Manhattan Beach has the highest cost of living of any city in California. It’s even more desirable and esteemed as a place to live than more well-known cities like Beverly Hills and Malibu. The low crime rate in Manhattan Beach is one of its many positive attributes. Beautiful Manhattan Avenue and downtown Manhattan Beach are two scenic areas of Manhattan Beach where you can take in the local culture and rays. Tourism here thrives annually, but the locals are just as happy to be a permanent part of Manhattan Beach’s scenery.

Crime in Manhattan Beach

This city holds the distinction of being one of the few cities in America where a homicide didn’t occur in 2019. You might be misled into believing that this means Manhattan Beach doesn’t need a crime scene cleanup service. Sadly, you’ll find that Manhattan Beach has had homicides before, and even if years when a homicide doesn’t make the record, other crimes pick up the pace. In 2019, Manhattan Beach’s crime scene stats snapshot reveals:

  • 160 burglaries
  • 17 aggravated assaults
  • 33 robberies
  • 5 rapes
  • 42 vehicle thefts

Crime Scene Cleanup Primer

Crime scenes contain some of the world’s most dangerous biohazard conditions; they are no place for a civilian or untrained person to be. Violent crime residue is especially unpleasant and perilous to the novice or passersby. For example, when looking at a fresh crime scene, police and other personnel often see: blood, human tissue, bone, saliva, and human limbs or organs. A traumatic crime scene is something that often haunts even professionals forever. 

Part of our job here at Eco Bear is decontaminating and decluttering crime scenes so that they go back to their original pre-crime state. We want someone to benefit from all our hard work and eventually walk into a room or outdoor location that looks like a violent crime never occurred there. To accomplish this, we utilize some of today’s most advanced crime scene cleanup equipment, disinfectants, and deodorizers.

Professional and Compassionate

We work with Manhattan Beach police personnel and other government authorities to make sure that our work only begins when their work ends. At no point do we begin cleanup before a crime scene has been processed and fully vetted for evidence and other necessary at-the-scene items. Eco Bear’s unique background and experience in this area allow us to work productively to resolve the legal side of crime scenes before we undertake our hard work.

Many crime scenes take place in someone’s home. Private citizens who need crime scene cleanup are the people who need compassion and understanding the most. Suicides are often grouped in with this type of cleanup, and they can be heart-wrenching scenes. We know how deeply affected families who hire us for this type of work will be and that they will need much more than just the physical cleanup that restores someone’s room or home to its prior state. 

Whenever possible, we refer families to resources that might help them during the emotional and trying cleanup process. In the meantime, our workers do their job with a human touch, always remembering that these tragic scenes deserve to be erased and replaced with something clean and hopeful. 

Our Process for Crime Scene Cleanup

The cleanup proceeds in stages. Our first stage is a scan of the surrounding area and inventory of things that must be removed from the scene (or a list of things that must not be removed). We work with law enforcement personnel and families to determine what needs to stay and what needs to go. Once we’ve got our inventory of items and blueprint of the area to be cleaned, we develop a strategy for cleanup that can include but is not limited to:

  • Removal of biohazardous material
  • Decontamination
  • Sanitation
  • Restoration
  • Odor removal

Odor removal is one of the most sensitive topics we deal with at crime scenes. If a human body was decomposing for some time at a crime scene, the smell can be deeply disturbing and overpowering. Our workers are given state of the art personal protective gear to combat the odors at a crime scene cleanup. We also invite families who might be on the scene at times to also use this equipment if they come on-sight to give us special direction or guidance.

Good equipment leads to a good, thorough cleanup. Some of the most common personal protective equipment we use are chemical spill boots, protective suits, and filtered respirators. Containers will also be on the scene, such as hazmat bags that are appropriate when a particularly dangerous biohazard must be removed from the scene. Cleaning supplies, disinfectants, and even ozone machines (for deodorization) also help us to proceed with a thorough and safe crime scene cleanup.

Get Help From Eco Bear

We’re proud to serve the Manhattan Beach area with courtesy and professionalism, but we can’t serve you unless you choose us for your job. We encourage all crime scene personnel to reach out to us for your needs. If you’re a private homeowner who now has a crime scene on your hands and doesn’t know what to do, we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs as well and make sure that your home is restored to its former state. Eco Bear has been serving the Manhattan Beach area for years now and realizes how sensitive crime scene cleanups are. As a proud member of the community, our cleanups are discreet and respectful of your privacy in every way. Call or write today to learn more.