Malibu’s reputation as one of the world’s premier “beach cities” is well-known in both Malibu and the United States in general. The proximity that Malibu has to downtown Los Angeles also make it one of the most glamorous and well-respected cities in the world. The cost of living in Malibu reveals its desirability as a place to live. With a cost of living that’s 180% higher than the rest of the country, Malibu is one of those places that people relocate to just to experience it.

Among its other city counterparts in California, Malibu is relatively safe to live. For example, people in Malibu have a 1 in 305 chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime. That’s compared to a 1 in 178 chance you might have in another more dangerous California city. That doesn’t mean violent crime in Malibu is a figment of the imagination, though. Armed robbery, rape, and even murder do occur in Malibu, and when it does, crime scene cleanup services are almost always necessary.

What Is a Crime Scene?

A crime scene is the location where a crime occurs. Sometimes a crime scene might be reasonably clean and unnoticeable. Non-violent crime scenes sometimes look just like regular, everyday rooms in businesses or homes. It’s usually the violent crime scene that contains dangerous biohazards and call for a cleanup service like Eco Bear. The anatomy of a violent crime scene is so much different – and more disturbing – than other types of crime scenes.

Biohazards at Violent Crime Scenes

The anatomy of a violent crime scene isn’t always as clear cut as we’ll describe here, but there are usually a few common traits between them. Because a struggle frequently ensues during a violent crime, these scenes tend to have more things out of place, more debris, and more biohazardous materials than other crimes. You might find:

  • Blood
  • Human biological materials
  • Saliva
  • Torn clothing
  • Objects in the room out of place

Because of the presence of blood and sometimes human biological material at a crime scene like this, you’ll usually have the additional issue of foul odors at a crime scene. Sometimes a decomposing body will have been at the scene, generating a powerful odor that is not easy for a non-professional to get rid of. Contamination at the site of a scene like this is disturbing to ordinary people who don’t work with in this line of work, and we understand that. Eco Bear does everything possible to make sure the people who serve don’t have to spend time on a scene like this. That’s our job.

Our Cleanup Process

The team at Eco Bear goes into a cleanup battle in full PPE mode. The personal protective equipment that our company uses during cleanup is top of the line in the industry, keeping our workers and anyone else on the scene safe and sound. Homicides and suicides are among our most common cleanups, and we know how emotionally trying these scenes are. Whenever possible, we work with local authorities and then civilian families who are in need of cleanup. 

The Eco Bear Process

1. Eco Bear works with police, rescue, and fire department authorities in assessing a crime scene cleanup and determining when it’s okay to begin cleaning. Because evidence must be processed, it’s vital that the scene is untouched until this has happened. 

2. Eco Bear analyzes every crime scene and devises a strategy for cleanup that is most efficient and creates the fairest price. We don’t delay in cleanup. It’s our goal to promptly perform crime scene cleanup with no necessary delays. This is one of the reasons we’re able to charge about 50% less than our competition. We know our stuff and how to maximize efficiency.

3. Clearing debris like trash from a crime scene is often where we start. It’s the big stuff that can quickly be discarded that will push the cleanup forward. From there, we collect unsanitary biowaste. We deploy the use of storage bins, crates, and biohazard bags in this effort. It’s never okay to just throw biowaste in a container that’s not industrial grade and approved for that kind of material. Our staff always knows which type of storage bins and bags to use for which job.

4. Sadly, someone almost always owns a crime scene. It may be someone’s home or it could be their business that was tragically transformed into a crime scene. We know that you want more than just a run of the mill cleanup and trash clearance. Once we’ve removed biowaste and other unpleasant materials from the scene, we work to sanitize and make your property beautiful again. 

5. We communicate with our clients carefully throughout the cleanup to ensure that they are happy with every stage of the job. If you think of a detail we forgot, we work quickly to complete that, too.

Call Eco Bear

Eco Bear serves the Malibu area with professional biohazard cleanup. Our crime scene cleanup services are among our most requested services. If you’re a business, government official, or private citizen who needs crime scene cleanup services, please contact Eco Bear with your questions today. You can reach us on our website or by phone. Whenever you need us, we’re on the job.