Alamitos was tremendously turned upside down when a respected father of a three-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl was gunned down and killed in front of his apartment building in the city. 

Bloodborne Pathogens and Violent Crimes

Because this horrific murder occurred in front of an apartment building, and not in the residence itself, the family of the victim was spared having to deal with the need for biohazard cleanup. The stark reality is that violent and traumatic deaths like this one oftentimes occur within a residence. When that happens, the owner or resident bears the responsibility for biohazard cleanup in Los Alamitos exists. The necessity for biohazard cleanup arises from the fact that blood and bodily fluids can contain dangerous, disease-causing pathogens. In California, these types of pathogens can include:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA

In some homicide cases, the remains of the victim are not immediately found. These unattended deaths result in the decomposition process moving apace. When this occurs, even a person who didn’t carry a bloodborne virus or bacteria while alive becomes a carrier for dangerous pathogens after he or she dies.

The human decomposition process starts the moment a person’s blood stops flowing. Bacteria in the body rely upon blood for sustenance. When the blood supply is cut off, these bacteria promptly begin the process of ingesting bodily organs, beginning with the pancreas and intestines. When these organs are destroyed, these bacteria flow freely throughout and then beyond the body.

Murder on the Streets of Los Alamitos

According to witnesses to the horrific murder, Sangju Sung was a well-liked part of the neighborhood, happily married and a proud father to his pair of children. Sung lived next door to Eleazar Vargas, the alleged perpetrator of the crime. As much as Sung was an ideal part of the community, Vargas was disruptive and problematic. Directly before the murder, Sung texted his wife that Vargas was “causing problems” yet again.

Not long after sending the text, Vargas confronted Sung and fired five rounds into the man without provocation. When Sung fell to the ground, Vargas pumped four more round into the dying man. Neighbors witnessed the gruesome encounter that resulted in Sung’s death.

A Bloody Tragedy and Grieving Family and Community

When a violent death of any type occurs in residential property, the resident or owner of the premises is responsible for the cleanup process. While it is true that the Los Alamitos Police Department, together with the Orange County Coroner, investigate the scene, these agencies do not engage in biohazard cleanup in Los Alamitos. As mentioned a moment ago, the family of Sangju Sung was at least spared responsibility for cleaning up following the death of their beloved family member. They did not need to seek the assistance of a professional biohazard cleanup in Los Alamitos specialist. As was also noted, in innumerable cases each year, families must face the prospect of addressing the aftermath of a traumatic or violent death in the home.

The safe, thorough, and proper biohazard cleanup up in Los Alamitos requires special training, skills, and equipment. These special requirements typically are out of the purview of a homeowner, tenant, or landlord. Moreover, biohazard cleanup following a violent death can be a brutally traumatic experience that a landlord, property manager, or deceased’s loved ones seriously should consider not undertaking. There simply is no need to further compound the grief and trauma already experienced following a violent death (including homicide and suicide). Professional biohazard cleanup in Los Alamitos services to safely, comprehensively, and compassionately address these needs.

Professional Emotional Support Following the Traumatic Death of a Loved One

Individuals who’ve lost a loved one through a traumatic death oftentimes recognize the need for professional assistance in coming to terms with the situation. These professionals can assist with individual and group therapy. These are Los Alamitos therapists that work with the family members and other loved ones who’ve suffered violent deaths:

Paradigm Counseling
3532 Katella Avenue, 
Suite 204
Los Alamitos, California 90720.
(562) 596-9491


Grace Counseling Group
4132 Katella Avenue, Suite 104
Los Alamitos, California 90720

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